Senior AFM pastor faces 5 counts of rape


A PROMINENT Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Harare pastor, Oliver Makomo, attached at Springvale, Ruwa assembly, was yesterday taken to court on allegations of raping a 22-year-old congregant.



Makomo appeared before magistrate Tendai Mahwe and was released on $100 bail with reporting conditions. He was charged with four counts of rape and one of indecent assault and will be back in court on September 8.

The State alleges that the alleged victim, who resides in Hatcliffe, was Makomo’s congregant since 2012.

It is alleged that sometime in 2012, Makomo approached the girl, who was then working at a local supermarket as a till operator, and asked for her phone number.

The two started communicating and on one occasion, the complainant, who had nose-bleeding problems, called Makomo for prayers.

According to prosecutors, Makomo invited her to his office where he prayed for her.

Makomo then allegedly closed the door after the prayer and went on to fondle, kiss and insert his fingers in the girl’s private parts, telling her repeatedly she was going to be well. The girl left and did not tell anyone of the alleged sexual attack because of the trust she had in her pastor and because of the relationship which was between her parents and Makomo.

The State further alleges that Makomo called the girl to his house during the same year. She found the pastor and his family at home and there were some visitors.

Prosecutors allege that he then left with the visitors, but told the complainant not to leave in his absence.
The girl complied and slept over, but during the night, Makomo allegedly sneaked into the spare bedroom where she was sleeping and raped her once.

The girl left the following morning and in 2014, Makomo’s maid invited the complainant to the pastor’s home.
It is alleged Makomo again sneaked into the spare bedroom during the night and raped her once without protection. She again did not tell anyone for the same reasons.

According to the State, on December 23 the same year, Makomo allegedly called the girl to his place of residence while he was alone. He gave the complainant keys to the house and ordered her to get inside. Makomo then allegedly followed her and raped her once without using protection.

In August last year, the complainant confided to her boyfriend, who then confronted the pastor complaining about the issue.

Sebastian Mutizirwa appeared for the State.


  1. these cases are fake. She was agreeing all along. Accepting bedroom keys, accepting to sleep at the pastor s house mmmmmmmm . Some thing fishy here

  2. she confided kuna boyfrien!!!!!! akaona kuti amuboyfriend vaona kuti zuru rakapinda nyoka akanyepa kuti akaitwa rape. unoitwa rape mumba mune vanhu wokona kuridza mhere. nhema chaidzo

  3. Rape or no rape,it is highly probable (if not definite) that the Senior Pastor slept with the complainant/his congregant.Whatever we may choose to call it,it is adultery-sleeping with a woman that is not his wife(if he is married) or out of wedlock(if not married).The courts of this world might find him not guilty,which in doubt,but he is definitely answerable for his actions to a much higher authority.

  4. nxa kunyepa uko these pple are send just to tarnish the name of pastors and to destroy the ministry

  5. Please women don’t lie to police and the courts. How can u be raped five times and continue to visit the abuser and take so long to report. I smell something here, just like in prophet magaya’s case the woman tells his boyfriend. Gentleman lets bot judge this man of god coz I have seen many innocent souls who are jail as a result of fake rape cases. The reason why pple choose to use rape to tarnish a targeted character is rape is a very serious offence where one can be convicted without evidence. Honestly oral evidence of the victim plus a medical report is enough to send someone to jail. Surely gentlemen our laws should do something about the law which was mearnt to protect women but exposing men to false accusations. Pliz take it from me rape is as good as granting maintenance of a child you are doubting partenity. If ever this man committed offence it shld be adultery not rape. Whats wrong with us Zimbabwe eans. Its a sinn to lie

  6. I’m dissappointed by the comments i’m reading here. This is exactly the reason why these cases are many. As a society we should begin to be objective and address the ills of the society as they are. Pastors are not immune to these rape cases and neither should we treat their cases as any different from other rape cases that have happened. My word out there is that ladies speak up if this has happened to you, that pastor or elder who has touched u wrongly or raped you should be put to task regardless of their station in society.

  7. You guys can say what you want but there is some truth somwwhere. Adultery, fornication, rape and telling lies are all sins. The truth is with the pastor and the woman in question.

  8. this girl & her 22 yr old boyfriend are exceedingly stupid….yu are raped & your feet is ever at the door of your absuser as if you are on “boot call” since 2012 & al you do z being a zombie to seal your lips & energies yo feet to be at Pastor’s house on his abrupt call, i wonder wat dropped your loyalty ” kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndokwadzimhanyira”.I wsh you well in your mindles endeavour…pray fo revelation to decern whats rape & wats not

  9. Vidanana vanhu ava, probably the boy wants to marry this girl aona makapinda nyoka then request for answers from the girl.How can you go thrize at your abuser’s house and sleep there. kainakirwa ako. Ladies lets not put the law into our pockets. The Pastor is very wrong but he ddnt rape this girl.

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