Stop privatising Zim, Tsvangirai tells Mugabe

OPPOSITION MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has accused President Robert Mugabe of privatising the country, making a few political elites enjoy at the expense of the majority.

By Tatenda Chitagu

MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai
MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai

Addressing mourners at the burial of former Gutu Senator Empire Makamure on Sunday, Tsvangirai said: “The country belongs to the people, not an individual. If you privatise a country, then there is something wrong. During a recent countrywide tour, I asked people to show by raising their hands those who were willing to defend the country if attacked by Mozambique, but nobody volunteered.

“Why do people not want to sacrifice again when they sacrificed in the war of liberation? They said we must be a country that recognises freedoms of people, it is not good to have independence without freedom. They said we cannot volunteer to die for a country when that country is privatised as a handful are enjoying while the majority is suffering.”

He said he once asked Mugabe why he would not step down and the Zanu PF leader expressed fear that Zanu PF members would “tear each other apart”.

“I once asked Mugabe why he would never leave the throne and rest and he said: ‘You will see it. If I leave my party now with how it is like, they will tear each other apart.’ So will he swallow the country?” Tsvangirai asked.

“We should have a lesson to pass on the baton. We should know when to leave. It is about passing on the baton. If I rule, there should come a time when I go and rest and enjoy with my wife and grandchildren, away from the pressure of politics.”

He urged Zanu PF members not to beat up opposition supporters or deny them food aid.

“Ever since the MDC’s formation, it seems like it is Tsvangirai and Mugabe fighting. That is not the issue. It is about your choice, your life. Those saying to MDC supporters, ‘go and get food aid from Tsvangirai’ are wrong,” Tsvangirai said.

“We formed the MDC to choose between the ballot and the bullet. We chose the ballot. We don’t want violence. Everyone should have a choice in the ballot.”

Makamure died after an asthma attack at his house at Gutu-Mpandawana growth point. He was buried in Makamure village, Gutu East.

At the time of his death, he was the MDC-T provincial secretary for education.

He is survived by six children and 14 grandchildren.

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  1. its their country

    Its now R.G Mugabe pvt limited company,Year incorporated 1980.

  2. Just as Rhodesia was named after Rhodes so we now have Mugabesia named after Mugabe

    1. We have Zimbabwe is Mine @Eagle

  3. tendai chaminuka

    Morgan Tsvangirai who blame Mugabe of personalising Zimbabwe whilst you are doing the same thing ne MDC-Tsvangirai.Where in the world have you heard of a political party with an initial of an individual.It’s also a great pity that at this age someone still gives examples of war and why mentioning Mozambique.Are u implying that Mozambique is a war monger.Why didnt you say America or Britain.Mentally colonised you always expect the best from your former colonisers.Cde itai mushe

  4. Tsvangirai even your self you should know when to leave that post and give it to Chamisa,you changed the part constitution so that you may have another term as the president,You and mugabe are the same first show us democracy in the party so that we may believe you.You are almost equivalent to RGM except that you are a dhanda head.

  5. The great mystery of some Zimbos is that they get emotional & waste time expending precious energy in insulting & blaming Tsvangirai for their ills when he is just a mere opposition leader suffering like everybody else, instead of focusing on bringing the corrupt thieves & looters in government who
    have sucked our veins dry to justice

  6. Talk of the barbaric, primitive, pagan, blood loathing party, a party that has lost its soul, has reached a point where it single-handedly wants to stay in power, regardless of the consequences, protecting the indefensible due to wanton human greed and patriarchy accompanied by demonic violence and aggression, 2008 and Gukurahundi clear testimonies.

  7. foolish reasoning by Tendai Chaminuka.What i know is yu just singing for your supper and i do not believe the rubbish you spew about the president in waiting.

    1. tendai chaminuka

      @ pmk I do not have a supper to sing for.I am just an ordinary zimbo who fell victim to Murambatsvina,a cholera survivor and a gullible voter who has been taken for a ride by an opposition which is after personal glory.An opposition which spends most of its effort attacking a 93 year old man who has done a tremendous lot for this nation whilst they the opposition were busy in personal accumulation of wealth and aggrandization

  8. Why should truth don’t want to hear n complains about Tsvangirai who is very much part of a problem deviling the nation; as one who hijacked one major effort ever attempted by the pple of zimbabwe to introduce themselves to democracy by turning it into authocracy thereby stifling such a major effort at astronomical level.The ppl of this country never want one man rule, irrespective of who is imposing it on them, but democracy.Why has Tsvangirai refused to retire when he was asked to, by his colleagues in the party-making such a mojor effort a failure when the ppl had made such a major effort at democracy.Democracy is not one man thing but rule by all.Why turning it personal?Tvangirai is truthfully now a problem

    1. What are these tremendous things the 93 year old has done for this country? All I see is hardship, corruption, total collapse of the economy and lack of rule of law in this country.

      1. tendai chaminuka

        You are a testimony of the tremendous things he has done.

  9. Tsvangirai, poverty and misrule in Zimbabwe have reached unprecedented levels that demand more than funeral and rally declarations. For your information as the opposition Chief, the opposition lacks the ideological gravitas for which it was formed. We urgently demand opposition with the potential to demand accountability. Currently its too weak, splintered and compromised to become relevant in and out of parliament. Unless you show competent leadership, intellectual and mature debate in Parliament, all the rest are mere political narratives.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more man. This situation now calls for radicals with bright ideas, radicals like the late Learnmore Jongwe who were there at the inception of the MDC sadly l agree with you, Tsvangirai and the whole lot are now a tired bunch and lack the impetus to push the revolution forward.

  10. More people are aware now more than ever that tsvangirai is a facade no knowledge or should I say attributes of leadership he is just a mouth which alters senseless sentences hoping that someone will make sense of it why should Mozambique attack us what makes a Zimbabwean tsvangirai has failed get out of politics enjoy your wife and grandchildren now

  11. I am baffled by many Zimbabweans who are only good at being too critic yet they themselves do not even attempt to give a hand in trying to resolve Zimbabwe crisis. Tsvangirai has done a lot to try and free Zimbabweans from ZANU Pf misrule. It’s people like @manKenya and @tendaichaminuka who think they are too smart than him and been hoodwinked to think the Zanu pf way. It’s either you two are singing for your supper or confusion reigns in your lives. There is nothing wrong about being a critic, but some criticism is misplaced. His attack on Mugabe is justified…….Mugabe must go.

  12. regayi zvifuvure nevhura izvi zwenyika zwinonesta makazvitadza karekare mungarega churu chichikura kuyita segomo mungangona here kuchichera nhasi imwi

  13. Multichoice Zimbabwe is not taking customers’ query phones what is going on? is it because they cannot answer whether they are accepting bond notes at their banking halls.

  14. Lets learn not to quote things out of context. Tsvangirai was using Mozambique merely as an example to test patriotism. Lets criticize with facts to the contrary.

  15. We urgently demand opposition with the potential to demand accountability. Currently its too weak, splintered and compromised to become relevant in and out of parliament. form your party man kenya tivone. you are demanding it from who? zigwara ronyebedzera kuva kukenya.

  16. The country belongs to Mugabe: has belonged to Mugabe since 1980.

  17. @ Gomala: Criticism granted BUT with facts. Typical of the elephant that lives to die unaware of the (monetary) value of the tusk it bears. We (the people) have the potential to define the destiny of the country and making Citizen arrests even to unaccountable politicians. This can all be achieved through a people -driven constitution. We are the power! With such incarcerated mindset unfortunately, the struggle is far from over.

  18. Team Nuza Front

    Tsvakson a former Rhodesian spy, sent by the regime to spy on Zanla cadres in Mozambique, Mozambique is still his favourite country beside Zimbabwe, he was able to slip back to Zimbabwe unnoticed by the guerrilas and to report to the Rhodesian intelligence. The name Mozambique is now affecting him, he keeps mentioning it even when he is daydreaming.

  19. @tendayi ,Fifi and another group of fools l think you need pysachatric attention do you have the answers of the whereabouts of the 15billion, do you know the state of 1.our hospitals 2. GMB 3. NRZ, 4. Cmed 5. AirZim 6. our Roads 7. DDF 8. MoR 9.Our current economy just to mention a few, l think you are born frees who grew up in these situations such that you don’t even know that these roads were carpets and you don’t have the vision that things can be different from what you are seeing, mobilising people to vote for a grave are you sure you want to be ruled by a grave, this tells me that you are also a grave, cz grave rules graves, a person rules people not a grave to rule people how???? so you think that grave will attend summits,open the parliament, flying to sadc , UN summits, stupid fools

  20. mwana wezanu pf

    zanu pf forever steady relax tsvangisto stop day dreaming

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