Has Mugabe lost control?


IT could be poetic truth that indeed the centre can no longer hold.


With the events happening in Zanu PF, has President Robert Mugabe lost control of the governing party?

That Zanu PF apparatchiks have taken to openly attacking each other violently and now need his intervention even at the lowest level is symptomatic of a political system that has lost its hold on the levers of power.

Opposition parties have persistently accused Zanu PF of fanning inter-party violence that continues to blight our country’s electoral processes in particular.

Yet, the President, has denied these as the wailings of a tactless and spineless opposition.

Now the chickens have come home to roost. Last week, we reported that violence had broken out in Mashonaland East’s Mahusekwa district over Marondera West constituency.

Now it has come to Harare, a few hundred metres from the government seat of power.

Many activists were left with gapping wounds and their pictures have gone viral on social media but nobody has been arrested. If the Zanu PF thugs had been involved in a confrontation with opposition party members then it would have been easy to arrest members of the other side.

Now the police have been left powerless.

Who do they arrest in this situation of a violent intra-party altercation that is threatening to engulf the whole country? On the other hand Mashonaland Central is reaching boiling point and needed a presidential decree of some sort to stop the warring factions.

Are these the final bolts and nuts on Mugabe’s legacy that he has decided to bestow upon this country? We are sure this is not how the Zanu PF leader dreamt the final chapter in his over half a century of political activity.

Cde President, no doubt you are a master of your own legacy. You could reproduce the script into a fairy-tale of unmatched proportions by just the stroke of a pen or a word.

In the year or so that is left before the coming general elections, Mugabe could create the necessary political, legal and moral structures to ensure a peaceful country and elections.

He is not brain dead as some would think, and his intelligence is unquestionable. But has Mugabe become so blinded by power that he does not realise the importance of a peaceful transition that he can preside over.

It is open to all that the fights within the Zanu PF party are succession-induced, and he has shut his eyes and ears to all this and continues as if it is business as usual.

Is there need for loss of human life so the President can have another stab at power?
No doubt, Mugabe can take a look in the mirror and his age.

We call on the President to make the right call and repose on our country a peaceful future.
The ball is in his court.


  1. Chinobhururuka chinodzimara chamhara chete.Mwari haapenge anosika vanhu 14 mirioni ochiti munhu mumwechete chete ndiye anogona kutungamirira. Hakuna zvakadaro.

  2. Mugabe could do the right thing and allow the people to choose a new leader in a free and fair election.that is the legacy he could leave for this country.People could almost remember him for this and forget all the other bad things he has done.

  3. I suspect Mugabe is now handing over to Ngwena.Last night on Zbc Ngwena did the preindependence interview normally done by Bob himself.Lets wait for tomorrow”s Independence celebrations Ngwena might be thrust in the limelight once again.Eversince the new hair cut Bob appears hesistant to appear in public.

  4. Zimbabwe must be reminded that making a president a kind of deity is dangerous the next president would want the same treatment . .whoever that might be why not…the country is on dangerous path

  5. I agree with you Yakadaro. The reason why Bob has decided to dismantle the G40 is that he has now realised that his Grace has no capacity to torpedo Ngwena and it’s suicidal to forge ahead with the idea of creating a Gushungo dynasty.The Old man was made to believe that him alone is capable of leading our beloved Zim and that his Grace is the people’s darling and a presidential material yet the truth is that the two are the people’s worst nightmare.Now Grace has settled for a member of parliament & the survivors of the 1970s war are happy with her decision to climb down hence they are promising to campaign for her to become a Dr Amai MP.

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