Video: Police throw teargas in kombi


A video circulating on social media- seemingly taken during Wednesday’s demonstrations- appears to show a commuter omnibus filled with tear smoke driving off from a street corner surrounded by dozens of anti-riot police. People are seen to be jumping off the minibus.

Our reader, Kumbirai Chibaya-Tkcee Shonha, told NewsDay via Facebook, “it happened at the corner of Nelson Mandela Avenue and Rezende Street, where (commuter omnibuses to) Mount Pleasant park, opposite Choppies Supermarket. It was something else. The kombi was full of people ready to go. That (is) when the police threw teargas canisters inside the kombi. People cried, but the police celebrated. They just wanted to disperse the people by any means. Indeed they succeeded. Some jumped off the moving kombi.”


  1. What the heck is wrong with ZRP? Policing has gone right through the window. Imagine mapurisa creating a situation where ordinary people (citizens) could have been seriously injured, or worse. ONLY IN ZIMBA

    • It is a rotten core (from top to bottom). Zvichatinetsa kugadzirisa when the time comes. In many parts of the world, all those mapurisa would by now be suspended and under ‘criminal’ investigation.

    • did u see how the US police dealt with Ferguson demoS AND #wallstreetmustfall?, UK cops dealt with London riots and how they even blocked BBM? Its not only ZRP. Marikana? Tshwane riots?

  2. Hey hey do these police know kuti one can die from inhaling those tear gas fumes. I am sure as we are speaking there must be casualities to that. People having to jump off a moving kombi please ndapota that is barbaric act at its best by the police. Tear gas should not be thrown in such a confined place, a vehicle. It is the police who disrupt peaceful demonstrations and result in hooligans joining in and looting.

  3. The general narrative being create lately is that people would be seated or peacefully walking and then ZRP arrives with button sticks and mash them up and and when their arms hurt from beating up this innocent, peace loving, non looting, arson hating citizens then they start throwing teargas and afterwards go to Morris Depot and pat themselves on the back for a job well done and they start again the following day randomly.

  4. Dont compare peacefull marches with violent Marikana where protesters opened fire at police. In Harare we see police just provoking peaceful marchers so as to create an incident. Why not just allow them march and then give their petition.

  5. We tried voting them out; they rigged. In fact, they told us themselves, a few years back, that they cannot be removed from power with a simple “X,” that they will rule “until donkeys grow horns”. The opposition parties have offered to talk peacefully with them; they have been ignored. We have tried peaceful demonstrations; they have responded with banning and/or violent suppression. Meanwhile the economy continues to spiral downwards.

    Slowly, we will unwillingly come to accept that a time comes when a nation, having exhausted all other channels, must to stop running and dodging, stand its ground and defend itself, its rights and its future. That time is almost upon us; the youth have begun to herald its arrival. The donkeys’ ears are beginning to look like horns…

  6. Regai vanhu varove zvimapurisa izvi kudzorera taneta nevanhu veZANU Pfutseki ava. My message kumapurisa is you shall die for nothing. Government has no money.

  7. No mater what rubbish you write, the bottom line is that the police action are lawful and are supported by the majority peace loving Zimbabweans. This few thugs who you want to cover up for their
    violent acts are no more less like you gutter journalist who are sponsored to eat and fart a the expense of our freedom.

  8. @che gueverre as youth we did what we can to peacefully demonstrate but the stupid Police decended to us using teagas and all sorts of violence. Is this what you call lawful
    Action .KWANA IWE.

  9. The time has come to stand up and fight my countrymen, innocent people were hurt by these rabid dogs ZRP. Rise up my people and lets destroy this evil which has made us suffer so much forever!

  10. che gueverre you are a disgrace to your countrymen. we are suffering and it’s a good job to you.. ZRP beating and spraying innocent vendors! you are crazy, cruel and blind!

  11. My first job out of High School was at St Paul and over the next 5 years Iearned so very much. Seeing the hospital torn down tears a small piece of my heart out. The Daughters of Charity and the doctors and staff of St Paul Hospital will always be with me……
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