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Gweru to fork out $40 000 to repair mayoral mansion


GWERU City Council’s multi-bedroomed mayoral mansion, which has been lying idle since the departure of then mayor, Sesel Zvidzai in 2008, now requires at least $40 000 to fix its crumbling fittings, Southern Eye has learnt.

BY Stephen Chadenga

Town clerk, Elizabeth Gwatipedza, said council was considering leasing or selling the building instead of repairing it.

This comes amid reports that some of the infrastructure at the buildings had been vandalised.

“The initial quotation showed that $40 000 is required to make sure everything is put back in place,” she said.

“But to be honest, it would be better to deposit for a new house than to repair and maintain a building for that amount.”

Gwatipedza said the mansion was not benefitting council and that it would be better to lease or even sell it.

She, however, ruled out earlier proposals to transform the building into a lodge, saying the nature of the mansion would not make it a viable guest house.

Last year, the Judicial Services Commission approached council requesting to lease the building and use it as the seat for High Court sessions, but residents objected to the move, arguing council would not benefit from such a deal.

The mayoral mansion is one white elephant that Gweru has for years been urged to exploit, as the city’s coffers are running dry with dwindling streams to sustain the local authority’s successive budgets.

At one point, council tried to lease out the property for $3 000 per month to any interested tenants, but found no takers.

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