ZFU urges youths to venture into agriprenuership


The Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union (ZFU) has called on Zimbabweans youths to venture into agriculture to create employment and ensure food security to the growing population.


Agriculture water spray

Speaking at the fourth Annual Youth Agriprenuership summit yesterday, ZFU executive director Paul Zachariya said youths should rise and confront the challenges of unemployment, food insecurity and poverty by venturing into “agriprenuership”.

Agriprenuership is a combination of agriculture and entrepreneurship.

“It is fool-hardy for any Zimbabwean youth at this stage to sit, mourn and resign to fate. The need to summon all the energy into agriprenuership is critical in order to tackle the deep-seated challenges of food insecurity and unemployment,” Zachariya said.

He said the increasing population will greatly compromise food security, hence, more food production should start immediately.

“What has become more worrisome is the rapid increase in population which will greatly compromise the nation and furthermore household food security,” Zachariya said.

He said the challenges presented by climate change required innovative solutions, technology and joint effort from stakeholders in supporting youths to deal with the prevailing economic pressure.

One of the young farmers who participated in the summit said hunger and unemployment in an abundantly rich nation like Zimbabwe was only an issue of negligence.

“Hunger and unemployment in a nation endowed with abundant natural resources should be viewed as a result of negligence and it lies within us to put in place policies and logistics that eradicate such,” the participant said.