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Hotelier offers loyalty reward packages for guests


A UNIT of Legacy Group will tomorrow launch a loyalty-earning reward package for guests booked at local hotels managed by the South African hospitality group, as it boosts occupancies and competes with other local hotels.


monomotapa crown plaza

The Legacy Group manages five hotels in Zimbabwe — The Monomotapa Hotel (Harare), The Kingdom Hotel and Elephant Hills Resort (Victoria Falls), Hwange Safari Lodge (Hwange Reserve) and Troutbeck Resort (Nyanga).

The package, Legacy Lifestyle programme, will enable users to transfer points within the group and other select affiliates.

The Legacy Lifestyle programme first started in South Africa in 2010 and has grown to over 660 000 members and over 250 lifestyle brand partners.

Legacy Lifestyle managing director, Michael Levinsohn yesterday told NewsDay, on the sidelines of a Press briefing, that the group was launching the programme, as they had a lot of value to add to the economy.

“Zimbabwe is critical to our group. We see ourselves as innovators and when people are concerned about an economy, the future of a country, its economic staying power, and what is going to happen that is the time to get involved.
You have got to put your money where your mouth is earlier on and have got to invest in the country,” he said.

“We spent a lot of time up here and there is a positive energy about Zimbabwe. There have always been people, who are fundamentally positive and excited about the country and future. So we got a lot of value to add, so Zimbabwe is important to us. Hotel groups around the world realise there is a lot of value in having a rewards programme that enables it to interact with their customer.”

If one earned a 10% reward for staying at Monomotapa or one of their other properties, it would be credited onto the client’s Legacy Lifestyle account, which can be spent at any branch of the hotel or retail partners, he said.

The model is structured to allow Legacy Lifestyle members to earn a percentage of their purchase with each transaction — which is credited to their Legacy Lifestyle account in the equivalent of dollars.

Rewards earned at one retail merchant, can be spent at another merchant, who is part of the programme.

All earned and spent transactions will be tracked using the member’s mobile phone number, as their membership number.

Levinsohn said members gain access to 20% off the best available rate when booking accommodation, and depending on their membership level, are able to earn up to 12% back in United States dollars, which will be the main currency used locally.

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