Kasukuwere suspends entire Chitungwiza council

LOCAL Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere yesterday cracked the whip and suspended all the 25 Chitungwiza councillors, including mayor Phillip Mutoti, accusing them of stealing State land and sharing it among themselves, thus prejudicing the local authority of over $7 million.


Kasukuwere announced the decision shortly after meeting with the councillors and senior management, and immediately appointed a three-member caretaker council to run the town’s affairs.

He gave the councillors seven days to respond to the various allegations levelled against them.

‘These allegations include rampant abuse of State land for personal benefit by both councillors and officials, and flagrant disregard of laid-down procedures for estate management,” Kasukuwere said.

The caretaker committee comprises of Civil Protection Unit director Madzudzo Pawadyira, Chitungwiza district administrator Zivai Chisango and a former Zanu PF councillor only identified as Mabhiza.

An internal audit report that reportedly triggered the suspensions indicates that council staff and councillors allocated themselves undeveloped stands they would have identified in the town.

“Consequently, as at 14 February 2016, council was prejudiced of $7 771 112, 88 in revenue as council ended up realising $349 962 from the projected $8 121 074, translating to a paltry 4% payment rate,” read part of the report.

The report listed all councillors who benefited from the alleged illegal land sales with one Charamba Mlambo said to have sold over 46 stands and one Lameck Chibvongodze also illegally selling 32 stands.

Mutoti, according to the report, allegedly sold land worth more $100 000 while Zanu PF national youth secretary Kudzanai Chipanga is said to have been given an offer letter for a 2 000-square metre stand worth $16 710 by Chibvongodze although there were no records to prove that the ruling party’s youth leader paid for the land.

The councillors and top management, according to the report, also allocated themselves commercial stands which they allegedly later sold to land barons.

“The syndicate identified potential buyers of stands/land, processed offer letters directly in the names of these buyers, collected such offer letters on their behalf against council policy or in cases where transfer of such land is required, council staff would process cession without any payment made to council. The cartel has thus effectively transformed into real estate agents.”

The move to suspend the entire council came as President Robert Mugabe recently set up a special Cabinet committee to investigate suspected illegal land sales in all urban local authorities.


  1. The Council had been doing this for ages, and Kasukuwere knew this. He did not act in time, but has now chosen to act in order to rebrand himself as against corruption, the logic being that this would make people look away from his current political problems. That’s smart politics Saviour, although I don’t really like you.

    1. Malema’s style. Was enjoying with Zuma but after trying to bully the party and being implicated somewhere somehow, turned back fiercely

    2. You are spot on, he is just trying to hoodwink us!!

  2. What’s going to happen to him? He suspends willy nilly but when it comes to him his BP shoots. Those who live by the sword die by the sword

  3. Ntunungwe Juluka

    Why has not he not done that with the Gwanda Municipality whose Councillor Thulani Moyo, a well known jailbird, sold two stands using affidavits and the issue was swept under the carpet by an equally corrupt Mayor as GThulani threatened to expose allthe councillors involved in the Gwanda Stands Bonanza

    1. He cannot see under the carpet,Sir.

  4. I support kasukuwere in this move but this is not enough. These criminals should be arrested and prosecuted. Secondly kasukuwere should apply the same throughout the country. There is a lot of corruption going on in town and city councils

  5. Xolisani Ncube or Mr Reporter Sir, thank you for the report. However l believe kt if you mention the name of a councilor, you must also mention the name of the party he belongs & the ward he belongs. For eg, you mentioned Charamba Mlambo MDC-T (Chitungwiza ward 2), Lameck Chibvongodze ZANU PF (Chitungwiza ward 4)

  6. Hon.Temba P. Mliswa

    ‘I’m back with an earth-shattering bang’, shouts Kasukuwere!

  7. Vachimbo biderei in the first place, he should not only just suspend but the cops also. mbavha hatidi whether MDC or ZANU PF

  8. kudzinga vamwe zvonakidza kana wodzingwa woti zvaipa

  9. The pot calling the kettle black.


  11. Did anyone think Tyson was going to leave jojo enjoying himself after the shit he planned together na kazembe kuBindura uko? Revenge is the name of the game. Makunde is the obvious target here. Hokoyo!!

  12. Surely, those who kill by the sword, shall die by it. Kuzvigokera marasha amumusoro. Last kick of a dying horse Kana ukaramba judgment yevanhu, you end up judging yourself.Your judgment will be times the number of people you judged for the same offense you committed

  13. ngatisaite sebhara rinofamba rapushwa!

  14. political scientist

    nothing new ……he is the great beneficiary

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