Zapu commits to grand coalition

Opposition Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa has revealed that his party is committed to engaging in a strong coalition with other opposition parties so as to have a formidable force to challenge Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe in the 2018 elections.


Dabengwa made the remarks in his New Year (2017) message on December 30.

He said Zapu is committed to the formation of a coalition to contest the elections as a united force.

“It is in pursuit of this goal that Zapu has participated in the formation and negotiations of the Coalition of Democrats (Code). This is in response to calls from the population and civic society for the need to present a united front in the fight against Zanu PF. Electoral reforms remain a short to medium-term solution to the problems our country is facing,” Dabengwa said.

“The establishment and capacitation of a truly independent electoral commission as called for and provided for in the Constitution has to be achieved immediately.”

Dabengwa said the long-term goals of Zapu remain unchanged.

He said Zapu in 2016 embarked on a nationwide restructuring and mobilisation exercise to connect with its supporters and come up with people-oriented programmes of action ahead of next year’s polls.

“It is one organisation whose members, supporters and well-wishers associate with the unfinished business of liberation and self-fulfillment of generations of Zimbabwean people,” he said.

“In our negotiations for a brighter future of Zimbabwe we continue to call for the implementation of comprehensive devolution of power to the five regions we have identified and named in Zimbabwe. Self-determination is a God-given right,” he said.

“We believe that diversity as contained in the colonial physical borders can only be a blessing for our beautiful country. Fellow citizens, I wish you a prosperous new year, free from the chains of dictatorship as currently is the case under Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe.”

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  1. Dabengwa, you should start by explaining yourself, and thoroughly. We doubt your sincerity after you boasted of having prevented Zanu ‘s defeat in 2008.

  2. Iphie-al-Harami

    @Mombs, who are you that you demand Dabengwa to explain himself to you? In what capacity and on whose mandate are you demanding that? Grow up man.

    1. in his mandate as a Zimbabwean citizen and speaking for the vast majority of us who question the sudden Damascus moment of your leaders who were part of the looting, pillaging, rape, abductions and murders for more than 30 years.

    2. And you Iphie-al-Harami, who are you to stop people from demanding that Dabengwa must explain himself for openly admitting that he made sure Tsvangirai would not win in 2008? In what capacity and on whose mandate are you trying to stop others from raising their doubts and suspicions? Anyway, Dabengwa is a loser and won’t make any dent in politics. His so-called Zapu was thoroughly beaten in Bulawayo Urban by-elections by Zanu PF and came out third and last in most constituencies. He is a vociferous, misguided and divisive lightweight whose CODE umbrella is doomed.

  3. Any leader worth his/her salt must be put under scrutiny. If we fail in this respect we will have more replicas of RGM meaning no national progress. I actually wish that all political parties should present their presidential hopefuls for a fully televised debate with journalists from every newspaper allowed to fire difficult questions at these hopefuls. That way many things will become clearer to the voter – whether its fear or charisma that rules the day.

    1. if that’s the case what do you think of Tswangirayi. if we put leaders under such test Simba Makoni; Welshman Ncube; and Misihairambwe will become presidents.

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