War vets, Grace join hands

They identified themselves as Zanu PF youth sent by President Robert Mugabe (pictured) to protect the area.

WAR veterans have temporarily shelved their bitterness with President Robert Mugabe and offered to back his wife, First Lady Grace Mugabe in her bid to wrestle the Harare South parliamentary seat from the incumbent, Shadreck Mashayamombe.


Zimbabwe National War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) chairperson Christopher Mutsvangwa told NewsDay yesterday he had received calls from his members to consult on the possibility of supporting Grace’s bid to take over the Harare South seat.

“It is true, ZNLWVA is busy consulting. They would want Harare South seat reserved for the First Lady.

They are keen to go in full force to campaign for her,” he said, adding they were prepared to forgive Grace and forge an alliance with her to frustrate the G40 faction.

“We are receiving calls from the membership offended by (Local Government minister Saviour) Kasukuwere’s sinjonjo dance at Chiweshe rally last year. Ndiani asina tsika anotamba sinjonjo nemukadzi wasabhuku (who is that without manners who engages in indecent dance with the village head’s wife),” Mutsvangwa said.

War veterans fell out with Mugabe in July last year after they released a damning communique, where they described the 93-year-old Zanu PF leader as “genocidal and dictatorial”.

After months of frosty relations with Mugabe and his family, the former fighters said they now believed their enemy was not the Zanu PF leader, but leading figures in the G40, among them Kasukuwere and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo.

In a sudden turn of events, G40 senior figures have found themselves under attack from their matriarch, in what analysts believed could be a political re-alignment in the ongoing fight to succeed Mugabe.

Kasukuwere has seen his political fortunes wane over accusations he has established parallel structures with a view to toppling Mugabe, while his erstwhile storm-troopers in the powerful women’s league Sarah Mahoka and Eunice Sandi-Moyo have since lost their positions as treasurer and deputy politburo secretary respectively.

Reports have indicated that Grace has set her eyes on Harare South and “told Mashayamombe to find another constituency”.

Mashayamombe, whose youths were reportedly involved in intra-party violent clashes at the weekend could not be reached for comment yesterday as his mobile phone went unanswered.

Mutsvangwa said Grace could benefit from the mayhem within the G40 faction that has reportedly been pushing for her to take over from the ailing Mugabe.

“As the popular anger of rank and file of cadres forces the President and the politburo to act, First Lady may harvest a hitherto unimagined political windfall. A revolving door could see war veterans marshal their tried and tested political credentials, pedigree and acumen all to her benefit should she decide as mooted to go for the Harare South party primaries against the troubled Mashayamombe, who is now precariously hanging on the precipice,” Mutsvangwa said.

The war veterans’ leader indicated that the former fighters were willing to labour to ensure a Grace-win.

“Indeed the choice is now entirely hers to make, after all it is now a no brainer to judge the flow of political winds and expeditiously dump the G40. She is still young and her political mis-steps are viewed as merely venal as opposed to cardinal by the war veterans. The latter have G40 firmly and squarely in their bull’s eye. She is viewed as having an upside potential that can still be a positive force. Give it to her; she is not in the clutches of the unrepentant enemies of the nation Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere and (Patrick) Zhuwao,” the ex-Cabinet minister said.

Mugabe has also consistently called the former fighters to order and in his latest rant that solicited an angry rebuke from the war veterans, the Zanu PF leader last week told mourners at the burial of national hero Retired Brigadier-General James Murozvi that the fact that they fought in the liberation struggle gave them no right to dictate the country’s leadership structure.


  1. Apa Mutsvangwa apusa ngasiyane nemhuri yacho yese. Yaa ndazoona mawar vets anemakaro.Chii chanaka iyezvino pane munhu asina basa nemi aitaura matakanana manje manje musiyiye akadaro. Hapana kana chekuconsulta apa. Get away!!

  2. I think the war veterans shld b principled & stand for democracy & the rule of law if they want to b taken seriously by the public, & not now try to show us that they are back tracking on these issues by supporting a woman who orchestrated the violation our own fundamental law in the land( ie our constitution) by acting as the president while she was only a spouse of the president-who is only expected to b some silent figure appearing with the president in public& not making n comments abt the presidency & all the related politics of that office,since she is not an elected official.She does not have n recognised office in gorvement business.What hope do we put in supporting such a great violator of our fundamental laws.If she one day becomes a president our laws will b in danger of violation sending the nation into chaos

  3. josphat mugadzaweta

    talk of politics of the stomach!!!

  4. Ngazvirehwe Sezvazviri

    Nzara inotuma vanhu kufunga zvakadhakwa seizvi.Nezuro maitukwa nhasi mave kuti motsigira mukadzi wake. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Vakazviona kuti hamuna njere.

  5. Once a zanuoid is always a zanuoid .. m not shocked with Mr Chris Vocabulary .. trying some Jonono political strategy .. Prof Jonono is the only man worth to be supported ..he mean wat he says .’Distroy Zanu Pf from within .. Look wre is Chris .

    And the foolish and lazy Opposition are busy watching rather than working .I thought m going to meet a headline stating they took legal action against Chiwenga remarks ..And they brag ,they are lawyers .. even if the courts dismisses the case ..it will be a reminder to Chiwenga that they is law

  6. Bedroom politricks…..

  7. i think its high time the Zimbabwean people should decide their own poliltical future without the war vets, Cde Chris has shown his desperation for power and personal gains only, by backing Grace .we dont need war vets to tell us who to vote, we are independent minded citizens

  8. l don’t think these guys are true war veterans, juss cheap old men

  9. This is confusing.G40 is grace and the vets r fighting G40 by supporting grace

  10. if you are not educated you are always used like c**d**ms.confused morons.very coward.old fools.you played a big role in destroying our economy due to your laziness.you grabbed the farms but can’t do production.

  11. political scientist

    the war vets have got no right to decide for us who to vote for ,,,,,ey
    hv shown their lack of maturity

  12. Zwana Nkalakatha

    If the above is true who is vacuous and vapid then?
    Does it mean your differences with Grace were not philosophical and fundamental ?
    Who in this scenario is a political prostitute then?

  13. These socalled war vets are a butch of lunanatics who are just blown by the wind in any direction, really they have no purpose in life.Jungle life have turned them to be victims of their own destny.who do they think they are? Nonsnse,just fools suffering from indecision Amuzive zvamunoda vanamkomoa Ask yrselves thesequestions and answer them
    1.ko ndiri kuitei?
    2.ko zvandiri kuita zvinofarirwa neruzhinji here?
    3Ko ini ndikazviitirwa ndingafarewo here?.

  14. Be careful about these warvets, they are still Zanoids, they are itching to return to the gravy train.

  15. Mutsvangwa akafa pfungwa varumewe. Its shocking, he doesn’t know whether he is going or coming, he is like a headless chicken. Ko kungonyarara nhai veduwe. I am also beginning to wander whether he is a true war vet or sell out. Pfungwa dzakaparara kare kare

  16. how many war vets are there in zimbabwe and who the fuck are they. what are they anyway. war vets and zanu what about zimbawe. bread and butter issues please

  17. war vets are clever they only want her to be an mp not the vice president.the moment she becomes an mp she exposes herself in parliament how stupid she is .

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