Former minister reveals traffic cop hell

Alliance for the People’s Agenda leader Nkosana Moyo

FORMER Industry and Trade minister Nkosana Moyo has said traffic police officers recently tormented him over failure to produce one breakdown red triangle and a swollen tyre after he hit a pothole during his recent visit to Harare.


Nkosana Moyo
Nkosana Moyo

On his Facebook wall, the former minister said Zimbabwean police officers’ desperation to beat targets of “illegal” collection of money from motorists had escalated to disproportionate levels.

“What has Zimbabwe come to really? I recently drove through Harare and, as is now the norm, I went through an unbelievable number of police roadblocks,” he posted.

“These roadblocks are for no other purpose, but to extract as much money from the already suffering Zimbabwean citizenry as possible. All for the benefit of the political beast that must continue to feed itself at the people’s expense.

“At one of the roadblocks, a young police officer, who no doubt was struggling to meet his daily target of money to extort, walked around my car.

“He then asked for my driving licence, which I duly produced. He then proceeded to list my transgressions for the day. The list was as follows: I did not have a second breakdown triangle, which is a requirement in Zimbabwe, because I had that morning hit a pothole; one of my tyres had a swelling. For these transgressions he wanted me to pay $40 that is $20 for each transgression.

“I explained, as calmly as I could, that I was not responsible for repairing roads so that motorists would not hit potholes and also that my vehicle was very roadworthy.”

Moyo said he further pointed out that Zimbabwe, which does not manufacture vehicles, was the only country he knew which required a second breakdown triangle.

“I told him that I would not pay for the tyre swelling and I would rather go to court. Nevertheless, I conceded that he, the poor police officer, was not a legislator and so this extortion madness was not to be blamed on him,” the former minister said.

“I asked him to please give me a ticket for the second triangle transgression given that I could not withdraw cash from my bank although they were sitting on a significant sum of my money. At this point, he said that the police do not issue tickets. They were required to collect spot fines. I explained that I could not pay a spot fine since I could not get any of my hard-earned cash from the bank. The young police officer then came up with an amazing solution to the predicament.”

Moyo said the police officer said he would come with him to the nearest supermarket so that they would look for someone with cash and instead of that individual paying for their groceries in cash, they would give him (Moyo) the money and he would use his card to pay the shop for the goods.

“I would, in this way, be able to pay my fine,” he said.

Moyo lamented that the level of desperation of the State to raise money was embarrassing for the nation, which has been run down by the Zanu PF regime.

Contacted for comment, police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said: “Do I need to comment or respond on that? How do I know that he had such a complaint?”


  1. What our country has become is such a shame. I wonder how this ordeal ended for the former minister? My guess is he ended up parting with $40.

  2. Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe, kana iro rokwegwa zvonzi mavara azare ivhu. Iye minister iyeyu ndivo vakatanga nazvo. Hanti akabve kuZanu. Aifunga kuti hazviperi.Kutonyarara kwakanaka

    • Obviously you dont know the man you are talking about boss.
      Google the man so that you have a clear understanding of him. lm sure you will delete this contribution after you google

    • Iwe matuzvi iwe, tibvire pano. Unomuziva here former Minister uyu kana kuti chako kuda kungowawata. FYI, this is a man of substance, someone who refused to be used by BOB and RESIGNED of his own free will. The real doda sibili if you didnt know so please shut your beak if you have nothing to say, imbecile!

    • Nkosana Moyo resigned in 2001 after a short stint with Zanu Govt, some of the reasons why he resigned is that he did not agree to Zanu’s way of governance.

  3. Charamba pane chaanombobvuma here ? Zvese charamba. Charamba saSpokesman Charamba. zvinobhadharirwa kuramba chete chete. So if you are unaware of your officers’ shoddy dealings then what are you doing in that office? A pro would respond with a serious investigation and give public feedback.

    • kkkkk kuseka nhamo serugare. you are so right. its called partisan politics at its worst. chake kuramba chete salary yopinda. asi kukangonzi something zanu pf speed to issue a statement and an investigation sies

  4. Charamba was supposed to comment on that so that we know wat the position is like. This is exactly wat we go through on daily basis. Y do they want cash instead of ossuing tickets?

  5. Proves that we are now a ‘police state’ in other progressive states the police chief will immedaitely resign after exposure of such magnanimous malpractise. The poor constable must toil to meet the ‘cash’ target for the system that includes… his own ..immediate officer.. officer commanding traffic branch…office in charge station..dispol..propol..ascom

  6. There is a permanent roadblock at Rufaro Stadium in Mbare. Once they stop you they make sure you part with your hard earned cash. I feel sorry for some traffic cops who are being forced to rob their brothers and sisters and have been turned into corrupt persons by the system…shame on you traffic cops

  7. I have resorted to using public transport during the weekends for local errands! During the week I also make sure that I do not drive around too much. All the drivers please take note of usual police ‘trap points’ and avoid such roads. I know that they will found at; Megawatt House (in Samora), Second Street by NSSA etc. I have made it a resolution to make a u-turn if I happen to spot them pachine enough distance to do so! You will not win a tussle with these extorting cops……! Armed with spikes they are now ruthless…! But one thing I have also resolved is I will not give a lift to a uniformed cop or a cop-looking individual. #Itai tione #Tables Will Turn At Some Point.

  8. @True…You are damn right !!! Even if I am driving alone with nothing else but fresh air in my car, a uniformed Police Officer is the LAST thing that I will open the door for….

  9. Hopefully, I suppose the next future govt has a big task to normalize this madness portrayed by this desperate cash strapped supposed to be govt. How can a sane modern govt concentrate on investing in employing more thieves rather than invest in reliable technologies that do not steal from both the people and govt. The whole system of policing in Zim would need overhauling.

  10. One simple solution to all our problems……just register to vote and make sure you vote. Takd your partner with you. Enlighten your friends and elders kumaruwa uko.

  11. also please note most of the speed limits on zimbabwe highways are not gazetted so they wont stand in a court of law eg. at ruwa, as you approach norton, headlands etc. if you stand you ground they wont ticket you the cops know they are not legal.

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