Breaking: Nasty brawl in Mujuru’s NPP

NATIONAL People’s Party top officials were involved in a violent public brawl reportedly over policy inconsistency as the Joice Mujuru led party appears to be nearing implosion.


Mujuru’s spokesperson and incoming secretary general Gift Nyandoro, was reportedly left with a fractured leg following an alleged beating at the hands of party spokesperson Jelousy Mawarire.

Nyandoro confirmed the incident.

Details to follow ….

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  1. Mujuru should leave politics, anything attached to her name explodes. Sad!

    1. I remember a bleeding Trudy Stevenson following an attack by Tsvangirai’s minions. Should Tsvangirai abandon politics?

  2. kkkkkkk usadheerere zanu pf
    nothing that mujuru touches shall prosper

  3. Kutunganga Kwembudzi

    This Jelasi mawarire has always been known to be Mugabe’s bedmate. Mujuru should know that.

    1. Mujuru was a senior bed mate to Mugabe than Mawarire. Mujuru is not leadership material. Ngaazame zvimwe, kuteverera vatongi. She has to make up her mind. join the democrats or the revolutioneries. ega haakunde!!. Chaangakunde ega kunyarara osiyana nepolitics. Zvaramba zvimwe izvi

      1. When there were physical brawls in Tsvangirai’s party did he quit politics? There have also been countless cases of intra-party violence in Zanupf. Did Mugabe resign?

  4. Mawarire mariro chaiwo. We will never forget his relationship with ZANU PF in the run up to the 2013 elections.

  5. People should be very careful of this Mawarire guy as he is the guy who dragged our country to 2013 elections . His hatred for MDC T can be seen by his actions. Mujuru needs to fire this guy before she becomes irrelevant .

  6. What were they brawling for…idots reminds me of our early childhood fights over who will get the bread crust IF we pick-up a dollar and buy a loaf of bread.

  7. soko pamahererero

    Guys munhu wese tora mhuri yako inoregister tivhote takawanda tibudise
    mbavha dzeZanupf out of Office.

  8. mawarire is a top CIO

  9. Apiwa chematsenga nzungu, he he he hedaaa huri.

  10. So didimus, rugare and bhasikiti were right after all. She can’t beat her masters in zanupf.

  11. gore rino tinoonerera veduwee!

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