MDC prepares for congress, maintains it is alive

MDC leader Welshman Ncube

THE MDC led by Welshman Ncube says it still exists and has been vigorously reviving its structures across the country in preparation for the 2018 elections and the on-going coalition talks with other parties.


MDC deputy spokesperson, Mbuso Siso told Southern Eye yesterday that its critics assumed that the party no longer existed after its debilitating loss in the 2013 elections.

“Many people think that since the 2013 elections our party has died,” he said. “The truth is that the party is still alive and our membership is now booming, as we prepare for the 2018 elections and prepare ourselves for the coalition with other opposition parties.”

Senior officials, among them former National Healing and Reconciliation minister Moses Mzila Ndlovu, have quit the party in recent months.

But Siso said since January, the party has been going around confirming its district structures.

He said, according to their assessment of structures, most of the members, who were reported to have left the party with Ndlovu, were in fact still members.

“We conducted district structure confirmations. Every structure of the party must have representatives, as the pillars of the party,” Siso said.

He said the latest confirmation of structures was done in Bulawayo.

“The structures confirmation was meant to assess the strength of the party since there has been a claim that the party has become weaker. What we proved is that the party is getting stronger and is alive instead,” Siso said.

He said MDC is preparing for an elective congress next year on dates yet to be confirmed.

“We are a democratic party, which believes that people should elect their leaders and through congress we will go through that process,” Siso said.

He then lashed out at the Zanu PF government, saying it had failed to run the country.

“It is clear that this government has failed implementing its promises,” Siso said.

“As the government continues to stifle dissent, by crushing protests, it shows that Zanu PF is not yet ready to listen to the people. If people are not allowed to say what they want, then the country is far from democracy.”


  1. Coming back from where ? You seem to suggest primitive big brother attitude. We are a democratic think tank party ,we don’t require a notice to you coward nowako who always hide your true correct name. You are the confused because you don’t understand democracy. You bite your mothers’ breast ,how do you expect to continue getting feeding milk.
    Shut your mouth if you don’t understand how our party operate.

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