Kuwaza to be laid to rest today

THE late former State Procurement Board executive chairman, Charles Kuwaza, who allegedly committed suicide on Tuesday, will be buried today at Glen Forest Memorial Park outside the capital.


Charles Kuwaza
Charles Kuwaza

The deceased’s lawyer, Shadreck Chisoko, confirmed that an autopsy had been conducted at a local hospital and the late Kuwaza would be buried today.

“An autopsy was done today (yesterday) at the hospital, but we await the police to advise us of the results. There is going to be a funeral service followed by burial at Glen Forest Memorial Park tomorrow (today),” he said.

Kuwaza allegedly jumped from his ninth floor office at a city building on Tuesday, plunging to his death.

He had supposedly went there to collect some papers from his office to assist him mount his defence in a $1 million corruption case at Harare Magistrates’ Court. He was out on $2 000 bail with reporting conditions.

The death came as a shock to many people amid intense speculation of foul play.

A close family member said they would not rush to point fingers, but allow the police to do their work on the investigations surrounding the circumstances the tragic incident happened.

“We would like to allow the police to do their investigations and come up with their report on the matter,” the relative said.

Police confirmed that they were conducting investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death.

Police spokesman, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi, refused to comment on their preliminary findings.

“The police cannot conduct investigations through the media. We will give a briefing after we conclude the investigations,” he said.

Meanwhile, there was a tense atmosphere at the late Kuwaza’s Borrowdale home, with the gate shut and people only being allowed in after receiving permission via an intercom.

It could not be ascertained why there were such security arrangements at the funeral wake.


  1. Ignatious Chombora

    murdered by zanu for trying to spill the beans on some govt deals. yafa yakaloader.

  2. I smell a rat, a huge fat one with giant whiskers.

  3. True. When you are of no use to them they alwez make sure you are disposed of..

    1. hameno baba kufudza mbada kushinga.

      1. Nyati thats a nice one………………….

  4. Zanu PF will “give” you 30 pieces of silver (car, job, farm, stand, immunity from arrest etc) until you become dispensable. Then you operate like a disillusioned individual, even referring to some executives in Zanu PF as “god”. It’s enough rope to hang yourself. All those enjoying their 30 pieces of silver in Zanu PF I say your time will come, sooner than you think. You think you are in heaven when you’re living in hell.

    Since when does a funeral become “private”?

    1. Ask Kereke, Zanu chiwororo

  5. Probably “jumped” at gun point, like the guy who was forced to sit on a red-hot stove plate. Remember the story?????

  6. he lead by example, I wish baba chatunga jump from 130 floor to make sure he is gone for good.there in Singapore there is that building.

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