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Prison warder defies odds, pens book


AFTER joining the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services (ZPCS) eight years ago, Tare Gwangwari has defied the odds, widening his horizons, as he has ventured into book writing.



Gwangwari, a prisons official at Khami Maximum Security Prison in Bulawayo, will launch his debut book titled Pundutso written in Shona on January 28 at the Bulawayo Public Library.

The book, Pundutso, which loosely translated means success, talks about Nhamo, a boy, who was born in a poor family in Manicaland.

His parents failed to send him to school and in his teen years, Nhamo started shooting and killing birds before selling them until he became a shop owner in Rusape.

The Rusape-born Gwangwari told NewsDay that the 100-page book is inspired by his real life experiences.

“The book is mainly put together upon real life issues I faced growing up and some things I witnessed from the people around me. I grew up in a less privileged family. At one point, I almost gave up on life. I went through all the problems in life and that inspired me to author this book,” he said.

Gwangwari said ZPCS had been very supportive of his works of art.

“My job keeps me busy every time, but my superiors have been very supportive. They are the ones who have been pushing and urging me to write this book,” he said.

“At ZPCS, we have our culture and arts department, and my book will occupy a special position there.

“I hope the book will inspire every young person out there facing problems. My message to them is: be vigilant and patient, because good things in life do not come on a silver platter.”

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