10 most powerful pictures this week

1-dozens of trafic police maning a roadbolck in Norton on Thursday Pic Shepherd Tozvireva
Trafic police man a roadbolck in Norton on Thursday. This image has since gone viral on social media, with Zimbabweans expressing concern over the increasing number of roadblocks.ZRP is reportedly targeting to raise $59m from roadblock fines this year. Pic Shepherd Tozvireva


1-workers filling poholes in Sunningdale yesterday (1)
Harare City Council workers patch up part of Seke Road near Sunningdale. Government has declared the state of the country’s road a disaster.


1-What country is this ...a motorists drives through a battered road on a bridge behind OK Mart in Braeside yesterday.Pic Aaron Ufumeli
A motorists drives through a battered bridge in Braeside, Harare. Zimbabwe’s roads -which have been neglected for decades- have come under intense scrutiny this rain season. Pic Aaron Ufumeli
1-Council security with help from police is continuing to use force to remove vendors. Pic Shepherd Tozvireva
Harare City Council security, with help of the Zimbabwe Republic Police force food vendors out of Harare Central Business District. The removal of food vendors – which had been sanctioned by the council with blessings from the health ministry in response to a typhoid outbreak in the city- has since been stopped by the High Court. Pic Shepherd Tozvireva
1-A vendor sells all sorts of wares at Mbare Musika bust terminus on Sunday.Pic Aaron Ufumeli
A vendor sells his wares at Mbare Musika bust terminus. President Robert Mugabe’s failed economic policies have rendered millions of Zimbabweans unemployed, with many of them resorting to vending for survival. But it is not easy being a vendor as council and police officials engage use all forms of force – often brute- to wipe out the ‘illegal vendors’ .Pic Aaron Ufumeli
1-a completly different part of Mbare musika after the Harare City council went on a clean up exercise on Sunday and yesterday.Pic Aaron Ufumeli
A part of Mbare Musika after the Harare City council carried out a clean up exercise following an outcry over the accumulation of uncollected refuse at the country’s biggest vegetable market.Pic Aaron Ufumeli
Warriors coach Kallisto Pasuwa wipes his face after his national football team arrived in Zimbabwe from the Africa Cup of Nations where the Warriors were knocked out in the first round of the tournament


HEALTH HAZARD . . . sewage flowing from a burst sewer pipe on Friday in Manyame Park, Chitungwiza
Raw sewage flows from a burst sewer pipe on in Manyame Park, Chitungwiza


The dirty Mbare Farmers’ Market car park is now home to some vagrants
Vagrants pick recyclable items  from bins at  the car park near Mbare Farmers’ Market. They resell the items to recycling companies.


Leonard Zhakata
Musician Leonard Zhakata displays the three awards he won after three songs from his last album, Mutungadzose, made it to the top three of the annual Radio Zimbabwe Top 50 charts. The awards marked a return of the veteran musician to the limelight after years of hibernation. Pic Aaron Ufumeli


  1. Great stuff indeed

  2. zim will never be collony again

    1. no it wont! there is nothing left…….

    2. It was handed over in great shape in 1980 and look at it now…Who in their right minds wants to colonise this heap of shit!

  3. Chitungwiza council must attend to that sewage as soon as possible before a disaster breaks out, they must value people’s lives ….

  4. Chitungwiza council should attend to that sewage before a disaster happens, they must value people’s lives, lets keep our country clean and health

  5. the police must ask us to kindly to donate to whatever they are fundraising for, instead of manning countless and useless roadblock on roads filled with potholes .

  6. disaster is about to happen fix the problem fast time is ticking!

  7. Aaron Ufumeli mudara wevadhara thanx for the good work. your pic on the bridge needs no more words.

  8. Mapurisa ayo unogona kufunga kuti parikuda kurohwa free kick. kkkkkkkk

  9. Pamberi neZanu, ndokutongaka uku!!

  10. Great pictures, but the caption on the first one is incorrect and borders on exaggeration. I have counted seven officers, yet the caption claims there are dozens. By implication, we should be seeing at least two dozen officers, thus twenty four. Lets uphold intergrity even in small matters.

  11. Thank you for the swift correction, but good manners and professional ettiquate demands an acknkowledgement.

  12. This is happening because of sanctions,Britain and its allies,kkkkkkkkk!

  13. We all cry blaming government, forgetting that govt is people like you. Even if we give you the chance to run you can fail as well. God is the answer guys.

    1. Usataura nezvamwari vanhu vari busy kutenga maFord Ranger evhoti.Mwari akstipa pfungwa.Zanu they are just busy looking after themselves and only a moron may not see this.How must do 350 Ford Rangers cost.It is people like LIVE who continue to justify humbavha.Mwari anobatsira anozvibatsirawo.Mubhaibheri chaimo vana vaMwari vanoenda kuhondo want when their survival is threatened. Sei vasina kuti zvaskuda mwari. .??????Mukai vana Live..

  14. Only God has justice. Let’s pray for Devine intervention from the ever living God. What is impossible with man God can do.

    1. Ana Live musangoti Mwari, Mwari pese pese mhani when you can see that this rot is an act of man. Hapana Mwari paachadzika kudenga to fix our roads, to fix burst water pipes, God works through people. We cant just fold our hands and wait for miracles to take place, we should do something then God can join our initiative

  15. Imi ma zrp murishit dzevanhu matsotsi.paroad no coment we like to hire RG and his entire cabinet or there stil blame the west about this

  16. Kkk let’s wait & see

  17. takunda tafamombe

    mupurisa handiite naye nyaya kana baba abhona vachi panyanga. even mwana wamai vangu chaiye hatiite nyaya dzinoenda kure coz they forget kuti if you put on your uniform you are still human.do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.

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