Kasukuwere grovels for Mugabe’s mercy

BELEAGUERED Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere reportedly asked for forgiveness from President Robert Mugabe during Wednesday’s politburo meeting, NewsDay has heard.


Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere
Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere

Sources who attended the meeting claimed Mugabe told the meeting he was aware of Kasukuwere’s shenanigans including creating parallel structures.

“The President, in a direct address to Kasukuwere, said he was aware that the PC (political commissar) had created parallel structures across the provinces,” a source said.

“President Mugabe seemed to have been reading from a report produced by (Transport minister Joram) Gumbo following the inconclusive Masvingo provincial elections in which Kasukuwere is accused of usurping a politburo directive to hold elections for the whole main body structure.”

Sources said Kasukuwere took the chance to apologise “profusely”.

“He was contrite, shaken and, while giving his report, intermittently apologised to the President throughout,” another insider said.
“You would feel for the man, he looked genuinely apologetic about the whole situation.”

But Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo would neither deny nor confirm Kasukuwere’s apology.

“I am not aware of that; it could have happened while I was briefing the Press,” he said.

Kasukuwere is said to have apologised in Shona saying “forgive me, father, I am your son” on several occasions.

However, his report, according to sources, seemed to be a direct attack on his opponents, who were baying for his blood over allegations he was planning to topple Mugabe.

In his report, Kasukuwere painted a situation that showed he was under siege along with his colleagues in the G40 faction.

Kasukuwere reportedly told the meeting that a group within the party, possibly a faction sympathetic to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, was behind the demonstration that rocked the party early this week, particularly in his home province of Mashonaland Central demanding that he be relieved of his duties.

The Local Government minister was said to have based his report on a message that went viral on social media this week requesting Zanu PF members to picket against party leaders linked to the G40 faction, among them Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko, Kasukuwere, Tabetha Kanengoni-Malinga, Dickson Mafios, Wonder Mashange, Mandi Chimene, Kudzi Chipanga, Samuel Undenge, Jason Machaya and Makhosini Hlongwane.

Midlands subsequently held a demonstration against party officials listed on Monday, the same day an anti-Kasukuwere protest was held in Bindura.

The protests were, however, stopped after Mugabe called everyone to order the same day.

During his report presentation, Kasukuwere reportedly indicated Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai Mahofa had allowed a demonstration against targeted party leaders despite Mugabe having called for a halt to protests.

But Mahofa was said to have stood her ground.

“She responded immediately, arguing there was an attempt that was broken up by party leadership and those who were part of the planned demonstration headed for the Mwenezi East constituency to be part of the by-election campaign,” another close source said.

Another source, however, claimed G40 had won the contest with its rival faction suffering a major reversal to gains acquired over the past week.

“All the demonstrations targeting Kasukuwere were rubbished. You see, there is no province without representation in the politburo. So, when the politburo members were being asked ‘what is this we hear?’ no one claimed to know anything. Those we know planned these demonstrations all went into hiding,” the source said.

The source said Mugabe’s warning had been taken seriously after he called the demonstrations primitive, resulting in the politburo roundly denouncing the demonstrations.

It is also alleged that the politburo noted that a number of people involved in the anti-Kasukuwere demonstrations in Bindura were aligned to fired former Vice-President Joice Mujuru with some having been ferried from Harare.

Khaya Moyo confirmed Kasukuwere had, in his report, spoken about the demonstrations.

“Yes, part of the commissariat report included the issues of demonstrations, but these are issues that were already in the public domain published in the papers.

“When I went back (into the meeting), the President was telling us to follow the example of the women, who followed laid-down party procedures, to bring the report on the allegations through party channels and if that is done, the matter will be discussed,” the Zanu PF spokesperson said.

Kasukuwere was not available for comment yesterday.

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  1. BaChamu Chamela

    Mvuu naNgwena ndevekumvura kurwira dziva tinongoyeva chabvondoka totaramuka tomuzevezera nechekure

    1. Mbudziyadhura

      Unogona iwe haa pfutseki mhani kkkkkkkkkk.Ko iniwo ndakwanawo papi? Ndisudurutsei pasiri pangu.

  2. Muchazo nyura mose na kasukuwere mdara ukada kuramba wozemberana nemunhu warambwa neruzhinji zviripachena. Uyu haadiwe if means both of you have to go it’s okay you mustn’t force him on people munonyura mose

  3. The old man was warned about Kasukuwere a very long time ago but unfortunately he is as stubborn as a donkey. Anyway any bad thing that happens in Zanupf nowadays is good news for us all so we couldn’t care less

  4. If the grandpa really said what is in this article, the “adios” Mr Kasukuwere. No amount of grovelling will save you. I am sure he is also the one who orchestrated the same demos that he now denounces. Nothing goes on without his approval, look at the Herald for example, they have stopped writing negatively about you. Kana zvikabhenda unogona hako kuuya kuzoita chairman weCell kuHopley kwedu.

  5. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

    yaah, Mugabe is the supreme lawgiver and ultimate loot dispenser in zanu. all those called Tyson and crocs are just some jesters in zanu. he can even cry and lick Mugabe’s bottom because he knows that he will be thrown out like a leper should he dare oppose him. shame on all zanus and ex-zanu for lacking pride like goats and thinking with your tummies!!!

  6. Cde Kasukuwere igamba hapana kwaanoenda no serious party will fire PC towards an election.hame on Goche .Matangira,George Charamba

  7. Its high time that the President listen to the electorate. The president must respect the will of the electorate than to listen to his wife and a group of sellouts misleading him for quite a long time. We want him to act now so that peace can prevail within the country, for the good of the majority who want peace and jobs. Kasukuwere must apologise to war vets and the whole nation about his statements he uttered along side amai at rally in Marondera and Chiweshe.

  8. This youth man is now called Cryson from now on. Muscles and fighting gone, tears or eye water dem a flow!

  9. Dear Comrades

    Chenjrerai vanhu ivava.l mean Matope brothers.kana vekwake vati havachamudi ko chinozoita kuti adiwe nenyika yose chii?dzamisai pfungwa macomrades kucentral committee nepolitibro.tsvakai umwe PC pachine nguva.mungaitwa kanyama kanyama naChematama.ndopika namai vangu VaMaDube kudai.ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

  10. @sagitarr kkkkkkkkk, cryson says it all, what a big baby. Anyway guys the man really needs to keep the job otherwise he wont even afford the electricity bill for the 50 bedroom mansion

  11. G40 Will Raise

    I told you so that G40 will raise Tyson the conjurer of the heavyweight division in ZANU PF time will tell we will get to congress and put back lactose in the river forever mark my words we have age on our side imi makwengura veLacoste.

  12. Joejere
    vadzimai vake varipi vambomubereka nezambia vamuvaraidze- Hehuhuyee cryson unochema–

  13. Next it’s Grace to be fired. Ngwena haidzingwe zvekumhanya. Hona Tyson yangova punching bag

  14. Mugabe stop shielding your thieves this time because it will be the end of you too.

  15. This shows that, these guys can not survive outside Zanu. The economic hardships are forcing pple to join the ruling party where they can get everything for free. A minister begging the president to stay in the party and govt, shows that, life outside Zanu is hard for these ministers. This will cause Zanu to make the situation hard so that, those already in the party would toe the line or else they would be booted out and suffer in poverty.
    They built hses becoz of Zanu, they set up businesses becoz of Zanu, they got the farms becoz of Zanu, they send their children to foreign universities becoz of Zanu, they go to foreign hospitals becoz of Zanu etc. Imagine, when a minister is enjoying these Zanu benefits and suddenly, he is sacked, surely the minister could do anything to be called back. The minister would use all the bootlicking tactics to stay in Zanu because, surviving outside the ruling party is hard.

    1. And they can’t run those businesses they cannot run those houses, the farms lie farrow. Most if not all zanupf business people don’t pay workers, so to them its total profit.

  16. Ngazvirehwe Sezvazviri

    Zviri kuitika ndizvo zvinoitika kune vanhu vasingafunge sana Cryson.Handina kuziva kuti mufana uyu ane zimutumbi chete risina njere. Zanu yakaumbwa asati azvarwa asi akange otozviona kunge iye ndiye musangano wako. Hazvinzarwo mufanami. MaPC mangani achiri kurarama? Unoti vakakutangira pachigaro ichocho vainge vakapusa nhai. Ngwarira kuparara ukasiya muzvambarara wezimba rako MuZanu hamudi dzungu mufanami unogadzirirwa SIZE yako chaiyo

    1. Size 14

  17. When he thinks of his oil company , and farms he wants to cry to draw some sympathy to save his riches not that he is sorry for causing problems in zanu . But hey who in his right senses can feel sorry for a sigebenga, The guy and his brother butchered a lot of MDC T supporters TOKO KKKKKK HAAAA

  18. Mr Saviour Kasukuwere he know the culture at ZANU when the supporter do not like you anymore they protest against you….i am saying to Mr Kasukuwere follow suite you the system….only forward your divorce papers…Baba resign….there is no going back…people had been spoken….go join Mrs Joice Mujuru out there in the cold…………………………………………….

  19. It is not possible for Mugabe not to support the his wife`s new political party- Grace Mugabe`s G40 fronted by Kasukuwere.He must denounce all those who demonstrated against Kasukuwere. In fact he said the Herald was targeting Kasukuwere, he read that. In reality, there were no demonstrations in the provinces where demonstration were falsely reported-all those people were Mai Mujuru`s people who were not happy about other things not Kasukuwere. Everybody loves Kasukuwere including war veterans -but they hate him because they want Munangagwa who Grace and Mphoko said should be fired because he is boasting drinking water from a cups in his kitchen and bedroom written “boss“ meaning he says is now the president- Viva Kasukuwere and ZANU PF win 2018! But as a plea: Expell Mugabe from ZanuPF.

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