Mugabe hits 2018 campaign trail

President Robert Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe will soon embark on countrywide campaign rallies to drum up support for his faction-ridden party ahead of next year’s general elections, with youths leading in the organisation of the rallies.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Top Zanu PF sources yesterday said the party’s youth commissar, Innocent Hamandishe, had already visited several provinces doing the groundwork for Mugabe’s imminent nationwide rallies.

“Hamandishe has been to Mashonaland West, Manicaland, Bulawayo and Matabeleland North to prepare youth league structures for the President,” a source revealed.

“Instead of organising a million-man march, the league has decided that we will take the President to the provinces.”

Zanu PF Manicaland provincial youth league chairperson, Mubuso Chinguno, confirmed the rallies.

“It’s true, we are preparing and have activated our committees, including information and publicity, fundraising and organising, for the Mutare rally,” he said.

“We do not have a specific date yet, but we are looking for finance to print (campaign) T-shirts and caps as well as to transport 100 000 youths for the rally, which will be held at the Aerodrome (Mutare).”

Chinguno said the rallies were meant to shore up Mugabe’s support base.

“We want to show those in the party and outside, who claim that the President no longer has support, that they are wrong,” he said.

“This is our way, as the youth league, to show our solidarity with the President and quash any rumours about our allegiance. We will also raise issues affecting youths in the province, including but not limited to jobs, access to land and other resources as well as their general well-being.”

At 93 and battling ill health, Mugabe has been endorsed as the Zanu PF presidential candidate for next year’s elections.

Having the youth lead his campaigns signals that Mugabe has all but dumped war veterans, who were the lifeblood of Zanu PF campaigns between 2000 and 2013.

A fallout between the former freedom fighters’ executive and the President has seen them being jettisoned out of Zanu PF on charges of indiscipline.

Zanu PF sources said the ruling party’s youth leader, Kudzanai Chipanga, an alleged G40 proponent, would also address the party’s provincial structures ahead of Mugabe’s visits.

“The President’s rallies are basically to prepare our youths for the 2018 general elections,” a source said.

“There are just too many divisions and the youth league wants to steer away from these. The current situation in the party, especially the political commissar (Saviour Kasukuwere) problem, could spill into the youth league and we do not want that.

“Chipanga will make the final preparations for the President’s rallies with meetings across the provinces. We would like to make sure they are a success. It’s pretty soon, just that we need to make sure this programme is linked to the President’s diary.”

Chipanga was not available for comment yesterday.

Kasukuwere has been in the eye of a storm on allegations he has been setting up parallel party structures with the aim of deposing Mugabe at the party’s annual conference in December that the G40 faction has actively been agitating it be turned into an extraordinary congress.


  1. Let it be known that Mugabe will fall. It’s a shame the ndebele people will ALWAYS play second fiddle in the political arena. The gukurahundi issue has and will continue being swept under the carpet.

  2. its so pathetic when a youths like Chipanga are supporting a nearly 100 years old man past his retirement age .otoshaya kuti does he worth to be a youth leaders or cheer leader ..given how Malema almost same age is a leader or a political party

  3. I am slowly becoming a fan of Mugabe. I like the way he uses people for his own ends. A master fox, I tell you. It’s easy to do away with Sekuru but just that we are a foolish people. The few who like him vote and the majority who like him, his party and his leadership style stay back. So what do you expect? Yes, victory for the old wily fox. Shame on you Zimbabwe. You deserve Mugabe!!!

  4. 2018 election is an interesting election year;where there will b an issuing competion betw:old age,overstay,economic misjudgement,violence&abuse of the citzenry,indiginisation of the economy,an economy without jobs for youth,land reforms benefits,&progress so far since 1980 in education etc on one side, against-foreign aid especially fr the USA& the european union,&Australia,seemingly incapable& inexperienced leader,possible era of another economic domination of the locals by foreign investors but likely an improved market for jobs:had no constitutional limits provided, another guaranteed overstay;another era of unbated corruption scandals,return violence,disorganised opposition whichz unattractive &undemocratic and only manipulative-selling out only personality cult on the campaign election message

    • I am not seeing that, we are so stupid to see that so we will continue on the same path. In my travels around the country I tell you we have more people in Glen Norah than in Murehwa but you hear zanupf saying there are more people in rural areas than urban centers. Just walk around Kwame Nkurumah, L.Takwaira and Robert Mugabe and back through Chinhoyi street you see more people there than in Mashonaland East. Opposition parties must just do a research on populations and then they will see where they are being cheated.

  5. Interestingly all the above issues & others will b on the ballot-the nation will see which is which.Which side to give our presidency &the running of our nation.What do we choose guys.We hav the present economic misjudgement by Mugabe resulting in the present fiasco but another promising one whichz likely to b of the reverse nature-I mean another misjudgement- that of economic domination of the locals by foreign capital.Permanent economic subjucation of the poor dominated by foreign capital

  6. Our tax money is going to be abused that wheel chair will need some service it’s not meant for long distances kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  7. Start campaigning so that he can win so that he can completely run down our country heey that is total nonsense next year no vote for Mugabe . Reserve people please do not keep huu balansi try to wake up copy from Harare and Bulawayo pple they never vote rubbish zanu . Do not vote zanu simple as that .

  8. chinguno, whatever that means, his children have been relocated alsewhere, You now fighting for him.
    Really, are you serious. Why mention ” issues but not limited to jobs” Inga he said “create your own jobs”. Ndokusa chenjera chaiko uku.

  9. People of Zimbabwe! LETS WAKE UP from our slumber and not allow ourselves to be frog matched by such an old man who spends 99.8% of the day sleeping. The world laughs at us because we cannot stand up – rise up against this evil regime. If the South Africans had not risen up during the Apartheid era, things would worse for them now.

    We are weak. They say we will monitor your whatsapp, Facebook, twitter and all that lot of nonsense which aint possible and we tremble and abide to such nonsense. No demonstrations and we stopped. The next thing is they will say no going to the toilet and we will shit ourselves like cows.

    Lets push this evil regime out and now!

  10. hahaha, lets hope he doesn’t trip over any carpets on the way! then he will certainly HIT the campaign trail head on!! hehehehe

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