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Junior police officers cry foul over ‘forced’ donations


JUNIOR police officers are demoralised over continued forced fundraising activities within the force, which they say are depleting their meagre earnings, while enriching bosses.


Officers, who spoke to NewsDay on condition of anoynmity, said morale had hit rock-bottom within the force over non-stop financial fleecing, which they endure in their various stations.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner, Charity Charamba did not deny that junior officers are made to contribute to fundraising activities, but said if they had “genuine concerns, they know the proper channels to use to complain”.

“If they want to complain, they know the channels, they don’t come through the Press,” she said.

In December, officers at Kwekwe Central Police Station were forced to pay $61 each before Christmas Day, with $10 going to Kuyedza Club affiliation, $20 for provincial sports, $3 for district sports, $15 for the district tracksuit, $10 for camp upkeep, $2 for district records and $1 for Christmas carols.

In a notice posted at the police station, all police officers stationed at Kwekwe Central Police Station were told to pay the contributions without fail.

“NB: Above funds must be paid by November 30, 2016 without fail,” the notice, signed and stamped by the officer-in-charge, who could not be identified, read.

What has enraged the officers more is that the government is failing to pay them on time, yet they are forced to part with up to 15% of their salaries.

Sources said those who failed or refused to pay were warned of unspecified action, which could include transfer to rural stations if they don’t comply by end of this month.

The junior officers said this money, which is not audited or subjected to any accountability processes, was paid by each officer, except those at the level of superintendent and assistant commissioner, who collect the funds.

“This money is charged on each individual police officer, even if you don’t want to be part of Kuyedza Club or even if you don’t participate in any of the sporting activities. Even after the money is collected, there is no accountability, it is just frustrating,” he said.

Kuyedza Club is run by Police Commissioner-General, Augustine Chihuri’s wife, Isabel.

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