New Poland energy drink, KABISA, to hit Zim market soon

A Polish energy drink manufacturer Mutalo Group is set to launch its flagship energy drink product, KABISA, in the Zimbabwean market soon.

Mutalo Group Chief Executive Tomasz Nowowiejski recently confirmed to NewsDay his firm would initially import the energy drink directly from its Poland-based plants ahead of the planned setup of a local manufacturing plant.


kabisaThe company has already penetrated the West African Market in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda including Sub-Sahara and North African markets.

Zimbabwe is set to be the first South African country where KABISA energy drink would take customers by surprise.

“International giants offer their branded products in Africa, but they use the same packaging, pricing and marketing strategies that they use all over the world. It is KABISA that seems to be one of the first international companies from outside the continent to understand that Africa is different and have different needs,” Nowowiejski said.

“Once you find it in a store, you will know that it is in the right place. African design, tropical taste, branded fridges, it seems like nothing special, but altogether it creates a specific, friendly atmosphere.

He added: “All things considered, we are witnessing the expansion of the African market and KABISA Energy Drink is the perfect example showing that there is a place and a growing demand for good quality products in Africa. Who knows, maybe it’s the beginning of another beverage giant?

Nowowiejski further said his firm was engaged in negotiations with distributors after which the product would be registered with the government.

“We believe it should take up to 2 months to complete the whole registering process and KABISA energy drink will be available in both tropical, orange, cola and classic taste. They will be available in 250ml cans and 500ml cans/pet bottles,” he said.

“At the moment our facilities are based in Poland, here we are able get high quality product in a competitive price. KABISA energy drink is different than the others due to its unique taste, quality and also the whole vision that stands behind our products. We want to provide our customers with products which they can relate to.

This is why we designed it especially with African people on mind.”

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  3. Energy drinks are not healthy. We are desperate for investments so anything goes.Greased palms /10% brown envelope perhaps?

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