Mujuru snubs ‘Mnangagwa war vets’

NPP leader Joice Mujuru

Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader, Joice Mujuru, has turned down a proposed meeting between herself and the top leadership of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), saying she had no business dealing with ex-combatants aligned to her rival, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


ZimPF leader Joice Mujuru
ZimPF leader Joice Mujuru

Mujuru made the remarks in Gwanda on Saturday while addressing her party’s newly-elected Matabeleland South provincial executive.

This follows recent overtures by ZNLWVA secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda and spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya, to organise a separate meeting with Mujuru following her nasty fallout with fellow ZimPF founders, Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo.

Last week, Matemadanda and Mahiya, met Gumbo and Mutasa in a gesture of solidarity widely believed to be an endorsement of the two politicians, as the legitimate ZimPF leaders.

But, Mujuru said she would not agree to such a meeting.

“You want to see me in your capacity as who? Not me. I have no business meeting with Lacoste,” she said in apparent reference to Mnangagwa’s faction.

“Exactly seven days after we expelled them (Rugare and Mutasa) from People First, they were in a meeting with war veterans aligned to the Zanu PF group supporting Mnangagwa.

“We had been infiltrated by Zanu PF in our leadership through those people who kept calling themselves founding elders. That is why we fired them.”

There is no love lost between Mujuru and Mnangagwa, as they were both said to be leading rival factions of Zanu PF during the former’s time in the ruling party.

Mujuru accused the expelled group of frustrating coalition talks with other opposition parties.

“My co-pilots were interfering too much and the plane could not fly properly. They did not understand the concept of co-piloting,” she said.

“They were dangerous. They wanted to control me as if I was their domestic worker.

“I refused that. For a long time, we thought they were genuine and gave them the benefit of the doubt, but it became clear they did not want anything to move.”

Mutasa and Gumbo have, however, hit back, accusing Mujuru of exhibiting dictatorial tendencies and of being daft.

Turning to the envisaged coalition with MDC-T and other political parties, Mujuru declared that there was no going back, saying the opposition leaders had unanimously agreed to fielding one presidential candidate to challenge President Robert Mugabe in next year’s general elections.

Meanwhile, Matabeleland South became the first ZimPF province to elect a substantive executive, with Bekezela Maduma as chairperson of the main wing, Engel Masiye leading the women, Khulani Ndlovu will lead the youth and Themba Ndlovu will lead the freedom fighters’ wing.


  1. Zimbabwean opposition parties are not serious.These squables of yours benefit us and we will rule this country for a billion years!It is very difficult to run a political party and His Excellecy is a star,look at us!

  2. You will do well Mutoriti to study the history and the pains that gave birth to ZANU Pf.. several parties major among them being ZAPU which oined ZANU after an orgie of murders called Gukurahundi. What will remain in ZANU when Mugabe “retires”? wake up dear its not unusual to find commonplace in opposition quarters.

  3. Ko zvaari mahumbwe chaiwo. Its the problem with women. They keep grudges for long to their own detriment instead of forging alliances for convenience. Does she think Tsvangirai and the MDC really like her? They are only interested in the benefits of the coalition with her. Period.

  4. She would have been comfortable with war vets aligned to g40. She is not worried about the links to zanupf but to this other faction which fought her as far back as 2004 and which, according to first lady really beat her for the deputy leader post only to be rescued by an ignoring of how provinces had actually voted. Now, in delusion, she believes she is a political something of her own.

    • You actually believe that there was a vote in 2004!! You actually believe Grace Mugabe!! You need to go and see a village doctor my friend.

    • In politics, yesterday enemies can be today”s friends. It is not wise to miss an opportunity of making allies

  5. Tsvangson has no time to waste coalescing with malcontent former Zanupf deputy president who engineered 2008 atrocities with her boss, that’s day dreaming. l think those ratcheting the so called coalition never tasted the 2008 sour grapes, otherwise they could not make that noise. Ask the victims they will narrate and make known to you.
    Put differently, Queen Bee has done her part for Zimbabwe since 1980, what else do we need from her?? The nation needs a new government, with new faces, new brains, new ideas not spent forces. Wake up maZimbabwe!

  6. @dzom, Mugabe does not forget or forgive. The two octagarians want a puppet to lead their party and them pulling the strings from behind but who will accept such a set-up. The two octagarians claim ownership of the name but I thought its the people first and not individual interests. In 1978, Rugare Gumbo and the late Henry Hamadziripi led a rebillion in Mozambique against Mugabe, claiming ownership of the struggle. Dr Joy is right harahwa mbiri idzi ishiri dzinemuriro wadzo.

  7. shez a bt lost, a wait n see attitude cld hv helped her.these war vets mind u met tsvangirai so whtz special abt her.anyone who understands mugabe c exploits shld b accomodated.

  8. Who can ever forget the way Mutsvangwa twisted the knife in Mujuru’s back just before she was fired from zanupf after a lifetime of sacrifice for that party? If I was Mujuru I would never want to see those guys for the rest of my life

  9. it is unfortunate that some daft people criticize Mujuru for holding on a grudge against Munangagwa and they do exactly the same holding a grudge against her. stop being hypocritical. Some suggest since she said no to meeting with Lacoste war vets therefore it means she can meet the g40! that’s illogical – and huge logial jump! Was she wrong to let go of the people who were fighting progress? Zanu pf is in trouble and dragging everybody else with them because they see goblin as the father of the party who cannot be kicked off. If Gumbo and Mutasa had the capacity to run the party why did they wait for Mujuru to come and lead? they should man up and go farming we have no room for pple with no sense of progress. Zimbabwe has suffered enough this cannt continue. In an effort to kick goblin out you will be naïve to think that Tsvangirai can do it on his own, they need each other. Let us not fuel false hopes and then regret in 2018 when zanu wins again. we cannot afford to sell our lives for another 5yrs of poverty and suffering. let us be objective in our contribution and truly ask yourself what you want in the next year, than just type for the sake of it.

    • You are right! This country needs us to press the “reset” button. It has gone haywire in the hands of people who now do not know how to resolve the problems they created. Some words of advice, Zimbabwe needs the foundation that was laid by ZANU PF just before and soon after independence. What it does not need is whatever ZANU PF tried to build from 1990 onward.

  10. If she was averse to all war zanupf veterans she would have said so and this reporter would have captured it. g40 is the group that she was leading before expulsion, which she is dearly missing. To magomazi we were insiders at the time and we know it really happened and that is why many of the provincial chairs were suspended because they had done what the boss didn’t like. To press the re-set button we need to do away with mujuru, not forget her daughter’s $95 million diamonds and other corruption issues of her own and her husband; Tsvangirai’s desperately hanging on to power after 18 years at the helm, a reminder that another mugabe is in the orphing; and his clinging on despite well publicised health matters; working to ensure chamisa didn’t win the post of secretarygeneral only to turn around and appoint him vice president to frustrate the man he helped beat nelson in the congress elections. Let us go for the real re-set button, not use a porous sieve.

  11. The warvets are no longer relevant to the matrix of taking Zimbabwe forward so its okay Mujuru ignores them. She is also not absolutely relevant as she was part of the rot for a longtime and she has not repented however she can be used as a transitional catalyst with the MDC T as the main game changer. This same transtional team can include Dabengwa, Madhuku, Welshman, Tajamuka etcetera on an undersatnding that they will not get cabinet posts but my contest as MPs for their constituencies. The next cabinet must have less than 20 ministers and no deputies one vice president.

  12. veduwee ngatimboisa maproblems arikunetsa maZimbabweans pamberi and think kuti toita sei kuti nyika yedu iremekedzwe kunze uye vanhu vadye vachiguta. Vanhu varikutambura munyika as investors want to come and make money and gives us jobs and improve the ordinary people’s lives. What makes aparty good are its values and policies which people want as they only want to be able to feed and educate their children. Ndorwadziwa nevanopfeka zvinodhura ne flashy life when 90percent of the people are living in abject poverty. What are you offering people even before elections? Mobilise donation and feed people now for us to believe you.

  13. Grace is right. ALL those people who were with Mugabe since 1980 can as well resign!! I see a pattern starting from Mugabe, Mujuru….right down to foot sldiers like Mandi Chimene.

    The word RESIGNING is foreng to them. All of them, no matter how big your hip of matuzvi is.

  14. Truth is absolute and objective. The genesis of Mujuru and Mnangagwa’s tussle is well documented. We, the liberation team shall not be dragged into Mujuru’s subjective truth whereas we are certain that all of them have no ideological gravitas.

  15. Does anyone argue with me if I say all those expelled from ZANU PF – Mujuru, Mutasa, Gumbo, Mutsvangwa – if anyone of them was invited to rejoin Zanu Pf unconditionally they would go running.

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