HomeNewsExclusive pictures: Police burn fine books at Masvingo roadblock

Exclusive pictures: Police burn fine books at Masvingo roadblock


In a shocking incident, our readers have sent us pictures of burnt police Admission of Guilty books in what looks like a cover-up as allegations rise that traffic police are corruptly diverting state fines.



According to our readers, police officers were manning a roadblock at Mutimurefu, about 20 kilometres from Masvingo along the Mutare highway, using a Ford Fiesta patrol vehicle (Reg ZRP 378R).



“We were arrested for a faulty registration plate light and they demanded $30 for that defect, which I thought was too much; we disembarked and…we discovered that there was fire burning. We got interested that we went close to it, and (we) discovered ticket books being burnt,”said our reader.

Our reader said they immediately made efforts to contact police in Harare, who in turn called the Masvingo police.


“Police in Masvingo phoned me and I told them I had an exhibit and they instructed us to wait for them. We waited, but they (the officers at the roadblock) quickly packed their belongings and drove off without giving us back our driver’s licence discs. It was obvious someone had tipped them.”

Our reader said when the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers from Masvingo arrived, they followed the roadblock police.

“They (CID officers) followed the roadblock police, and returned after an hour.”

Our reader added that they returned the license discs and there was no mention of the case they had reported.

Frantic efforts to get a comment from Masvingo Central Police Station were fruitless as the Officer in Charge was said to be in a meeting, and was later said to be out of office.



An a memo allegedly instructing police officers of road fines target increase has gone viral despite the police expressing ignorance of its existence.


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