Govt markets new curriculum

The government is embarking on a nationwide campaign to educate the public on the new curriculum for primary and secondary education, which is facing stiff resistance from teachers and other stakeholders, who feel it was hastily implemented before widespread consultations.


The campaign comes as part of phase two of the implementation plan of the New Curriculum Framework for Primary and Secondary Education 2015 to 2022.

Speaking at a media briefing on the framework in Harare yesterday, Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora said

there was need to market the new curriculum despite lack of funding.

“When we started this journey, I had $2,3 million. But I am sure we would have gotten off to a very good start with $17 million or $18 million,” he said.

“But I do not know whether we would have had the money by now to be able to start, probably not, your guess is as good as mine. So we chose a very pragmatic and common sense approach, let us begin with what we have. If we waited until all things were in place we would have continued to wait.”

Dokora said the decision not to seek for more funds was due to a tight budget.

“The Curriculum Framework presents teachers, heads and the entire education system with an opportunity to engage in professional development, improve learning outcomes and prepare learners for the current and future opportunities and challenges,” he said.

Part of the new curriculum includes the medium of instruction of an indigenous language, which is commonly used or spoken in a particular area for Grade 2 pupils, while Grade 3 to 7 pupils will learn agriculture on top of the traditional four subjects.

For students from Form 1 to 4, learning areas at this level will guide learners on progression to various career paths or further studies under the ministry. This will, in particular, emphasise on Steam/Stem, visual and performing arts, humanities and languages, design and technology and commercials.

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  1. So when are you going to start recruiting those Maths and science teachers for the STEM initiative among other various subjects introduced in the new curriculum. It is but just a dream to talk about the implementation of this otherwise welcome move without qualified instructors in schools who unfortunately are on the streets waiting for the treasury to channel funds to the education ministry. The education sector is the pillar of our economy as our president has always alluded but it boggles the mind why it is not being prioritised with teachers not being recruited to man our schools which in some instances you find there is not even a single mathematics teacher.

  2. That curriculum is there to destroy the generation. It will be there to please the working minister only not children and parents paying fees after hard sweatings. This curriculum issue is putting teachers on a tight angle, this might be a way of firing them after doing what they never trained for..
    This. also means all trained are like anyone without a training certificate.

  3. The worst Minister of Education since independence.

  4. Chiremba Honestly

    New curricullum is a noble should serve the interest of the society not thje party.

  5. whats wrong with our old system please stop introducing your fancy staff you want to confuse our kids while yours are learning over seas

  6. whats wrong with the old system dont confuse our kids while yours are going to school overseas

  7. This minister, I suspect wants to bring religious ideologies from the middle east and convert our children to his religious cult. Parents watch out.

  8. Dzingai Mutumbuka where are you while this Cuban trained sugar cane harvester is destroying what you built? He has introduced political mantras that are displacing the Lords Prayer and now this how long will it be before he asks kids to each bring with them to school 5 litres of their mothers milk? poor Dokora.

  9. why focusing on these issues while there are bigger problems in the country . After all the old educational system was quite fine its not about insulting each other but Mr Dokora what you are doing is wrong and absolutely irrelevant you’re just wasting your time and destroying children’s futures

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