Keep calm: Tsvangirai tells members

MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has urged party members to stop panicking over positions, as he pursues a coalition with other opposition forces.


Tsvangirai, who vowed to fight Zanu PF in the same manner he was doing to cancer, told the MDC-T Harare leadership on Wednesday that he was confident of winning the 2018 elections and urged supporters to prepare for a post-President Robert Mugabe era.

“Some have said the MDC-T has a post-election plan of how to take this country forward. Today, I want to run you through our major areas of focus if we form the next government,” he said.

“I want to say that I am looking very healthy. If we can beat cancer, we can beat Zanu PF.”

Turning to the coalition, Tsvangirai said it was not through desperation that he was extending an olive branch to other parties, but for strategic purposes.

“We made a resolution that in order to get rid of the Zanu PF menace, we have to work with other political parties and form an alliance. It’s not out of desperation, but out of strategic considerations. There will be others who will say we can do it alone as MDC-T, but let me tell you one thing: The challenge is not winning an election, but the challenge is to have transfer of power,” he said.

“There are certain ingredients that you need to bring in so that everyone can feel confident. Those who are advocating for change and those who are resisting change know very well that change is uncertain. Because it is uncertain, we need to create conditions that every Zimbabwean can feel safe in a new political configuration, but I know it’s a very difficult process.”

Tsvangirai said his new administration would deal decisively with corruption, as he exonerated his own family members from alleged graft at Harare City Council.

“I want to warn, in the same vein, the Harare City Council that they must deal decisively with this cancer both among the councillors and among the staff at Town House,” he said. “This party doesn’t tolerate corruption.
Several years ago we had to fire all Chitungwiza councillors because of corruption. Harare, you are warned.”
Tsvangirai said the party must be different from the “thieving” Zanu PF, where officials have plundered national resources without shame.


  1. Hezvo ko zvamakamboti hamuende kuma elections pasina ma electoral reforms gara zviya avapo here .. am lost i think

  2. Such optimistic sentiments should not be unilaterally declared. We need to hear your opposition counterparts on the other end reciprocate to ignite hope on the divergent supporters. Opposition leaders should hold a no holds barred forum on this subject and refuse to be subdued to unnecessary hullabaloos by their subordinates. Unless the top leadership gets bold enough to strategize, we shall keep receiving contradicting sentiments from various uncertified sources and eventual crumble of your coalition efforts if any.

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