Cindy opens up on her passion for music, fashion

WHEN Cindy Munyavi stepped onto the big music stage with her debut album, Kukuda (Loving You), it marked the beginning of a fruitful career that has seen her release a string of love hits, including Parere Moyo, Ndidzorere Moyo Wangu and Ndini Ndinaye.


Cindy Munyavi
Cindy Munyavi

Immediately after release, Kukuda (Loving You) was nominated for two National Arts Merit Awards and Cindy was nominated alongside music grandee Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi in one of them, with Tuku becoming the eventual winner.

Cindy’s second album, The Groove Theory, saw her star rising high, paving way for regional collaborations and more award nominations, as well as rubbing shoulders with other artistes on the international stage.

While many a musician has been content with staying in the music lane, Cindy’s creative scope has seen her broaden her horizon and branch into her other love — fashion.

The diva took time off her busy schedule to indulge NewsDay Weekender over a range of issues.

Away from the studio, Cindy works as a stylist, running her boutique, Cindy’s Fashions.

“I am here to serve people. When I am not in the studio working, I will be in my shop pursuing my other passion of styling,” she said.

“I am a make-up artist. I have always had that passion from a young age and I am grateful that I can pursue my dreams. I help women to feel good because it is easier to feel good when you look good.”

She recalled the otherwise inauspicious beginnings of her dream for fashion and style.

Having suffered with acne for 10 years during which her self-esteem plummeted to very low levels as a young girl, her passion to put together good outfits came into being.

“However, my skin has since healed as you can see and it always gives me a good feeling to make people walk away feeling good,” Cindy chuckled.

For her, fashion is just not the business of selling clothes and accessories, but for making her customers happy.

Cindy, who said it was easy to establish the business because she had already made a name in music, added that she had shrugged off the celeb tag, choosing to live her life as an ordinary woman.

“I have never felt pressured to live my life in the eyes of the public. I try to live as normal as possible, understandable as it is that when you are a public figure, people get to scrutinise you, but I am pretty elusive about my life. I need to just keep a little special something for myself,” she said.

The songstress is set to release her new album, Music Vocals Cindy (MVC), on February 24.

She said working on the latest album had been intriguing and experimental.

“It was difficult to come up with the title because it was experimental. I was pushed to work with different producers and artistes from different countries,” she said.

“People are used to hearing the lovey dovey Cindy, but I had to get out of the box. During my travels to different countries, I have heard different sounds, so that forced me to jump out of my skin. So this album is like taking Cindy to the world.”

In the forthcoming album, she explores themes of money, emotions, spirituality as well as traditional love songs.

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