Human rights body probes Grace

THE Zimbabwe Human Right Commission (ZHRC) says it has launched investigations into the alleged gross human rights abuse accusations levelled against First Lady Grace Mugabe following the recent forced eviction of 15 villagers at Manzou Farm in Mazowe to pave way for her proposed wildlife conservancy.


Children left stranded after the police destroyed their homes at Manzou Farm in Mazowe to pave way for First Lady Grace Mugabe, who wants to expand her business empire
Children left stranded after the police destroyed their homes at Manzou Farm in Mazowe to pave way for First Lady Grace Mugabe, who wants to expand her business empire

This comes amid reports that Grace is embroiled in a nasty mine ownership wrangle with an indigenous miner in the same area.

ZHRC chairperson Elasto Mugwadi confirmed yesterday that the statutory human rights body had deployed a team of investigators following reports that the affected families had their homes burnt while they were dumped in the bush in Mvurwi following their eviction last week.

“We had a visit from a group of affected individuals last week on Friday and on the same day, we despatched a team to the farm to investigate,” he said.

“Our team could, however, not make headway because they failed to meet with the leadership in the province.

“Our aim is to meet with (Mashonaland Central) Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha, the chief lands officer and officer-in-charge Mazowe Police Station for us to understand what is going on.”

Mugwadi said ZHRC investigators went back to the farm yesterday to continue with the investigations.

“As we speak, our team is in Mazowe on the same mission and at least by tomorrow (today), we should be able to say with certainty what is going on,” the ZHRC chairperson said.

Mugwadi confirmed sources’ reports that one of the villagers was left with a gouged eye.

“It is true. I was briefed on the issue of a man who was attacked along with his wife and child,” he said.

“Our team was also not able to meet with the victims. But we have impressed upon them to make every effort to locate the family and interview them. I have been informed that the family was also referred to a private hospital in town, but we still need finer details of the case.”

The forced removals left hundreds of schoolchildren stranded, including some in examination classes, who had already registered for this year’s examinations.

The First Family is yet to directly comment on the issue, but reports indicate First Lady Grace is currently out of the country.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association has also condemned the continued harassment of families in the area despite a standing High Court order stopping the displacements.

Sources told NewsDay, the First Lady had also clashed with an indigenous miner, Pius Madzimure, over ownership of a gold claim known as Elliot 90A in Mazowe district.

“The police have arrested my workers to stop operations at my mine Elliot 90A,” he said in a WhatsApp message seen by NewsDay.

He claimed that Grace’s companies, Bona Idah P/L and Confidence Mining P/L were interested in the mine.

“The order is from an Inspector Kalosi, a security officer at the First Lady’s orphanage. They are saying my workers and relatives should not stay at my registered mine.”

Provincial mines director Forbes Mugumbate yesterday confirmed Madzimure as the rightful owner of the gold claim.

“Our only role is to confirm ownership of the mining claim and we have done that. Indeed, Madzimure is the owner. All other things, I do not think I am qualified to comment on,” he said.

While Madzimure was not available for comment with his mobile phone unreachable, his younger brother, Ronnie, confirmed the conversations, but could not be drawn into a discussion on the fight.

“Those facts are correct, but I am not at liberty to say much at the moment. I would need to talk to him (Madzimure) first,” he said yesterday, adding he had a recording of a meeting with Mugumbate.

Kalosi would neither deny nor confirm the allegations when contacted for comment.

“The people who are giving you that information must tell the truth of what really is going on and the extent to which I am involved. That person must tell you exactly what is happening, I cannot say much,” he said.

Madzimure reportedly wrote to Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri last year seeking help over the matter, but with no luck.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba had promised to check on details of the issue, but had not responded at the time of going to print last night.

Elliot Mine is situated at Surtic Farm, formerly owned by German miners.

Madzimure last week claimed two of his workers, Brian Chikopa and Vengai Nyamupingidza, were detained at Mazowe Police Station.

“[The] First Family is using Kalosi to torture and harass us with help from the police Support Unit from Harare. Our problems started when there was a gold rush in October 2015, so they came and claimed it was their mine,” he claimed.

“They (Mugabes), however, failed to produce papers, which I did.

“Later, they produced an SG Number 6045 in Bindura through the ministry under Confidence Mining trading as Gushungo, thinking they would override my papers, but the ministry, through Mugumbate, clearly indicated to them that existing claims are not affected. I registered my claim in March 2012 under registration number 42170.”

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  2. No one voted for them either ,

  3. one day Zimbabwe will wakeup to find that Grace Mugabe is now officially the new president of Zimbabwe.their strategy is clear and they are on course.Mugabe wins the 2018 vote and hands over to his wife after retiring all the old guard including vanangwena,chiwenga and others in the security forces.the young officers wont have any problem saluting Grace as long as they get their money.this is the realty.those few who try to protest will be beaten to pulp.the majority of the people tired of the situation including commerce will decide that working with Grace would be the best thing .they will even give her sound advice to develop the country and the country moves forward.

    1. Chiremba mNdau

      Whilst this is largely a supposition, I can’t help but agree with your reading of these events into the future…you are spot on mate. In Zimbabwe, out of years of frustration and general tiredness with the toxic politics, the ordinary citizens are increasingly not interested in active politics. So when Grace receives the button stick, she will run with it until she can hand it over to vana vake. The ruling elite, sorry, family has long realised that Zimbos are good at following and not leading, good at running away from problems rather than fighting them head-on…hence, they shall rule till vaneta.

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      Well said and the truth Reality.

  4. The day shall come thou shall see

  5. The good thing about dreamworld is that its the freeest world. You can be a President, you can be a boss, you can be a millionare, you can rape, you can kill, you can beat up even the president and NOONE will ask or touch you!!!!

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    The Behaviour of Most Politicians:
    After being voted into power, the more powerful they become, the richer they become, the more selfish they get and the meaner they become.
    In public they preach peace and fairness but in private, ” They Don’t Care”

  10. These Human rights people need to deal with SADC Let see what SADC does

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    1. Very true @sherpard and here she is building an orphanage saying she is helping disadvantaged children to gain fame

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