Mugabe is second Jesus: Chipanga

THE Zanu PF youth league has equated President Robert Mugabe to Jesus Christ, saying his birthday should be celebrated as if it is Christmas Day, because to them, the 93-year-old leader is “The Messiah”.


In an interview last week, the ruling party’s national youth leader, Kudzai Chipanga, declared that Mugabe’s birthday, which falls on February 21, should not be treated like an ordinary day, but given the same status as Christmas Day, which is celebrated annually by Christians as Jesus Christ’s birthday.

“To us, February 21 is not just a day. To us, it is a special day we treat in the same manner Christians treat December 25, the birthday of Jesus Christ. I don’t want to be blasphemous, but in my humble view, President Mugabe is second to Jesus Christ. He is our saviour, so his birthday means a lot for us the youths of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Chipanga went into overdrive, saying Mugabe, approaching 93, was also blessed with divine wisdom and was the only person capable of steering Zimbabwe from its current economic mess.

“We will not allow those plotting to take over his post, saying he is old to do so. Look, this is not an age contest that we have at hand, but dealing with wisdom, not just wisdom, divine wisdom for that matter,” he said.

However, his declarations have been met with scorn by civic society and opposition parties.

Political commentator, Blessing Vava said Chipanga’s thinking reflected the “dead end”, which Zanu PF had found itself in relying on a man, who was past the afternoon of his life.

“It has gone beyond bootlicking. It, however, shows Zanu PF has reached a dead end. They can’t even see beyond Mugabe. There is nothing divine about Mugabe and it’s actually sad that you have a young man celebrating and idolising a very old man, who is now incapacitated. Zimbabwe is bigger than Mugabe and any other individual,” he said.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said Chipanga should not be taken seriously, as the 34-year-old Zanu PF youth leader was singing for his last supper.

“Chipanga is a lost cause. He is singing very loudly for his supper. Let me tell him straight in his face, that Robert Mugabe is the biggest and most lethal problem that Zimbabwe has ever faced on both the political and socio-economic fronts since the country attained independence in April 1980,” he said.

“It is not only blasphemous, but also downright daft and degrading to compare Jesus Christ with a cruel, corrupt and intolerant dictator in the mould of Robert Mugabe.”

MDC spokeperson, Kurauone Chihwayi said: “Kudzi Chipanga is a badly groomed G40 gang member growing up among merciless vultures and jackals. That is a blasphemous statement by a misguided trainee Zanu PF bully. The young man is too blunt to know, learn or see the difference between the two.”

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  1. Lets not talk ilk about Jesus. That’s taboo

  2. For your sake u myopic bootlicker, pray u don’t rue the day you’ve spouted such foolishness selling the birthright of future generations for a place at the devil’s table

  3. thats blasphemy

  4. chipanga is mentally disturbed and should be locked up in Ingutsheni. Why celebrate the life if one whose rule has brought misery to many. He is a lazy young man who decides to sell his soul so that he can put food on his table. such people can give their wives to other men so that they bring food at the end of the day

  5. ana Chipanga tidzikamirei apa, we are educated more than you’re and we’re selling bananas for 10cents each in town. all because of that man.

  6. singing for supper

  7. chipanga imbavha chete because munhu wese anoti Zanu PF anenge akahwandira kubvuta nechisimba

  8. One of these fine days these bootlickers are just as well gonna tell us to bow down and worship Lucifer himself straight up, ndizvo zvega zvasara apa

  9. Chipanga you need a brain scan. YOur head is full of sewage waste.

  10. Christina Chima

    Kudzi Chipanga ndapota you cannot talk like that, the likes of Cannan Banda said that look at his

    end exposed humiliated and miserable death. You are too young to say what you have just said.

    Retract quickly, usatambe na Mwari remember this Mwari avana fani. God sees and full of justice.

    whatever you have done behind the scene God will expose you. Do not spoil the President’s

    birthday party, you do not know how it started.

    God loves the President just look at the rains command agriculture do not bring curse to the

    nation because you want to get a nearby farm and subdivide and sell. please retract and apologise to God

  11. Wow! I can’t believe this is coming from a sane person. Its incomprehensible how you’ve got that totally carried away.

  12. G40 member trying to please brutality and satanism. look at our roads, teachers, nurses, our beloved soldiers, police, hospitals, schools, companies, our courts. All are in serious state, Its only a lazy bastard who want a 93 year frail and clueless grandpa to work for him. Let him rest aitire ngano kumuzukuru wake. Nyika ndeyedu tese iyi haizi ye munhu mumwe chete. regai Malema ataure hake kuti mu Zanu mune mbwende chaidzo. Cowards. Chipanga is one of them. Of couse tavakuonawo vamwe vave kuvhurwa meso sana Mutsvangwa and some good war vets. Chiwenga, Temba, Mahofa. Mdara vachauya havo. rambai muchiwawata vana Chipanga. nguva yenyu yekunyarara ichasvika manje manje. Ungafananidza Mugabe na Jesu iwe. wavakugutisa zvekupamba manje.

  13. “Chipanga went into overdrive, saying Mugabe, approaching 93, was also blessed with divine wisdom and was the only person capable of steering Zimbabwe from its current economic mess”….. If i may ask Chipanga, who put Zimbabwe in its current economic mess.
    Because if i remember well, just after indepence the Zim dollar was more powerful than the British pound. It only started to slip down bit by bit as Mugabe continued to rule up until a time when we ditched our own currency in favour of other nations’ currency.

    Lets forgive the likes of Chipangas since they do not know what they are saying.
    Lets forgive but let us not forget kuitira mangwana.

  14. Let the vampires call their “leader” what they want and celebrate his birthday however they want… just don’t take all of us down that route. Ndi Jesu wenyu kwete wedu isu vasiri nu Zanu PF. Munamatei mega, pengai mega mhondi dzevanhu!!

  15. Mmmmmmmm akomana varisai muchiziva pekugumira!!

  16. ngamuke anwe doro, hope dzakadaro hadziite.

  17. The thing is that he is doing so to protect his own skin. He knows Robby is as good as dead but for him to continue on the looting side, he has to praise him.

  18. a young man who can heroworship the person who has made it his life ambition that graduates will not work

  19. mmmmmm thts blasphemy

  20. What do expect from Chipanga a school deserter

  21. our Messiah, Christ died and rose from the dead, which this is one of the extra ordinary super powers that everyone claimed to be the messiah will do the same, so the truth shall review itself in the fullness of time

  22. Chipanga you any stupid idiotic full in indeed plz if u dont have something to say plz just keep quite do u know Jesus.usafarisa kudaro and dont put Jesus in2 dirty politics. Mwari ndimwari wevanhu vese kwete kuti kunamwari we Zimbabwe R.g usatambe nemoto

  23. Isaiah 46v5 “To whom will ye liken me, and make me equal, and compare me, that we may be like?”

    Blasphemy indeed.

  24. King of Kings
    Lord of Lords
    Prince of Peace

    Read the Bible it tells you the signs of his coming.

  25. Acts 12 vs 21 -23
    just read this verse Mr / Mrs Chipanga. Don’t play with The Name of GOD.

  26. Chipanga is insane!!

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