Kwekwe mayor, MP in public spat

Masango Matambanadzo

KWEKWE Central Member of Parliament Masango Matambanadzo allegedly caused a stir at Town House yesterday when he teamed up with illegal city vendors and stormed a council strategic meeting, threatening to beat up town clerk, Emmanuel Musara.



The vendors were protesting against council’s move to unleash municipal police on them.

They accused council police of beating them up and confiscating their wares.

Matambanadzo later engaged in a public spat with mayor, Matenda Madzoke after the latter tried to intervene and defuse the tension.

“You are dodging the concerns of vendors as council. The vendors voted you into power and, therefore, you must give them an ear instead of chasing them away,” the Zanu PF MP said, as he charged towards Madzoke.

“Remember you are just a mayor, you are a councillor, a ceremonial mayor. You won through my ticket and you have reduced me here. I was listening when you were talking and now you must keep quiet.”

This was after Madzoke had requested the vendors to clear the public gallery and let their representatives meet council officials.
Madzoke accused Matambanadzo of fomenting chaos instead of being a leader who builds bridges.

“The MP should have come to council for dialogue than to create chaos. We were chosen by the people to maintain order using council by-laws, which you, as MP, were part to their formulation. You formulate, we implement,” he said.

MDC-T councillors walked out of the meeting, saying it had been turned into a Zanu PF session.

“We are not part of this, this is a Zanu PF meeting. We have no reason to be here,” Councillor Mbekezeli Ndlovu of the MDC-T, said.


  1. His picture alone can not make the public believe it is a true story. why didnt you picture him teaming up with illegal city vendors and storming a council strategic meeting, threatening to beat up town clerk? This means this report is not based on real facts but information from biased sources.

  2. this guy called blackman thinks that he is a super minister always out to cause despondency and noise.courtesy of his kindergatten education wc among other things contributes to social chaos emanating from intellectual deficiency,mental narrowness and rigidity of the mayor please pay your impoverished workers on the vendors ,go and show your ignorance at zanu pf hq and demand 2,2 million decent jobs

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  3. Ah! of course what one should expect from a primary school drop out.May be he was selected to stand for that constituency because he used to beat Zanu pf’s political opponents.

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