Mugabe grills Kasukuwere over Magaya

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday savaged Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere (pictured) for allegedly parcelling out State land earmarked for youths to individuals such as Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) founder, Walter Magaya among others.


Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere
Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere

Mugabe, while greeting members of the Zanu PF politburo before their meeting, confronted Kasukuwere about the alleged parcelling out of land to Magaya and several ruling party youths loyal to him.

Kasukuwere tried to draw closer to Mugabe, who appeared agitated and kept on interrogating him.

“How are you handling the youths issue? I hear you sold the land to Magaya?” Mugabe asked a visibly shocked Kasukuwere.

The Zanu PF national commissar tried to distance himself from the deal.

“I am the minister responsible. They (media) had nothing to write,” Kasukuwere said.

But Mugabe was not convinced and further interrogated a shaken Kasukuwere.

“No! No! No! You sold the land. I still believe you sold the land,” the 92-year-old leader said, as he walked away, leaving Kasukuwere still in disbelief.

Zanu PF, through Kasukuwere and the youth league, has launched a programme meant to dish out land to ruling party youths.

But it has emerged that Kasukuwere and several party officials aligned to him were allegedly selling the stands and lining their pockets, raising Mugabe’s ire.

Among those suspected to have benefited from the alleged scam are Magaya, Harare South MP, Shadreck Mashayamombe, Kuwadzana MP, Betty Kaseke and Kasukuwere’s younger brother, Tongai among several others.

Kasukuwere is reportedly a key member of the G40 faction in Zanu PF fighting to stop Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa from succeeding Mugabe.

Zanu PF has been dishing out land to youths in urban areas ahead of the 2018 elections.

Most of the people benefitting from the stands were reportedly aligned to the G40 faction.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo said Mugabe, had urged party members to be vigilant and counter anti-government protests organised by opposition parties.

“In his opening remarks, the President spoke about the demonstrations being spearheaded by the opposition. He said the party should formulate strategies to counter the opposition. He said the opposition is doing this in belief that they can force Zanu PF into a government of national unity. They will be no government of national unity when Zanu PF was voted overwhelmingly and has the mandate,” he said.


  1. Ya Saviour I see your curtain coming down. Gushungo is certainly informed on this one.

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    1. And whats your contact details Anna

    2. Whats your number Anna

  3. Prophet Magaya is not part of any land scam,it was done above board and the land will be benefiting a lot of people.

  4. Kasukuwere’s real problems with sekuru are not connected to land sagas at all but the recent Tsenengamu revelations that he (Kasukuwere) is a pretender and does not like the First family at all.

    1. A case of sour grapes on the part of Tsenengamu.

    2. That is what I call correct observation. Tsenengamu was very factual. After hearing what he Tsenengamu said, anyone would stop and think twice…..In life its very easy to support people who will stab you once an opportunity avails.

  5. Zvasekuru hazvichatevedzegwi.I one time heard him scream at masimirembwa n promised him prison.masimirembwa just lufd him off.I herd him scream about missing diamonds,$15b ,stil nothing.sekuru havachatevedzegwi.full of sound and fury signifying zero.

  6. 92 yrs old its like 2yrs zorodzai sekuru

  7. No permanent relationship in Politics ,hezvoko Kasukuwere

  8. No permanent relationship in Politics ,hezvoko Kasukuwere pakaipa , kushandisa mudhara kuba

  9. kana wadzingwa kuno ku mash ncentral hausvike .people first will deal with you

  10. a former minister kasukuwere was bitten up by an angry mob in hurungwe where he had gone to visit his former friend and former enemy Mliswa, to ask him how he got over the divorce with Mugabe/zanu newspaper reports in ten months time

  11. Katsukuviri must choose what you want to chase first . Do u want money or power.? Coz u are making a lot of mistakes my boy! Uchazviruza zvose


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  14. There is nothing to be vigilant about comrade Chombo.People are just exercising their constitutional rights to protest as enshrined in the Zimbabwean constitution.If there is anything that you should do,it is to look at the people’s grievances and finding lasting solutions, which in my own opinion it is a snow ball’s chance in hell.Besides that any form of counter attack tactics against the hungry and jobless population will backfire with disastrous consequences to the leadership of Zanu pf and its cronies.Everything comes to an end albeit with different results.Zanu pf over the past years has thrived on intimidation,brutality and killing of anyone who has a different ideology to theirs.But you can never sustain that for ever.its a natural phenomenon. You can never defy nature.Watch the space as things unfold

  15. This is another example of how poor a leader Mugabe is.

    If he was concerned about the activities of one of his ministers, he should call the minister to his office and ask those questions. Let the minister also prepare and not be confronted just before a meeting. What kind of answers does Mugabe expect?

    This is very poor management.

  16. I will not be suprised to see Kasukuwere tranfered to another portfolio…thats how the corrupt ones are treated in our revolutionary party.

  17. Magaya must also BE questioned I suspect he oiled this young minister, in order to get the land and this is how KASUKUVIRI IS FINANCING HIS PROJECTS . EASY BATAI MUNHU MUDHARA

  18. What bothers me is the question (it may be a redundant question in that the answer should be obvious): Since when does a political party have the authority to parcel out State land to its loyalists? These guys are running (or is it ruining) the country like its their fiefdom. This money is not going into the treasury, surely! Or were the “youthies” being given land with generous terms, or no terms at all.

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  20. The only problem with our leader is that these crooks are way ahead of him, they have destroyed the country-Kasukwere is said to have pocketed millions during his tenure at the Indiginisation Ministry.
    I m shocked that the old man can not smell the coffee, they are the reason for all this unrest. If a proper audit was to be done by those with clean hands- I don’t know were to get them from-Kasukuwere, Chombo, Obert Mpofu would definitely top the list of the most corrupt people in the world.
    The land scam be it in Bulawayo -Gweru or any other place in Zimbabwe, the beneficiaries of this land are same corrupt developers-my warning is one day you will be answerable to the almighty and to the people of this land.

  21. The land sold to Prophet Magaya was going to benefit everyone.its different from the zanu pf youths who are just grabbing land for their benefits.Take NOTE,the land was sold to the Man Of God not given for free.It was actually a wise idea as it was benefiting a lot of people rather than few individuals.MBIRI KUNA JESU!!!!!!

  22. This so-called “president” is a huge joke. Worried about vacant land? What about summoning Undenge and quizzing him about the rot at Zesa? Still behaving like a primary school teacher, eh? Penny wise, $15b foolish kkkkk

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  25. rega tife tichiroja zveduisu…

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  27. Let ur light shine unto men that they see ur greatness Mighty God u are wonderful.
    him Prophet W Magaya

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  28. This Is what killing Our country. Someone let to do a job in his own capacity as a minister. Is the minister working at his own capacity, with no any monitoring mechanism. Where are the organs under his ministries entrusted with those duties. Is he not the one supposed to monitor those organs. How do You work. They are their own bosses. They are used to it. They dont want to account unless they are asked.

  29. You are my prophet ,my father ,my mentor.Whatever they say.


  31. yakatengwa nhai kwete kungotorwa?koo mapurazi amakangotora,,mombe nezvinhu zvakangopambwa paye muna 2000 makambobvunzavo here Mr President?ZVASIYANA

  32. There is so much land in Zimbabwe that the President can order Kasukuwere to allocate to his party minions so I don’t see why he is insisting on this particular land that has already been sold to Prophet Magaya. Besides it is not right for the President to give free land to his supporters, if he wants to give them land he should buy the land first. The land that Prophet Magaya bought is going to benefit many people who otherwise would not afford to get mortgage loans from the banks and it is not on partisan grounds.

  33. Brutus The Scorpion

    Connect the dots. The problem is not about Kasukuwere selling land. These things have always happened. The real issue is the Tsenengamu Revelations which portray as holding a spear against the first family, most importantly, you cannot cross paths with Dr Amai and survive. Usatambe iwe. People forget that the real president is Dr Amai and not Cde Mugabe.

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