Security guard up for attempted murder

A PRIVATE security guard at Killet Farm in Beatrice has been hauled before the courts facing attempted murder charges after he allegedly shot a suspected thief, who had broken into the premises and attempted to steal a compressor.

By Sofia Mapuranga

Richard Chavhunduka (40) was yesterday remanded in custody to January 13 by Chitungwiza magistrate Yeukai Chigodora.

Prosecutor Norman Koropi told the court that on December 20 last year, Chavhunduka was on routine guard duties armed with a .303 rifle.

During his tour of duty, he heard some strange movements from the butchery section and went to investigate.

He allegedly saw three men trying to steal a compressor and two of them fled into the dark, as he drew close. This prompted Chavhunduka to fire three warning shots into the air.

However, a few minutes later he heard some footsteps and he turned and discovered that one of the suspects, later identified as Tinashe Moyo, was hiding behind the wall. Moyo then stood up and started running away with Chavhunduka in hot pursuit.

Chavhunduka then allegedly cocked his service gun and fired a shot, which hit Moyo in the hip bone and reported the matter to the police.

Moyo was referred to Chitungwiza Central Hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment.

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  2. Misheck Chiduku

    The way I interpret this judgement,the guard should have allowed the thief to escape like his two accomplices.Its a shame the so-called-law in Zimbabwe is skewed towards offenders.

  3. Ronald Nyakubaya

    Indeed skewed, especially considering how dangerous thieves can be.

  4. iro basa rechi guard rakaoma.Ukabirwa unonzi ndiwe first suspect,ukarova mbavha zvonzi vakaroverei.zvinotoda kuti kurohwa nematsotsi kuti pashaikwe nyaya.

  5. Criminal rights

  6. At law you are not allowed to kill when defending property rather when defending life

  7. Willard Tramposo

    So, who is to blame here, a security guard who wanted to protect the property and himself and a thief who wanted to steal?
    Next time that security guard will leave the robbers to do whatever they want. Whats the reason of giving guns to guards? Why not give them toy guns or baton sticks? Why i asked these questions is, this security guard is now treated like a robber yet he played his role of safeguarding the property.

  8. Willard Tramposo

    Am finding it hard to comprehend why you are torturing this security guard?

  9. Nonsense type of story vashaya nyaya ere judge ava nxaaah

  10. worse off the poor guard is remanded in custody…..

  11. These days ukabata tsosti shoot to kill coz akakutangira ndiwe unourayiwa.Hapana mbavha inofamba isina chinokuvadza.In this case ,the guard is innocent coz he was doing his job.Who knows ,may be the thugs could turn on him vakamuita kanyama dai anga asina kuridza pfuti. Unfortunately,mitemo ndiyo yakadhakwa!Sori hako muface wangu!

  12. Security guards are taken for granted. When a thief kills a security personnel no criminal case will ever go to court the docket will be opened and closed with no trace. The law must be reviewed because thief’s are dangerous they carry dangerous weapons to protect themselves now how security guards must protect themselves?

  13. What will the magistrate do if an intruder broke into his /her house with intention to steal? Remember the thieves knows exactly that you will never let your property go you will fight for it, they are also prepared to fight you to win your property. Now are you going to ask them if they armed or you going to ask them to leave your property in peace or you are going to report to the police station or you are going to protect your property?

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