Updates from Masvingo Zanu PF conference

President Robert Mugabe

Follow the updates of the Zanu PF national conference currently underway in Masvingo.

President Robert Mugabe is ready to officially open the party’s 16th National People’s Conference, which promises to be volatile as factions continue to plot against each other in the ongoing succession wrangle.



“There is a new culture of indiscipline in the party…by those who think that they can do what they want in the party…the culture of disrespect and contempt and arrogance… I do not know what makes them behave like that.

When you are a member of the party, when you join the party,you are mature enough to know that there are rules to be obeyed.
“Others say VaMugabe hatichavada (must go), so if you no longer want me, what do you think should be done when others still love him…it does not happen that way, whether you are a detainee, a war veteran, or a long serving member of the party, we do not do that.”

“We do not address our grievances through twitter, Facebook etc…it is done by senior members, not junior
 some quarrels, we do not even know them…we see them in papers…let us not be used to feed the (private) papers,that has made them survive..the papers will die if they do not report about Zanu PF”


1400: Mugabe says party members are allowed to interrogate resolutions by provinces in order to come up with resolutions that will guide Zanu PF in 2017.

“The party remains strong..there is no doubt about it…infact, very strong and formidable…we have all our opponents frustrated…they have been floored on the ground…a lot of silly parties emerging
zvinongodzengerera sezvitoto chinoti ukachitswanyira kumadziro chobva chaparara (they are confused…like insects, once you crush it, it dies)….the parties continue to reproduce, but (are) devoid of practical ideas to transform the country…(they have) no idea how to transform the economy…externally, countries that have been hostile to us, and all this time expected that Zanu Pf and the Zanu Pf government shall (sic) listen to them, and that there shall be regime change, (they) have failed to achieve that…there has not been regime change and there shall not be regime change.”


13:40 As Mugabe goes to the podium to make his address, he complains about poor Public Address system,  “Nhai vakomana, chii chaakuitika,” and as the system is being attended to, delegates burst into song.

The PA system has been fixed and Mugabe starts his speech, in a rather predictable way, urging the spirit of unity in the fractious party.
“The spirit that used to guide states during the liberation struggle should continue going forward… as delegates we are expected to debate and profer solutions to several areas such as mining. farming etc …we are anticipating robust, frank and informed presentations and delegates subsequent discussions…all delegates are expected participate in the confernce on one way ot the other…the conference shld also look into to the state of the party in the just ending year


13:25. Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, who is on the podium to introduce Mugabe, tells delegates the meeting is an ordinary conference, and not an elective congress, and that it will discuss performance of party and government. Mphoko- believed to be of the G40 faction- attacks ‘factionalists’ as ‘counter revolutionary and enemies of unity’.
“Zanu PF has a line of command which should be respected,” he says.

13:00Interestingly, despite the expected 7000 delegates, there is a generally low turnout, and some parts of the tent have empty chairs as Mugabe is about to make his address.zanu-pf-congress


Divisions in the party continue to widen as delegates sing songs that are loaded with undertones and both subtle and open references to rival factions.

As Mugabe is being introduced to the delegates Masvingo sent a clear message through their song…”kumagumo kune nyaya..” while Midlands sings “havambonyura” in apparent reference to the fight for succession as Mugabe’s reign appears to be on its sunset.

Updates from Elias Mambo and Everson Mushava in Masvingo.
Editing by Tapiwa Zivira


  1. that old mugabe should resign, he is too old to rule zimbabwe, he is the very reason why zimbabweans are scattered all over the world. Pliz Mr Mugabe if you really care about zimbabweans step down, you are too old Bhobho. you shld be playing the advisory to another president, look at the former president and late Mr Mandela. He fought for freedom like what you did, he resigned and gave room for fresh minds……….why cant you do the same…… look SA is now the best country in Africa yet they once relied on us. zim are scattered all over SA. mUGABE UNORWADZISA

  2. then yu should vote him out, if you continue allow them vote for him, then its a sign that even you, still want him

  3. You are very right and straight to the point JR register and vote otherwise it is best for some not to say a thing.

  4. Mugabe does not thrive out of his political mastery but due to his opposers’ misguided political interception. Had there been a conformed opposition, his leadership would have been done and dusted.

  5. If Mugabe succeeds to remain in leadership until the next election in 2018, Mugabe will win the election. Whatever is happening now in our beloved country, economically, is more than enough to push Mugabe out of power. Zimbabweans have to understand that at least one person has to take over leadership and compromises have to be made, no matter how painful these will be. It is not impossible for team Lacoste and G40 to sit down and have tete a tete about a new political dispensation. It is not impossible for ZANUPF (excluding Mugabe), MDCs, ZPF, PDP, security forces, etc. to hold board-like meetings, to make very painful compromises, to agree on transitional and compromise leadership, to agree on constitutional changes to be made during transitional period, and to agree on a time when a fair election can be held. No one believed that Donald Trump could win US election. No one should doubt that Zimbabwe can rise again. Mugabe is a common enemy who does not care about anybody. He does not even care about Bona, Grace or anyone else for that matter. Fears of what will happen to those who are close to him when he leaves power, is what is keeping him in power. Those fears are the ones which the board-like meetings I have mentioned above could address and a strong and well-grounded commitment to “no-revenge” established. It can happen now! Mugabe is not indispensable.

    1. Andrew usanyepere vanhu mhani. Mudhara havana kwavanoenda. Takamira navo zvakaoma kudaro.

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