MDC mobilises resources for flood victims

MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube

THE Welshman Ncube- led MDC has started mobilising resources to assist victims of the floods induced by Cyclone Dineo which ravaged parts of the country particularly Matabeleland South and Tsholotsho.


MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube
MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube

MDC secretary-general, Miriam Mushayi said the party had approached its structures and other interested Zimbabweans to donate basic necessities to assist affected families.

“Hundreds of families, including women, children and the elderly, have been left with no shelter, clothing or food,” she said. “True to its cruel and uncaring nature, President Robert Mugabe’s regime has turned its back on these needful people, whose lives, through no fault of their own, have been upended, instead seeing it fit to spend more than $2,5 million on one man’s birthday party in Matopo this coming Saturday (today).”

Incessant rains precipitated by Cyclone Dineo have left a devastating trail of destruction in southern parts of the country including Tsholotsho, Mberengwa, Chiredzi and Bulilima where rivers have burst banks, damaging property and livestock.

Mushayi said the MDC felt it had a “role to play to stand with our fellow citizens during this harrowing time.”

“We are appealing for donations through cash, food, clothing, blankets, medical supplies, cooking utensils and any other basic essentials which we will distribute to the hundreds of people left stranded after the floods hit these low-lying areas,” she said. “No donation is too big or small. Donations must be taken to an MDC office near you from whence they shall be immediately dispatched to the flood victims.”

The MDC secretary-general said the situation was “dire and desperate” for the affected families.

“We need to act fast and help with the minimum basic necessities as early as possible,” she said.


  1. you could have done thaat whilst you wer part of the government. if so now thats vote hell welshman ncube

  2. If indeed those donations end-up with the affected flood victims kudos to you MDC. Pitty there are no details on how you are mobilising the resources ie contacts etcetera if i am interested in donating.

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