Music producer pens book

VETERAN musician and music producer Clive “Mono” Mukundu has put his 29-year long music experience into a book titled Following the Melody set to be launched on April 27 at the Zimbabwe College of Music in Harare.


Mono Mukundu
Mono Mukundu

Mukundu said the book, his debut, is a chronological collection of his memoirs, from the time he started his music career to date.

“Growing up, I had a writing culture, every evening I would document all my daily activities that is what is in the book with actual dates of many important events,” he said.

“After reading my long and informative posts on Facebook, many people encouraged me to write a book in 2009. At first, I did not know where to start from, then I met Blessing Vava, who gave me an insight on how to write memoirs, my second book should be done in less than two years from now.”

In the book, Mukundu, who has nurtured many artistes, digs deep into the highs, lows and lessons learnt from his music career.

“In this book, I document all achievements, all mistakes and failures without sugar coating them, also highlight the good side of the industry, as well as exposing the bad side that many artistes try to hide from the public,” he said.

“After exposing those mistakes and the bad face of music, I then explain how a new artiste can avoid such mistakes.”

Mukundu hopes that the book, which he started writing in 2009, will inspire artistes to follow the right path in the music industry as well as inspire them to write their own experiences.

“I hope the book will inspire fellow artistes to document and write their own stuff, our industry should be documented for future generations to know where we came from,” he said.

“The careers and lives of great artistes such as Mukadota, John Chibadura, and James Chimombe among others should be documented.”

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