Shut up, Zapu tells Mphoko

VICE-President Phelekezela

THE Dumiso Dabengwa-led Zapu has told Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko, to shut up and stop making disparaging remarks about an opposition party he deserted at the height of the liberation struggle in 1976 to join Zanu.


VICE-President Phelekezela Mphoko
VICE-President Phelekezela Mphoko

Zapu deputy spokesperson , Iphithule Maphosa, said Mphoko, who at the weekend described the party as “fake”, labelled the VP a war deserter, who was now singing for his supper to remain relevant in faction-ridden Zanu PF.

Mphoko on Saturday accused Dabengwa of causing confusion and giving the impression that PF Zapu had abandoned the Unity Accord signed in 1987 with Zanu to end the Gukurahundi massacres in Midlands and Matabeleland provinces.

The Unity Accord resulted in the formation of Zanu PF, however, Dabengwa and other former PF Zapu leaders maintain the Unity Accord is no longer in existence after they quit Zanu PF in 2008 to revive their party, saying they were frustrated in the ruling party.

But, Mphoko angered Zapu members on Saturday when he labelled the party as fake.

“Zapu is on record as acknowledging the unfortunate circumstances that our erstwhile comrade Mphoko finds himself in, being pressured to speak on behalf of a party, which he deserted at the front,” Maphosa said.

“As far as Zapu is concerned, Mphoko was missing in action after disappearing from Zimbabwe People’s Army (Zipa) in Mozambique in 1976, while on assignment until he resurfaced as a Zanu nominee to the CIO [Central Intelligence Organisation] at independence. That action coupled with his desertion, from the front disqualified him from Zapu membership.

“Mphoko is not a member of Zapu. He joined Zanu in 1976 and has neither the mandate nor legitimacy to speak on behalf of Zapu.

“He represents the interests of those sell-outs, who chose to remain in Zanu when Zapu pulled out of the Unity Accord for well-documented reasons. Zapu takes exception to such misleading hallucinations from Mphoko. As a compassionate organisation, we, however, pity him. The poor man has no option but to sing and satisfy his master for him to feed his family.”


  1. Yoh, so where does Mboko get his legitimacy? If the ZAPU is disowning him, then who is he representing? What a danderhead of a VP.

  2. Where have you seen a person who organises a weeding during the struggle. Where did he get the money from to organise such an event. There are two reasons, either he sold those arms he was supposed to bring to Zambia or he sold out some comrades to the regime. Instead of putting blame to Tswangirai over Gukurahundi, he was part and parcel of it, in the above article it is stated that he emerged as a CIO agent during the Gukurahundi. There could be some truth in that. How did ZANU PF identify Mphoko? Where did ZANU PF identify Mphoko? For how long has he been in touch of ZANU PF? Why did he remain behind when others were pulled out of Mozambique? These are some of the questions he and his ZANU masters should answer. You cant say a person who left the war in 1976, belongs to the party he deserted and he knows it, he can not speak on behalf of that party either. He is the one who is “fake”. Fake because he has no legitimacy to speak as a former ZAPU member and to tell people about ZAPU. And dear people. 1976 was at the pick of the liberation struggle. One wonders what war he fought. His contribution during this time was much needed , but he not only deserted but was a traitor who today has the energy to question those who stood by he struggle. To the psychologist, I wonder what his IQ is?

  3. Mphoko’s actions are symptomatic of the Zimbabwean malaise, selfishness coupled with shortsightedness, Dabengwa is on record as saying they formed Mavambo/Kusile to stop another Chiluba taking power in Zimbabwe now 15 years later with Mugabe still at the helm am sure he must be very proud of himself.

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