Bigwigs wanted to sleep with me: Mujuru

EMBATTLED Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader, Joice Mujuru, has accused a group of party elders she expelled last week of seeking to turn her into a sex slave, after proposing that she be the opposition party’s “queen bee”.


Zimbabwe People First leader Joice Mujuru
Zimbabwe People First leader Joice Mujuru

In an audio recording of her address to provincial structures in Masvingo at the weekend, Mujuru accused her former close allies, notably Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo, of wanting her to sleep with male colleagues in the party, taking advantage of the fact that she was a widow.

“I want you to Google then advise each other. They said Mai Mujuru, we want you to be our queen bee. I was supposed to mate with all the men in the party. I was supposed to be their wife,” she said.

“I was supposed to work for them because they had seen that while I was still in Egypt (Zanu PF) I used to work hard.

“So they wanted to borrow that hard-working spirit to work for them and I told them that I can’t be your queen bee.

I am a woman of substance even though I am a widow, I have an image to protect and since the death of my husband (Solomon Mujuru), I have no appetite for men. I told them that I am here to work for Zimbabwe and this did not make them happy.”

But, Gumbo yesterday hit back at Mujuru, accusing her of having a shallow understanding of political dichotomy and processes.

“She does not have an understanding of a beehive,” he shot back.

“We indeed said she was supposed to be the queen bee. Not that we wanted to sleep with her, but we were supposed to do all the dirty work, fight for her, protect her and not expose her because we understood her limitations.

“We knew if she was exposed, she would make mistakes like she has been making after being exposed. Now, how can you have a leader, who does not understand such simple things?”

A queen bee is the fertile egg-laying matriarch in a beehive.

Mujuru went further, accusing Gumbo and Mutasa of wanting to use ZimPF as a money-spinning venture for their personal gain.

“The people were planning to oust me for a very long time. I have not refused to vacate my post, but why do they want me to vacate the seat?” she queried.

“When I was asked to lead People First (PF), I said PF was not started so that people can treat it as a business.

“That is when I started (clashing)with the two gentlemen, namely Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa. They wanted the party to be a money-spinning machine for their personal needs. That’s why you heard people saying there was a fund bringing money from Britain to the party.”

Mujuru said there was no single meeting that the party held that Gumbo and Mutasa would not demand vehicles, money and fuel.

“I told them that we once were all ministers and, I think, we have some savings from that, let’s build the party first. We can’t start wanting money because we will be cheating ourselves,” she said.

Mujuru claimed that there was a clandestine plan to unseat her from power after using her to build ZimPF.

“Our constitution says we are not going to hero-worship anyone and on our apparels we are not going to put anyone’s face,” she said.

“I was begged to put my face because people said we can’t sell the party if people don’t know who is the leader, you are the brand that people are coming for at PF, so are your picture and the party name.

“Their plan was to say after I have worked and there is no clear leader in the party, they would then step in and take over the reins as they were now trying to do.”

The former Vice-President added: “They are now saying they don’t want to be led by a woman. Male chauvinism is bad. Let’s work together because we have been fighting for equal opportunities wherever they are. We were fighting for equal opportunities.

“Each time, they would say the party is ours, we started the party. We know they started it and they are supposed to be respected, but if you are demanding, every day, to be respected, I start to question and think maybe you are barren.”

Gumbo dismissed the allegations as lies, saying Mujuru should come clean on the source of funding for her livelihood, saying she was heavily funded by President Robert Mugabe’s government.

“She is the one who has cars and she receives fuel from Mugabe, her cars are serviced by government and she gets money from there, she is the one who wants money. I have never been one for that, I drive a Honda Fit and I like it simple,” he said.

Mutasa was not reached for comment.

Meanwhile, Gumbo and his group yesterday said they would today announce their new political plans following their nasty fallout with Mujuru last week.

He dismissed Mujuru’s move to visit various provinces to consolidate her power base, saying it would come to nothing, as she was meeting people who were not in ZimPF structures.

“We don’t believe in going around the provinces meeting vendors and so on, as if that is what can change the Zimbabwean situation,” he said.

“Those people she is meeting are not bona fide members. These are just ordinary people, who are keen to see what Mujuru looks like.

“This is what we were critical of. Instead of spending time building structures of the party speaking about your ideology and what can be done to win people’s confidence, she chooses to spend time wondering about doing useless rallies. We don’t believe in that.”

Already, Mujuru has visited Masvingo, Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and South and Mashonaland Central provinces.

Tomorrow, she will be in Manicaland.

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  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    hapana hapana dzokerai zvenyu kuzanu kwamaiita izvozvo you are a useless pack!!!

  2. Almost everyone in Zim is a vendor, Cde Mutasa and you will soon be one. Don’t look down upon people please. Thought you were People First??

  3. Attack and counterattack! These people have long served as subordinates under Mugabe for all their political lives and can hardly lead anywhere. To cut their long argument short, the best they can do in the meantime is to dismantle their embattled party and embark on the organized one in their personal capacities. Its evident that ZimPF can only help in boosting the numbers, not leadership.

  4. That’s a load of horse manure from the Madyirapazhe fella; talking crap as usual..

  5. its now clear that zanu pf has already win 2018 elections

    1. there is no substitute for the truth Zanu PF will win and will rule for ever

  6. zvaramba izvi chiyendai ku mdc

    1. And i think vangatambirwa kumdc M not ‘T’

  7. What a nasty fallout!
    They shouldn’t talk too much otherwise all will become damaged goods if they are not yet.

  8. It now clear that we will go to elections with three zanu Mugabe Mutasa and Mujuru splitting more zanu votes viva viva



  10. Tichaona Kanyama

    All this at the expense of innocent Zimbabweans……’s evident that we are going to suffer more because of these divisions. If these oppositon parties can’t unite for the love of the civillians then it’s all clear that their Goal is not to serve us.

    Cry my beloved Zimbabwe that have true leaders. We are tired of suffering but I am seeing us going even deeper in the mud with this mentality.

  11. Itz clear mrs Mujuru has now failed both as a leader& as a democratic functionary.Zim pf is now dead.First why mouthing such dirty linen in public.Second,she poised the question;”Why do they want to remove me?”Can I also pose the counter question;Why do she want to remain? If she understands the conditions of democracy then she must not b putting forward such a question.Itz clear, that at n time ppl might change their minds,& decide to retire n one,& the same person is expected to b submissive to the majority decisions.& again n one called a leader shld b a mature & intelligent in mind not to stoop so low & expose such a mind to the public.Itz irrelevant to tell the public what happens in your private life, even if u are a public figure.Of course there some issues abt your private life which have to do with ppl can b exposed, but not whatz not relevant.So Mujuru can not b a leader in democratic dispernsion or simply a leader n where ,even at dictatorship

    1. But Listen to what these people have said, she is meeting vendors and the like meaning they have no respect of fellow suffering zimbabweans.

  12. True Tichaona
    If these Gumbos and Mutasa’s where not power hungry they should have simply joined the existing opposition parties. Why form a party 12 months from an election and start talking about a grand coalition with a party or parties that have been in existence for the past 20 yrs. If they are serious all (Mujuru, Gumbo, Mutasa, Bhasikiti etc) should disband their what-ever-PF. They lie kuti Mugabe is the common enemy. Why start fighting Mugabe from your own corner ignoring the other 4 corners that have already gained ground?

    They are not fighting to end poor governance but are positioning themselves to survive in the same environment (next 5 yrs) coz they are convinced they will not be able to remove Mugabe.

  13. Impressive policy layout indeed…and we are supposed to vote for such rubbish because we hate Zanu-pf

    1. is a vendor not a human being .are u going to vote for yourself to be in power. watch your mouth a mutasa didimus

  14. matirwadzisa tangatati zimbabwe yavakusununguka

  15. Zimbabwe’s PHD holders are just pathetic. Havana kufundha ba!

  16. Tsve zvePeople First; maakuda zvekuseksa mutungamiri wenyu. Hindava so Nyathi naMadyirapazhe?

  17. some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. a man’s mouth is a good measure of their mind and a man’s mind is the driver of his/her greatness, watch and learn.

  18. This Mujuru, has exposed her ignorance. She cant even understand the meaning of Queen Bee. Looking at her age she is old. She cant even think for herself that no man would propose love to her considering her age. Rugare Gumbo is right. How can an aspiring leader fail to understand the meaning of queen bee? SHAME.

    1. I think she understands the Queen Bee analogy well enough. The Queen bee (fertile female bee) mates with 6 or 7 drone bees and also determines the sex of her offspring based on how well/poorly the “eggs” are nourished. If you follow this analogy, Mutasa and Gumbo are the drone bees so surely they wanted to mate with her?

      But another meaning of Queen bee is “a woman or girl who is treated as the most important member of her group”. Now, if she was important why does it appear like these gentlemen had a very low opinion of her, isn’t this a contradiction?

      Lastly, a Queen bee has an average life span of 1 to 3 years and drone bees die soon after mating. I’m loving this Queen bee/Drone bee analogy!!

  19. Those degrees indeed are FAKE.

  20. The Works of Greediness………

  21. achangara you are day dreaming,you think the crumbling of zpf means zanu pf will win the elections?You need to get your head examined because if you didn’t know,there is a people’s party that has won the presidential elections before called MDC T.The only deal in town.After all zpf is a creation of zanu pf into trying to confuse the electorate.Tough luck

  22. achangara you are day dreaming,you think the crumbling of zpf means zanu pf will win the elections?You need to get your head examined because if you didn’t know,there is a people’s party that has won the presidential elections before called MDC T.The only deal in town.After all zpf is a creation of zanu pf into trying to confuse the electorate.As for Gumbo and Mutasa,these spent forces are still zanu pf in thinking and indeed because they think Mujuru will be just addressing vendors forgetting that almost everyone in Zimbabwe is now a vendor.

  23. hapana zvinemusoro zviri kutaurwa navanhu ava .you dont have leadership qualities.

  24. Another surnamed party looming. From Zanu PF, MDC-T, MDC-N, ZimPF-M (Mujuru) and double barreled ZimPF-M-G (Mutasa-Gumbo).

  25. chitova na nyathi pakaipa, zvakuda JESU

  26. Ayas, this country is cursed. The solution of disgruntlement is always “form your own party”, never mind the number of supporters..Mangoma, Biti, Ncube, now Mutasa, Gumbo, Mujuru etc one can go on and on. Meanwhile, the people continue to suffer, surely we are bafoons.

  27. Let God lead.

  28. Janana wa Bikaz,is only hallucinating, a big liar;MDC-T is not a ppl’ party;itz Tsvangirai dictatorship or autocracy unlikely to win n election come 2018,until it rejuvinates & change its leadership.Tsvangirai has never had numbers enough to defeat zanu pf since 1999.Tsvangirai only defeated Mugabe in 2008 but we have never had n year when zanu pf has never bn the majority in parliament

    1. You seem to be contradicting yourself big time and exposing lack of structured/logical thinking. Uri kuda kuti chii?

  29. who in his right mind would want to sleep naMujuru dhadha zvaro iri.She is not attractive at all.At her age she is more of GOGO chaiwo.Maybe dai mati in her prime kwete kuti gore rino murume mukuru kuvhura zip nekubvisa bhurugwa kuda kurara na GOGO Mujuru here sure.Then kunyepa kwa Gumbo kwekuti he drives a HONDA FITZ chaiyo murume mukuru should not lie like this zvekuti mbavha yakahwanda ino putika nekuseka.

  30. The problem with us Zimbabweans is that we are very jealous of one’s success. We can never accept someone who has excelled and give him recognition or support. What we are good at is pulling each other down. Look at any aspect of life-If you are a good singer, lots of negative stories are unearthed to kill your career. If you become rich, wakaromba or wakaba, Come up with an innovative idea, its stolen distorted and killed. In other progressive nations, if you come up with a good project, you get maximum support from all relevent stakeholders.

    Mai Mujuru may have her weaknesses but the fact that she is prepared to tackle Zanu PF should be appluaded. Now coming back to my point, the gentleman surrounding her are already visualizing her as the next President. They can’t stomach that eventuality of having a woman as president. Its is the same thing that happened to Tsvangirayi. The gentlemen with Tsvangirayi could not stomach the fact that a non degreed person was going to be the president. In their shallow minds, they thought that people will respect their PHDs. Even in Zanu PF people are pretending to love the incumbent when the really fact is that they cant think that they need to give the best candidate to succeed the old man. All of them want to be the next President then yatongove shaisano. Do you then think we can succeed as a people?

    Progressive thinking is when you accept that one is better than you and after realising that, you give that person a chance and support him. Its not true that in Zanu PF Mr Mugabe is irreplaceable. Its not true that Mai Mujuru is daft. It not true that Mr Tsvangirayi is stupid. After all a good leader is defined by the type of advisors he chooses. Just look at America, Mr Trump may not be the best of American president but he may a good president due to the advisors he may choose to work with. So my fellow countryman, we are our own problem. Zim is not cursed.

  31. Very interesting view point but jealousy is not limited to Zimbabwe, Africa or the black man.Almost every invention on earth has met with ridicule, disbelief and negativity in its infancy giving a high risk to the life of the inventor with some fleeing their countries of birth to make it (and the invention) in foreign lands. Look at Kwese TV, likely to succeed away from home but basically “home-grown”. Perhaps, we need a standard or shared value system as a society or country from which inspiration can grow or be nurtured….

  32. Those bigwigs Mtasa and Gumbo should not be jealous of Mai Mujuru’s position. She has been anointed for that position to lead the second political party that will rank second in the Zimbabwean politics. If Mujuru today leaves the part Gumbo and Mtasa cannot form any part or be able to continue where Mai Mujuru had reached now.

    If they want to do away with Mai Mujuru let them leave the part , not to do what they’re doing.

  33. Liar liar. This is a fat lie from Mujuru. Grow up you and stop lying so that people can sympatise with you.

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