Mugabe mocks Tsvangirai, Mujuru grand coalition

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday poured scorn at opposition political parties’ efforts to form a grand coalition to contest against Zanu PF in next year’s elections, saying this was nothing but a mirage, which will suffer a “grand” loss.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Officially opening a Zanu PF central committee meeting, Mugabe mocked the opposition saying they were a confused lot, who gift his party through splits and internal fights.

“They have tried this and that, been together, they split again, they talk of coalitions. We shall make them talk all kinds of languages that is what Zanu PF is capable of doing when we are united and doing our own thing,” he said.

“We look with glee, we look with joy as they daily turn on each other, while pretending to chase a mirage they have termed grand coalition, apparently unaware of the grand defeat that stares them in the face.”

Mugabe said the good rains, which point to a bumper harvest, had set his party up for a smashing electoral victory.

He, however, noted his party was facing its own internal squabbles.

“For as long as we think and act in unison, we shall always be the victors bound by common belief and a binding sense of camaraderie,” Mugabe said.

“The promise of a good agricultural performance translates quite naturally to even great support for our party, as we inch towards the 2018 harmonised elections.

“Riled by successive by-electoral blows, the opposition is in a quagmire all the time, clutching on dropped straws in a vain hope of some modicum of political respectability, which routinely eludes them apparently.”

Mugabe’s jibe on the opposition came as Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T and Joice Mujuru’s National People’s Party, which were working towards a coalition they hope will end Mugabe’s 37-year rule, have suffered splits.

Mugabe also waded into the fight, which has seen the National Elections Reform Agenda, a grouping of 13 opposition parties taking on Zimbabwe Electoral Commission accusing it of political bias and refusing to reform, saying this was only an excuse of a confused people.

“Unable to face our mighty party, they have now turned their guns on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission; they are fighting a commission that has no fault,” he said.

“Itself a constitutional body mandated to run elections in our country, afflicted by madness as it were, which knows no bounds they even seek to interfere with the mandate of government tendering process, hoping for some optimistic fissures and little chances that might give them a little respectability.”

Mugabe called on his party to take full advantage of the fights in the opposition to consolidate its position ahead of the pools.

Already confirmed as Zanu PF 2018 presidential candidate, Mugabe turned to his own party and called for a halt on internal demonstrations.

He warned that the public demonstrations targeting the party’s political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere had the effect of playing into the hands of the opposition by cultivating a message of discord and despondency in Zanu PF.

“To all those who have been expressing displeasures through demonstrations in various provinces, we say ‘fine you made your points and your voices have been heard, but please the party has structures and organs designed to handle such matters in a dignified way’.

“Are you aware that Tsvangirai and others are listening and laughing?”

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  1. Mugabe you have nothing to offer. Retire and rest. U had failed us for the past 37 years. U had nothing to offer. Foolish old man. You boast about bumper harvest as if ndiwe wakanaisa mvura. People will not give u credit for heavy rains. Its God who gave us rains not you!

  2. Moja , u a right , Mugabe has nothing to offer.

  3. Ziva zve wheelchair yako yawakatengerwa. Chii chawagona kwemakore ese aya kusara kwekuba ma elections nekuita gukurahundi? Shame on you old man. What unity is there in zanu? Old lier.

  4. idi amin aidid

    This oldman is mocking the mooted coalition at his own peril.Come next year he will be leaving state house and i dont think that he is sane enough to realise that people have had enough of zanupf.If Tsvangirayi managed to defeat zanupf in 2008 while it had most of its big wigs mujuru mutasa included what do you think will happen with these internal squabbles and purges going on in zanupf .Put cyclone Grace into picture you wl see is no longer a popular party we used to know.Why mugabe is mocking tsvangirai is becoz of fear he knows what hit in 2008 is about to repeat itself

  5. Mugabe needs to take a deep look in the mirror & realise that at his age he’s the one who has become a mirage & big joke to himself, zanupf the nation. The world’s oldest & most useless president

  6. food for thot

    he is bluffing… what amazes me is the level these guys protray politics as a game. its about helping people to leave a better life not to say we will simply win

  7. mugabe knows under the current setup he will win because the zec secretariat is actually staffed by cio agents who report directly to him.the zec commissioners are just figureheads who just rubber stamp what the cios have done.if they try to be independent they would hounded out like mtambanengwe.realistic chances of change in zimbabwe will only come about when mugabe is gone.because then they will be serious divisions in govt and zanu .

  8. Vakuru kana vataura teererai. Kana ngoma yoririsa yoda kutsemuka. Inonzi damage control. Ko iyo mvura inonaiswa nani Zanu pf here kana kuti Mwari. Food for thought!!

  9. old people of his age varikumusha uko vachizorwa ndove kumusana.akatadza kare.nxa

  10. ”A commission that has no fault“ ,stupid mugabe their fault is to withhold election results for 6 weeks in 2008 before calling for a runoff whose results were announced after a few days.

  11. Mugabe is now a medium spirit don’t mind him too much , come 2018 he will be in the Zvimba , the blue house is a state property , we will take is . He is dreaming , just watch the space

  12. Mugabe has the point that for as long as the opposition is fragmented it will not win ,the opposition leaders should know that for as long as they hagle each other there is nothing for them, thats a fact, What Mugabe did is to give them free advice on how they can deafet him, they take this for their good or leave it at their peril

  13. Ngazvirehwe Sezvazviri

    It is only God the Almighty who really knows what is going to happen in 2018 not mere mortals. Kaunda never thought he would ever loose an election and went playing golf during the election that ousted him. When an aide came and told him that he had lost the election he told the aide not to be stupid and even questioned the very aide that since when had he lost an election.There is nothing that lasts forever.Watch this space come 2018 God willing.

  14. Boys cannot throw stones to a tree with no fruits. Mugabe’s sentiments, literally and figuratively show that he is anxious of facing a united opposition and wishes to hit its initiators below the belt beforehand. This may cause disarray in the opposition whose foundation is very weak. His former African counterparts Kenneth Kaunda, Kamazu Banda, Daniel Moi and more recently Yahya Jammeh made similar demeaning remarks to the opposition in their respective countries only to receive a humiliating defeat in the hands of the same opposition. If I were in their shoes, this could have been a wake up call for the opposition to send Mugabe and the entire Zanu PF fraternity home, where they rightly deserve. Only divine intervention can waken these sleeping giants.

  15. What he is saying is true. Therefore, whats the point for the opposition to contest when the nonagenarian said that, the opposition parties are wasting their time?
    The incumbent told you a long way back, that, a mere pen (ballot) can not defeat him.

  16. enjoy your have nothing to destroyed the the once viable economy. only the insane will vote for mugabe.we never voted for you but you have been rigging the previous elections and forcing yourself on us.we want un,eu as monitors and you will be beaten by tsvangirai.he will trounce you. a hard hearted old man.

  17. True, Rico. The opposition will not win an election but can find other means to force Mugabe out. There are many opportunities. The cash crisis, corruption, deadly road road network, the rampaging first lady, the list is endless . We don’t need to wait for elections
    in this state. If. Morgan and company con do nothing except to wait for elections then they are not worth anything.

  18. But Mugabe ari right right here amana… Our grand children are going to read about his failures. Gushungo rest please

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