NAC opens moonlight HIV testing centres


THE National Aids Council (NAC) has opened overnight HIV testing centres, as part of efforts to reach out to people with busy work schedules and those not keen on being tested during the day.


Nac monitoring and evaluation director, Amon Mpofu, last week said the new programme will be known as “moonlight” because the tests take place at night to help protect those who fear being stigmatised by being seen visiting the centres during the day.

“We came up with the idea after realising that some people who work during the day and had no opportunity to access this service at night,” he said. “For instance, sex workers, at times, do not have time during the day to go and get tested and they can only be accessed during the night. Miners are also busy during the day and can only come out at night, hence, they can only be tested at that time.”


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