ZETDC seeks to recoup $1bn debt in revenue collection

THE Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) is intensifying its revenue collection to recover close to $1 billion owed by consumers.



The development comes after the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) rejected a request by Zesa Holdings to increase tariffs by 49%.

Zera said the average power charge should remain at 9,86 cents per kilowatt hour.
ZETDC yesterday said it was intensifying revenue collection efforts in order to maintain the prevailing stable power supplies.

“To that end, ZETDC would like to advise all customers in arrears to pay up their bills immediately or approach our customer service centre with workable payment plans to avoid the inconveniences associated with withdrawal of supplies,” the energy company said in a statement.

“ZETDC is committed to maintaining the prevailing reliable power supply situation, which is only being made possible by stable local generation and prepaid power imports. ZETDC urges all defaulting customers to pay their bills on time to avoid the inconvenience of disconnection. All defaulters who do not respond will be handed over to our lawyers for collection.”

The power utility has close to 500 000 of its customers on prepaid meters and about 100 000 still on post-paid meter system.

Some of the projects Zesa is working on include the expansion of Kariba South and Hwange power stations, installation of the Dema diesel emergency power plant and the Mutare peaking plant. There were also efforts to repower Munyati, Harare and Bulawayo power stations.

The debt has also reportedly stalled expansion projects at Kariba and Hwange Power Station, which are meant to boost power generation and reduce load-shedding.

Zimbabwe produces 1 203 megawatts (MW) of electricity against a local demand of 1 950MW.


  1. Patriotic Zimbabwean

    No no no guys hazvidi hasha, tell us the truth its not about the outstanding debt, we heard from very reliable sources that you want to collect all those dues before the introduction of bond notes. Why should you be that skeptical about the bond notes as if u are an opposition political party. It is unacceptable to unnecessarily pull the momentum the businesses was beginning to enjoy guys. If a customer is on prepaid plan why withdrawing supplies coz each time they recharge you collect 40% of payment being made. Having confidence in the turn around efforts being made by our political leaders is very important especially if it to starts at the level of service institutions like ZESA. Ratepayers and businesses are hard pressed guys, its very cold out there.

    1. There are many business people, politicians, others people of high authority & businesses alike who are still on post paid meters and with very huge debts and are not keen on repaying their debts. If these guys paid all their dues then am sure Zesa would not be crying like they are doing now

  2. Progressive Zimbabwean

    This is a very irresponsible and insensitive move especially for consumers who are already parting with 40% towards debt repayment each time they pay for their electricity. Households and businesses are struggling and they are paying a significant amount towards their debts. In fact most consumers are surprisingly realising that despite the fact that 40% is going towards debt repayments they are still paying less than 50% of what they were being billed. What this means is simply that most debts are very much inflated. In fact this is a matter that requires thorough investigation.

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