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Patience Musa still in love with music


AFTER having made her name as a musician with a chart-topping track, Zviri Nani, Patience Musa’s decision to settle for the radio as a presenter came as a surprise to fans, but the songstress said this was just a mark of her versatility.


Patience Musa
Patience Musa

Musa told NewsDay that radio was like an escape route when the pressures of life bogged her down.

“People ask me why I chose radio presenting and my response is, ‘Why not?’ Patience Musa is not set in stone. I’m pretty fluid and I love that about myself. And I guess that we are all like that,” she said.

“When my life becomes boring and predictable, I start to lose myself. Radio is a daily challenge that warms my blood and I love it.”

She said human beings were, by nature, evolving creatures and she found that exciting, but insisted that she had not shelved her music career.

“As human beings, I believe we are meant to evolve and this is my path. Who knows where it will take me? It is exciting,” she said.

Musa said music was in her “blood, bones and soul” and nothing could take away her love for music.

“I could never run away from it even if I tried. I would be lying if I said there aren’t any challenges, but to say my music has suffered, that’s far from true,” she said.

“Long before I joined ZiFM (Stereo), I had already started lying low and it was more for self-preservation than anything else.”

She said radio had strengthened her vocal abilities and given her confidence a boost, as she was naturally a shy person.

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