Soul Jah Love gets ‘healing touch’ from Magaya


PROLIFIC Zimdancehall chanter, Soul Jah Love’s manager, Wadis Bimha yesterday said the musician was on his way to full recovery after he was attended to by Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder, Walter Magaya at a recent church service in Harare.


PHD Ministries leader Walter Magaya (left) prays for Soul Jah Love
PHD Ministries leader Walter Magaya (left) prays for Soul Jah Love

Soul Jah Love was spotted in the prayer line sitting in a wheelchair at the church service with the preacher praying for him.

Bimha yesterday said the singer was “healed” following the prayer and dismissed reports on social media that his leg was set to be amputated after it had deteriorated due to diabetes.

“He is now walking. God is good. We thank God for helping him (Soul Jah Love) through Magaya,” he said.

Bimha said the wheelchair does not mean Soul Jah Love was unable to walk, but was to ensure he did not disturb the leg, as part of efforts to ensure his speedy recovery.

The musician defied the odds last weekend when he put up a spirited performance while in a wheelchair at the Zark Cigarette launch party at Alexandra Sports Club in Harare.

Bimha had initially said the musician was recovering at his home, where he was being attended to by a team of private doctors working with foreign experts.

“Soul Jah Love is good. He is receiving medical attention from a private doctor and is recovering at his residence.
His leg is there. It has not been amputated,” Bimha said.

“This injury was overlooked after the accident because we were just happy to see him healing quickly. What was missed is that he actually had a deep wound, which was more complicated and it surfaced later.”

Bimha said the chanter was well on his road to recovery ahead of his forthcoming United Kingdom tour, where he would receive further medical treatment.

“We have already made arrangements prior to him being hospitalised for treatment when he goes on his UK tour. They have some of the best doctors in the world and he is still going to see them even though he is now well,” he said.


  1. Another Haux from Papa ,vaMagaya kuda mbiri kwenyu uku,why seek international Doctors if you are healed ? why have a plethora of private doctors if you are healed ?kkkkkkkkkk Bvunzwa Tinzwe.

  2. Wainyanya kupembedza vanhu vauraya nyika god fine kuda mari vamwe tichitambura pakaipa enda ku sssss house get hl soon uimbe choked

  3. Instead of facing the monster head on, you cowards keep saying God will protect you/Mwari pindirai. Utter rubbish. Zimbabwe is not the only country in strife. God, if he or she is there, would prioritise Syria and Iraq. Unfortunately hakuna zvakadaro. Chinguri makabvirira “Mwari pindirai”, anopindira riini? Madununu.

  4. God z with yu soul Mwari vakasimudza iwe mumhuri menyu vakaona kutambura kwako kubvira mukukura kwako but iva nekutenda utendeuke unamate mwari mumweya nemuzvokwadi GOD loves you

  5. get well soon chibabababababababaab…………………….mangoma haumbonyora unoita zvekurotswa big up television ting

  6. Prophecy: Soul-Jah Love to heal completely in 3 weeks’ time

    “When Prophet W. Magaya touched me things changed. The bandage that is on my leg is only their on a healing wound. I had gone for 2 weeks unable to walk or stand. My big toe started swelling and I visited 24Hour Clinic. Upon a diagnosis by the doctors they injected my swollen leg and puss started oozing out.

    According to them my leg was swelling due to the rotting and puss that was building inside even though without much pain” said Soul-Jah Love during our Sunday service today 18th December 2016.

    He was advised to visit Harare Hospital which he did and the doctors would treat the wound without any diagnosis.He requested a transfer letter to a better hospital as his work schedule was being affected. A friend of him though full of fear invited him to PHD Ministries for healing and he took heed of the advice. Today during the Sunday service (18th December 2016), he apologised for the words he spoke against Prophet W. Magaya and other men of God. “Both my legs were swollen and I could not walk and neither could I visit the toilet to relieve myself such that I was using a bucket. I was not able to eat and neither could I wear shoes”, said Soul-Jah Love.

    The first Sunday that he came he felt as if he was wasting time in church. He was invited to attend the Monday special service for International, Regional and Domestic visitors of which he came. It was before the start of the service that he got angered by what was happening and drove off. On their way one of their cars ran out of fuel and that made him realise that it could be God’s way to bring him back for his testimony time.

    Again, during the visitors’ service he felt as if his time was being wasted by waiting. He decided to go out but suddenly heavy rains started pouring just as he was about to reach the exit door, thus he went back and sat down. Soon after seating down, both his legs started swelling up as usual. He felt the process was taking too long such that he ended up feeling agitated. It was during Voice anointing that he noticed puss oozing out of his foot and that gave him hope to indicate that something worthwhile was now happening. This happened before the anointed Servant of God Prophet W. Magaya had laid hands or even touched him.

    Later on he was laid hands upon by Prophet W. Magaya several times but he still felt it wasn’t good enough until Prophet W. Magaya walked back to him, lifted him by his hand and he started walking on his own immediately. Since that Monday 12th December 2016 he has never gone back to the wheelchair again and neither are his legs still swelling. He is no longer bed ridden and life has been restored to him for the glory of God Almighty.

    We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.

  7. Themba

    May The Good Lord Bless You Soul Jah Love. I yam Praying for a Quick Recovery & go back to the stage. I am one of your funs.

    Mwari Pindirai

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