Stunner reconciles with wife after she threatens suicide

Stunner and his wife Olinda

CONTROVERSIAL rapper, Desmond Chideme, popularly known as Stunner, who had his dirty linen exposed to the public by his wife, Olinda Chapel on Facebook, appears to have resolved his differences with her, which had seen her threatening to commit suicide.


 Stunner and his wife Olinda
Stunner and his wife Olinda

To confirm their reunion, the flamboyant award-winning hip-hop star and his wife took to Snapchat and Facebook to confirm that all was well.

In a Facebook video clip posted on Thursday, which has since gone viral, and been received with mixed feelings, an emotional and weeping Olinda alleged that the Team Hombe hitmaker was a nonentity and that she was responsible for his upkeep.

The video attracted mixed reactions, with some suggesting it was a publicity stunt ahead of Stunner and Nox’s duet titled Letting You Go, that was released on the same night.

In the same Facebook video, which ends with Olinda holding some pills threatening to kill herself before she is stopped by people, who are not shown on the video, she said she was disappointed that Stunner was cheating with young girls.

In her Facebook apology, which she later pulled down from her wall, Olinda claimed she had been fed false information by one of Stunner’s close friends and she also apologised to those who commented on the issue on her wall.

“It is with a heavy heart (that) I apologise to my husband. After spending the whole night talking things through and going through ‘evidence’, I was mistaken. I had one of his very close friends approach me and feed me the wrong information that seemed to have coincidental evidence (sic). It truly seemed like he was in the wrong, but he wasn’t. Hence, why he found the whole thing funny (sic),” she said.

“As a married woman, I would like to apologise for the things I said yesterday (Thursday). The day we got married, it was no longer mine, but ours. I should know better. I hope he forgives me.”

Olinda said she had learnt not to trust every word from friends.

“Des (Stunner) and I are now working on our marriage and we hope God sees us through. I am sorry to everyone, who had their time and emotions wasted. I overreacted, it was not a publicity stunt, but a woman, who acted as judge, jury and prosecutor and just wanted to hurt him the way I felt hurt,” she said.

“. . . and him being the man that he is, he comes home still laughing, drinking his moet and snap-chatting my angry face. Des is my husband, I am sorry and you are right. I should be banned off social media.”

In a Snapchat post, Stunner said: “I have been hearing about this story since afternoon (Thursday). By the way, I can see all the messages you are sending my wife,” he said, showing his wife’s phone.

Stunner later posted several Snapchat images, with his wife.


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