Mnangagwa, military elections role exposed

VISITING Namibian President Hage Geingob has unwittingly exposed Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the army’s underhand roles in micro-managing general elections and engineering President Robert Mugabe’s successive, but contentious, electoral victories.


Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Geingob let the cat out of the bag during a State dinner hosted in his honour by Mugabe on Wednesday night.

The Namibian leader told guests that shortly before his country gained independence in 1990, Mnangagwa, with the help of the military, hosted his team and took them through a two-week crash programme to prepare them on winning elections.

“I came here as director to learn from you on the issue of elections. Without that guidance from you, President Mugabe, it would not have been possible,” he said.

“You told us how they (the former colonial masters) would frustrate us, block our manifestos and do a lot of things.

“For two weeks, I was here and you gave us then (Justice) minister Mnangagwa and the military, who trained us on the elections. When we went back it was difficult, but we won.”

Geingob is a member of Swapo, which has led Namibia for 27 years now, although it has had two of its presidents leave office — namely founding President Sam Nujoma and his successor, Hifikepunye Pohamba.

Mugabe, in power since independence from Britain 37 years ago, has vowed to stay put, claiming his party still wants him to remain in office, although opposition parties have accused him of electoral fraud.

The 93-year-old Zanu PF leader, who is set to contest elections next year, at one time boasted of having a box full of tricks to win elections, telling the opposition that he had only used one against them.

Opposition parties in Zimbabwe have often accused the military of helping Zanu PF rig elections after seconding some of its staff to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), but Mugabe has denied the charges, claiming he always won because of his “popularity”.

In the 2008 presidential election runoff, which was held after Mugabe lost the first round of the poll to MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, the military launched a bloody campaign, forcing the opposition leader to pull out of the race citing persecution of
his supporters. At the time, Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s chief election agent.

Zec has not denied the existence of security service chiefs in its ranks, arguing they have long-running employment contracts with the commission that “cannot just be terminated”.

MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora has been at the forefront of calling on Zec to cleanse itself of all traces of army personnel, that were employed in its ranks.

The opposition suffered a heavy defeat in the 2013 election, which they claimed was run by then Defence minister Mnangagwa with the help of the military and a shadowy Israeli company, Nikuv Projects, that currently supplies computer hardware and software to different government departments.

Geingob’s comments could stir a hornet’s nest, as parties gird themselves for make-or-break elections expected sometime in 2018.

Opposition parties are feverishly engaged in negotiations for a possible coalition to present a single candidate to take on Mugabe.

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  1. So what?What will you do?It is our right to rule this country!

    1. Usazvinyepere. 2018 is round the corner!!!!

      1. Who is more powerful party in the elections, one with the power to vote or one with the power to count the vote? ZANU PF will NEVER FAIL itself because its officials are responsible for a vote count

    2. tongai mdara, kana mapedza mobva matonga futi kusvita matonga

  2. kutomukira kucommenta zvisina basa.

  3. nonetheless when God ‘s time comes nobody can say no.those who lived during Smith’s time will tell you that they never dreamed he would one day leave power with the vast security apparatus behind him.time will come when we will only be reading about people like Mnangagwa,Mugabe,Chiwenga in the history books.there is a tendency by those in power at times to think they are in control of what happens in future when in reality they are mere pawns in God’s plans.

    1. very true and well said,

  4. It’s a shame for someone to enjoy leading his country astray. Rulers are never meant to loot resources of their nations. How does one enjoy commenting his own people as if they owe him their lives? Food for thought!

  5. zvichapera chete muchama** m*h**

  6. Maybe EDM must also teach Robert how to rig the economy. That would be more useful.

  7. Mr. Geingob in the same manner that you were taught by Zanu pf to win elections, it is now time to teach Zanu pf to elect a new leader and not pin their hopes on a frail old man. @Mutorirti you need to be rational and learn to note the bad even though it’s your party that is the perpetrator, so yep l agree with @Yewuono that rigging elections is easy but zanu pf has not been able to rig the economy, they will never be able to do so, and of course everything will come to an end, where is Kamuzu Banda, Mobutu seseseko, Jammeh to mention a few.

  8. Vamwe vanhu so. Though I don’t support what happened to Libya, in particular Muammar Qaddafi, we must learn lessons from there. Most of his lieutenants were caught and killed, and some are in hiding. The never enjoyed the wealth they had accumulated. Vanity, all is vanity says the preacher. Lets co-exist fairly and harmoniously.

  9. zvichapera chete

  10. Munangagwa must now focus on Kasukuwere how he can get rid of him bcoz as of now if he does not do that he will be removed from the position of vp .But next year zimbos are electing a new govt that is not negotiable .Election thieves next year have no chance

  11. I still remember some years back,when the mighty former USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) was very strong and intact that nobody thought it would crumbled.Everything has an ending.With god,let us wait and watch out.

  12. if ED is the and has been the mastermind of electoral fraud our problems are far from over this sytems need a firm stance to dislodge.We can not go round it ,we have to destroy it and rebuild our country ,a fresh start .

  13. kana Jehova vati “Humambo hwako hwapera” hapana anoramba.God has plans for our country and no one,i repeat,NO ONE can influence him what so ever.

  14. tendai chaminuka

    “You told us how they (the former colonial masters) would frustrate us, block our manifestos and do a lot of things. Saka when your bosses went to America just before the elections and were accorded Diplomas in International what what were they being taught to rig by your handlers.

  15. Smith said not in a thousand years but what happened after a few years.

  16. Hapana zvinopera apa Zanu for ever

    1. For ever is a very long time. Even the earth as we know it goes through changes bigger than the ants we call heroes who do absolutely nothing to improve life for humanity.

    2. kana ikatonga forever mozodii

  17. Zimbabwe ndeyeropa Pamberi neZANU PF!

    1. unonwa ropa for breakfast here?

  18. Hayi manhi pasi ne zanu yemadisingoro

  19. Wezhira wezhara

    Ropa rako wega here iwe. Tinadzo hama dzakainda kuhondo vamwe mukavapedza nema Puma after 1980 but nyika ino haisi yaMugabe wanzwa. I will be a rebel within ZANU PF forever and kana zvikanetsa we will follow history. Indra Gandhi was murdered by his body guards, Laurent Kabila was also killed by a body guard, Saddam Hussein was sold out by a relative and so what will stop me from doing the same when we have somebody who thinks he has the right to loot State property. Kudziya moto wembavha newe uri mbavha because Jonathan Moyo abused Zimdef funds and gave some to your family. Kasukuwere stole 10 million from Marange-Zimunya trust and gave some to you to finish and furnish your blue roof. Mafile tinawo.

  20. @joseph hondo ndozvinoratidza kuti murimbavha chairikukupai zanu chinoshamisira chii? pane asingazvizive kuti zimbabwe ndeyeropa here izvezvi mumabank mari hamuna and you say zimbabwe ndeyeropa

  21. We may skirt around the subject to satisfy our consciences but going by the above evidence, the elephant in the room is that Zanu PF is a master of electoral deceit. How therefore is the opposition prepared for a face off next year? We should not keep threatening that God will ‘one day intercede’. The forest may be different but the monkeys are the same. At times it demands that if the mountain cannot come, we have to go to it. Going to the election with no electoral reforms, whether singlehandedly or as a coalition is just an exercise in futility. Zimbabweans have the potential and a constitutionally defined roadmap to change the country’s political landscape. Understandably, rhey may have long endured political trauma but it is medieval thinking to argue that political sanity cannot be achieved during Mugabe’s lifetime. I can attest to the contrary. Willingly, Zimbabweans have firsthand integrity to decide their destiny. Why go to your graves with all your potential after leading a life of desperation and leaving the future generation in the same wilderness. Ponder!

  22. Hey hey pakaipa ini zii zvangu asi mangwana ndichafara ndayambuya rwizi Jordan

  23. God only helps those who help themselves, what have we done so far besides raving and ranting on internet, what will our kids say of us in the near future.”Failures” will be the term they will be ashamed of us, unless we act, and act we must its now or never. l dont see any hope in those elections, they will be stolen as always

  24. As long as ‘Tyson’ is retained ‘Garwe’ rinonyudzwa ende voruza nxt year kuna ‘Save’. Rasta vaoneswa

  25. Vote National Peoples Party

  26. Strange. His comments can hardly be interpreted to mean what you have concluded above. Help to win an election after independence could mean many things. You are speculating here. And I am not a fan of Mugabe or Zanu. You jumped to the wrong conclusion if your story is based on those quotes and not any other

  27. I pity us Africans, that we choose REPRESENTATIVES as governments and they turn themselves into untouchable Rulers and Bullies, answerable to no one, no wonder they impose zvavanoda, MBUDZI kuvanhu. What a forsaken race we are.

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