Deputy school head to hang for murder


A 46-YEAR-OLD Murewa school deputy head, who raped and killed a 14-year-old pupil in a bid to destroy evidence, has been sentenced to hang for murder.


Bernard Chivengwa, of Nyamhondoro Primary School, was sentenced last week by High Court judge, Justice Happius Zhou.

The judge sentenced Chivengwa to death after failing to find extenuating circumstances in a matter in which he abducted and killed Vaidah Mubaiwa of Dzapasi Village, Chief Mangwende in Murewa, on October 17 last year.

Prior to her death, Chivengwa had been lined up as a State witness in a rape matter in which she was to give evidence against Mubaiwa, who had sexually attacked her during the same year. The trial was to be conducted on November 16, 2015, but Mubaiwa waylaid, abducted and killed her before the trial date.

State prosecutor, Austin Muziwi presented that Chivengwa appeared at the Murewa Regional Magistrates’ Court on September 30, 2015 for trial on a rape charge and was warned to attend court on November 16 together with Mubaiwa.

On October 17, the court heard, Chivengwa attempted to ambush Mubaiwa, who was alone at home, in a bid to abduct her, but the latter escaped and proceeded to report to Mubaiwa’s mother, Maud, who was her neighbour. Maud is then said to have instructed two girls to go and verify the identity of the alleged abductor and they discovered it was Chivengwa, who, at the time, had hidden in a storm drain.

On the same day at around 6:30pm, Mubaiwa, while in the company of Chengetai and Shantel Chivengwa, decided to go back home and secure her doors, but when she went to the bathroom at the back of the house, Chivengwa grabbed her in full view of Chengetai and Shantel and dragged her away.

After identifying their uncle as the abductor, the two girls rushed back home screaming and reported to Maud that Mubaiwa had been abducted by Chivengwa.

Courage Chipuriro discovered Mubaiwa’s body the following day dumped in a gumtree plantation.

The matter was reported to police and when the detectives arrested Chivengwa, they discovered that the shoe prints at the murder scene were similar to those of the shoes he was wearing.


  1. what a sick man! this is why the death penalty should stay.i hope he pee peed his pants when sentence was delivered.scum nxaa

    • Wezhira you have said my thoughts. This man sound sick to the brain. a normal person could have realized that a rape charge was lesser than murder. And this senior educator chose to have both charges at the same time.

  2. Please Mr Editor, you need proof readers. There are lots of names mixed up. If any of your staff claim to have proof-read it then fire them.

  3. This young girl was not given enough protection from this madman, no one did anything despite all what was happening. I blame the school,the community,the parents and the police.

  4. he is mentally unstable uyu, he has a slight psychological misalignment, that he cn pass 4 a normal being on occasions, frequent bouts of instability are not surprising.i am doing a study on headmasters in zim, quite a number of them are narcisistic, ministry of education, instead of weeding out these elements, transfers and rotates them, thereby puting at risk more pupils,at the mercy of these psychopaths.

  5. @Wezh@Africanson, I echo your sentiments. The way he was doing his things, this man is sick. Trying to abduct then come again and even after being spotted you continue with the mission and go ahead killing the victim. He should have been examined by doctors.

  6. Whether sick or not….you take someone’s life…yours will be taken. He had committed a griveous offense already…an educated person…he knew what he was doing after all!!
    No mercy!!

  7. This Maud character was inept! She absolutely failed her daughter. There is more to be said about her role in this.

  8. Badly written story. Not clear. For example, the fourth paragraph says “Prior to her death, Mubaiwa had been lined up as a state witness in a rape matter in which she was to give evidence against Mubaiwa, who had sexually attacked her the same year. The trial was to be conducted on November 16, 2015, but Mubaiwa waylaid, abducted and killed her before the trial date.

    How could Mubaiwa, the victim, give evidence against herself and how could Mubaiwa waylay and abduct herself.

    Was’nt Mubaiwa supposed to give evidence against Chiwengwa and was’nt it Chiwengwa who abducted and killed Mubaiwa before the trial date.

    Reporters should double check their scripts and Sub Editors should proof read before sending stories to the printing section

  9. Whether accused is mentally stable or not his actions ar disgusting nd unfit to mingle wth decent society.He jus hang thts if he is not a zanu member cz soon he wil realeased.

  10. Am tempted to believ the mother of the victim was benefiting somthng from this teacher. She myt have been getting groceries in return until the case came up as Rape and she wldnt act in any way to protect or report tht the victim was being stalked

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