MMCZ bosses up for $600 000 fraud


Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) acting general manager, Richard Chingodza (41), and his deputy, Hannan Tongai Chitate (35), appeared in court yesterday facing fraud allegations involving more than $600 000.


Chingodza and Chitate were granted $5 000 bail each by Harare magistrate Bianca Makwande, who ordered them to surrender their passports, not to interfere with State witnesses and report every Friday at CID Serious Fraud, Harare Central Police Station.

They were remanded to September 12.

The complainant in the matter is the MMCZ chairperson, Francis Gudyanga, who is also the permanent secretary in the ministry of mines and mining development.

Chingodza, who is the deputy general manager (administration), had been acting general manager from November 2011 to June this year.
Chitate is the finance manager and also used to act as deputy general manager during the same period.

The State alleges the MMCZ reporting structure is that Chingodza reports directly to the permanent secretary, while Chitate reports to him.

The State further alleges that all MMCZ employees require approval from their superiors whenever applying for loans.

Allegations are that contrary to their duties and without following procedures, Chingodza and Chitate, acting in connivance, fraudulently awarded themselves acting, education, long service and backpay allowances and loans totalling $625 226,88 from June 2013 to April 19 this year.

The State alleges Chingodza directly benefited $390 985,69 from the scam. The money was directly deposited into his CBZ bank account, while Chitate received

$234 241,19, which was deposited into his MBCA Bank account, and nothing was recovered.

Sebastian Mutizirwa appeared for the State.


  1. This is actually nonsense, these guys are being persecuted for exposing the perm sec and now he is trying to teach them a lesson. The MMCZ is actually the best run state enterprise in Zim because of Chingodza and they want to remove the few honest civil servants to promote corruption!!

  2. Gudyanga is trying to cover himself. If he had not been put to task over his administration these guys were never going to be exposed.

  3. June 2013 to date?Where was the perm sec all along?He too or he alone must hit the road for gross incompetence.

  4. Gudyanga is blaming these guys to distract the people from the main issues. He is a board chair in 3 parastatals and had no time talking to these guys. He must leave these guys alone and tell us where he banked the $15 billion. He sold diamonds to his Dubai company and paid for his farm improvements from MMCZ funds. These managers are victims of the corrupt Gudyanga. Chingodza and team made MMCZ the only parastatal worth talking of in Zimbabwe. If you stop these corrupt people you will be taken off the way. Wait and see as the boot lickers are put in place!

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