Audio: MPs push for massive salary hike

Nelson Chamisa

Members of Parliament yesterday proposed their salaries be pegged at between $4 000 and $10 000 per month, claiming they are now the lowest paid legislators in Africa.


The MPs currently earn a gross salary of $1 124 per month and $1 046 representation allowance.

The issue was raised during a workshop for MPs in Harare which was attended by Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda, President of the Senate Edna Madzongwe and Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda.

The code of conduct for MPs was also discussed at the workshop.

Chairperson of the Sub-committee on Legal and Procedural Services Nelson Chamisa (MDC-T) said MPs had two weeks to look at the draft laws to do with their conditions of service; the Parliamentary Salaries, Allowances and Benefit Act, and the Parliament Pensions Act to see where they could be amended to address their remuneration. He compared MPs’ salaries with other Parliaments.

In South Africa MPs earn approximately $7 000 per month, Kenya $10 000, Tanzania $7 266, Uganda $8 715 and Botswana at $2 000.

If amended, the Parliament Salaries, Allowances and Benefit Act will also ensure ministers do not double dip.

“We have replaced the issue of an independent commission deciding salaries for MPs and put the powers in a quasi-independent body, the Standing Rules and Orders Committee, as opposed to the Finance minister determining the lump sum of MPs and putting it in line with the rest of the civil service,” Chamisa said.

Other entitlements for MPs would be general allowances, housing allowances, committee attendance fees, constituency allowances and others.

Mudenda said MPs would get laptops and stands.

On the code of conduct, MPs will find themselves under scrutiny in terms of their behaviour, drinking habits, corruption, taking bribes, and even extra-marital affairs will be exposed. They will be required to fill in an asset register to be administered by the Clerk of Parliament where they will declare properties, business interests, family, freebies that they are given during visits to companies, fees paid to MPs for consultancy, trips and who has funded them, and even assets such as scotch carts and jewellery.


  1. dzinobvepi mari dzacho hamusi kuona zvikuitika here nhai ma Mps imi torai iyoyo at least ,tsvakai ma solutions ezvinhu zvine musoro sekubatsira vakawirwa nematambudziko emafashamo nekugadzira ma roads kana mapedza mozotaura izvozvo ,hakusi kuda kuita hundyire vamwe vachitambura at least munotori nayo ko isu marovha ke

  2. MPs in Zimbabwe can not compare themselves with those in the region as our economy is not perfoming.They are insensitive to the plight of the majority of Zimbabweans.

  3. F*ck off mhani. Mapenzi evanhu. You think this is about your status. Why don’t you sell the ford rangers you were given. You already earn more than that if you include your non-monetary benefits.

  4. First and foremost people volunteer to become MPs, they should not start making these absurd demands, you are the lowest paid legislators in Africa, so are the nurses and teachers, doctors and so on in Zimbabwe. If your pay/allowance is to go up so should every employed individual in the country. Don’t be so selfish, being an MP is not a profession after all.

  5. MPs should get what all other countries say they are worth so that they act efficiently and effectively away from the lure of corruption. That is how and why systems in neighboring countries are functioning properly and governments there are moving in the right direction in terms of all laws and regulations for development. You cannot have an executive and judiciary of a country taking everything else from the national cake and then frustrating the legislature so that they cannot act as per expectation so the executive continues to milk the country dry without being oversighted. Cars are not non-monetary incentives. MPs pay for them. In the executive and judiciary, ministers, perm secs and judges get benz, landrover discoveries, toyota prados, range rovers, that are worth more than $100000 each and they don’t pay. Compare that with one ford ranger in 5 years which costs less than $35000 and paid for. Politics is a profession and each profession stands up for its own cause. That is why doctors and nurses recently went on strike and teachers and other civil servants did not.

  6. I thought the government was trying to find solutions of reducing its wage bill! Maybe I’m lost, will these proposed salaries be paid from government coffers? The government is claiming that it doesn’t have money, yet legislators want a salary hike-how ironic! The majority of Zimbabweans are earning relatively lower wages compared to the region’s counterparts. Government officials should be the last to get any salary increments, they are responsible for getting our economy back to its feet. Please gentlemen and ladies, don’t be heartless!

  7. First they should raise salaries for people who do real work like doctors, teachers, engineers etc. The ineptence by the MPs has led to the sad state of the economy and therefore they cannot complain at all.

    • yes that the reality,the majotity who are doing actual jobs with measurable results they are earning half or less of what they are earning.mps should not complain unless they give us better facilities.

  8. We need very few MPs and Ministers and a single VP who are prepared to be servants of the people. All MPs should be employed elsewhere so that they don’t drain funds meant for development. Asingade ngaarege. We have no money, those who feel what they’re “earning” is not enough can join the vendors, like everyone else. Make a plan – $ 2000 is a lot in Zimbabwe right now, its equivalent to at least R26 000.

    • Not only few MPs but MPs with their own business such that when they make policies, those policies will be good for their country and their business. I guess one of the entry qualification should be a net worth of $500 000 for urban constituencies and $100 000 for rural constituencies. Kwete ma MP anoti taiwanira pano mari iya..

  9. ngavanoita ma MPs kunyika idzodzo dzirikupa mari yakadaro.ISU TOITAWO KUNO KWATINOZIVA NHAMO DZEDU TSEK TSEK TSEK

  10. aya ndoomarara emaMPs or is it maVPs ‘Vanhu Pasina’. Vana chiremba vaive pastrike manje manje nekutambira nzungu then madhongi aya avekuda mari yekunge maDirectors ekuprivate sector. Shuwa Zimbabwe yaenda nembwa. Kufunga kuti ava ndivo vanhu vari kuswera vachitaura nezve state of the economy paevery debate. Hapana kwatiri kuenda nemadinga akadai shuwa. Belt tightening is ours and theirs is belt losening. Chete regai vadaro coz maZimba acho takangozingairawo saka zvakatora 90 years kuti tibise varungu pautongi.

  11. Chamisa and your lot, first look at the number of MPs in those countries you mentioned against their populations and GDPs as compared to ours. You will note a striking difference.

    There is no justification of the number of MPs we have. For instance, Zambia, with a population almost double ours, and a much better economy than ours, has only 150 MPs. Therefore before you cry foul about your salaries and allowances, first address those issues and come up with realistic figures. Right now you a bunch of rowdy useless comedians who make a mockery of the institution of parliament. If you cut down your numbers you can get better allowances than you are getting now!!!!

    • Shibobo, the number of MPs is an issue that needs some serious discussion.
      In South Africa with 400 MPs, an MP represents around 130,000 people. In Zambia with 150 and similar population to Zimbabwe an MP represents around 100,000 and in Mozambique with 250 seats an MP represents around 104,000 people. Then comes poor Zimbabwe with 210 seats and an MP represents around 66,000 people! Zimbabwe should have between 130 to 150 MPs to be in line with our neighbours.
      Everyone knows why we have so many MPs – Mugabe wanted to increase his chance of winning but its a total waste of money. Too many MPs for a very small poor country.

  12. These MP’s are living in dreamland for sure, if anything their salaries should be slashed to $500 per month to reflect the suffering that everyone else in Zim is going through. No need to compare ourselves with countries that are far more organised and prosperous

  13. These people that call themselves MPs seem to be insane. They have never brought any development in the country and constituencies they claim to represent, yet they are drafting their own salary increase. Do they know how much productive civil servants are getting in the country? If ever they had brains; they were supposed to lobby for salary increases of the very people they claim to represent. More so; these people have failed to turn around the economy, they have failed to create employment. They are their own representatives, they don’t represent the people.

  14. I am pleading with the MPS to look into the crises this country is facing other countries economies are stable think twice as MPS voted into office by people.

  15. Isu kukuvhotera kuti udye mari yenyika? Makaiononokera Colgate. 2018 munobuda chete, zvapera! Kuita MP is not employment ka.

  16. MPs are not professionals thus not entilted to a salary its voluntary work where they should be getting only sustance allowance. I am shocked to hear that they are getting a salary its an anormally carried over from Smith’s regime – even then Smith had only 15. Zimbabwe has 10 provinces and should have only 10 dedicated MPs who earn only an allowance.

    Its interesting to note that Botswana MPs earnings are far less than most SADC states yet Botswana’s economy has been the most stable economy in Africa with a sustained annual growth rate averaging 6% in the last 20 years.

    Zim MPs shame on you.

  17. You need more money without legislating Bills which help the public?? People are suffering out there whilst you pock each other in the parliament rather than creating economic development friendly environment .Mabasa kuvanhu first then salary will be added unto u

  18. this is absolutely ridiculous and I note with disgust that Chamisa who is an opposition member and a qualified lawyer is at the forefront of this folly.It means ZANU and MDC are agreed in this pathetic and mind boggling proposal. If the MDC supports this then Zimbabwean voters you know what to expect from a MDC run administration. Chamisa is a lawyer.I don’t know how much he is making as such but he wants to earn more from the part time vocation of being an MP than a full time judge or a company executive working full time for a company which is profitable in a normal economy.Madness.

  19. Why are they not pushing for our teachers to get what their counterparts are getting in the region. These MPs are not in Parliament to represent themselves.

  20. why dont you get paid nezvawakaita or zvauri kuita mu constituency mako nemunyika perfomance based salary tangible results and change in your area.

  21. iiiiiii taifunga kuti Chamisa uneshungu dze kumirira vanhu wavakujoina vamwe vaya mari munyika hamuna teverayi $15 billion usati watanga zvawataura.

  22. I beg to differ, in terms of morden day governance there is The Executive meaning, the President, his Ministers etc, then The Judiciary and then The Legislature, the MP’s and Senators. These three are equally important. In fact, it is the Legislature responsible for crafting the laws that the other two use. So they must be well taken care of. Yes, agreed that their remuneration must be in tandem with the economy. Responses here show that as Zimbabweans we are not as ‘learned’ as we apear to be. MP is not community service, kubasa just like ministers.

    • ^ Definitely an MP

      Whatever happened to performance based salaries? Where is the money supposed to come from? When did this even become comparable to a doctor lawyer or engineer? because those people go to school for years and they are getting ultra low salaries. There are plenty uneducated MPs, it’s really about getting elected not about qualifications ergo volunteering to be chosen ergo definitely community service as you have volunteered to serve the community by endeavouring to make it more prosperous thereby furthering your own personal agendas… If people were rich these hikes wouldn’t matter at all. Where is the money supposed to come from??? $4000, no tax, a house and cars on cars isn’t enough? What happened to their private businesses? Let’s be real.

    • people we now need a gvt wth people at heart,i recall late last year ther was an attempt to cut civil servants salries who are getting less than $450,but here comes another employee who also chews public funds and complains of $1200 and wants an incriment of around 150percent not looking at the luxurious cars they drive and also some benefits they get.really guys pliz lets be sensible,an ordinary civil servant is supposed to pay rent,food,transport and other basic needs wth tht small amnt,lets be really sensible mps and dnt take our silence for granted

  23. munodakutambirisa maticha mangani ……vana havana maticha nokuti hurumende haina mari imi makuti murikuda imwe ummmmmmm takuonai munoda mari kwete zvido zvevanhu

  24. mbavha dzevanhu kovasina mabasa vodii…….its high time you focus on developing your constituencies coz 2018 we are not going to vote for non performing mps

  25. If they were doing a good job, maybe. The country is not functioning properly which means these clowns in parliament are not doing their jobs, so why have a pay increase for doing a rubbish job.

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