Mobile operators suspend data bundles promotions

SUBSCRIBERS are set to lose following a directive by the Postal Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) to suspend data bundles promotions by mobile operators.


The directive by Potraz would alienate the regulator as the promotions have been embraced by subscribers as relief in the tough operating environment.

In a statement yesterday, NetOne Cellular said that the bundles reappear and data bundles reloaded have been suspended from 6pm on August 4 until further notice.

“You can still enjoy the most, with the One that gives you the lowest tariffs and fastest 4G browsing all around the country. Any inconveniences are sincerely regretted,” the company said in a statement.

NetOne acting CEO Brian Mutandiro said the company was complying with the directive and any further questions should be directed to Potraz.

“It’s a directive given by Potraz, its Potraz who can respond as to why they have issued that directive as NetOne we don’t have a problem but to comply with the directive,” Mutandiro said.

Econet on Sunday released a statement on the suspension of promotions which they said have not been approved to go beyond July 31 2016. The promotions that were suspended for Econet include 7x promotion and double data.

Econet executive assistant to the group chief executive officer Lovemore Nyatsine said: “The company is engaging with the regulator on the way forward and will update customers if and where there are material developments to report.”

Telecel Zimbabwe sent sms to customers informing them about the suspension of data bundles promotions.

“Dear customer due to a regulatory directive, we have stopped mega bonus and other promotions, until further notice. Apologies for the inconvenience caused,” Telecel said.

Telecommunications companies have been leveraging on data as subscribers have moved from voice calls.

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  1. zvanyanya vanhu ava vanozivawo kutambura kurikuita vanhu here or vanogara kuplanet yavo isiri zim stupid pipol kana paine prblm wy dnt u negotiate with network providers pasina suspension these pipol handifungi kuti vanotenga etym vanongopiwa nemanetwork iwaya so hazvivarwadzi cz they are corrupt pane zvirikudiwa na supa ndiye mumwewo asina direction .

  2. Saka Potraz yacho yarwadziwa nei ipapa?

  3. Is not political where pple are raising their sentiments thru e use of data bundles…. In Zimbabwe Good things are bad things in theeyes of the authorities…. It will backfire since the gvt is geting 5c for every juice card

  4. The evil regime is trying to limit whatsapp and facebook communications among the citizens.

  5. Whats next? EMA ichauya pamba yoverenga miti iripo yoti miti yenyu mishoma, we are fining you kkkkk

    1. please don’t joke like this, you know our authorities take these jokes seriously, they just might see it as a brilliant idea.

      1. hahahahaaaa wandsetsa wena, wazvifunga seiko izvi kkkkkk

    2. Kkkkkk haaaa wandityora mbabvu kkkkkkkkk

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  7. oh no i cant believe this, all this is being done to limit internet use.

  8. Concered Citizen

    This is a retrogressive move by the govt. I am struggling to see the benefits of our independence under this current regime.

  9. Tongoshandisa Wifi dze telone zol and Umax to upload whatever we want it makes no difference

  10. Ma tariffs ema mega bytes next week arikukwira and no free wifi sport zones. Tati tadii tichatsvukira.very soon tikunzwa kuti cel4n tarrifs up kuti tisataure pa net chete.

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  11. ey myt suspend everything…but the #issues won’t be suspended

  12. These Potraz guys think that banning data bundles will suffocate social media because they know that social media has been spreading the freedom message.We will always find other ways of getting cheaper data.We will put free wifi zones throughout the country and shame them.Its typical zimbabwean style.Vanhu vakamhanyira zvihuta and zvikabhanwa,vanhu vakanohodha out of zim zvikabhanwa and nw data bundles,shame on these clueless guys.Its funny that our cabinet might be one of the most learned in the world but its the dumbest I presume.


    Thats bad. Really bad.


    Very insensitive.

  15. This government must go ASAP

  16. Let’s do al we can to bring this down. For starters Potraz should be dragged to the courts. Second protests wil also play a big role. And let’s put Supa on the spotlite. Ahoy Zimbabwe!!!

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  18. the gvnmnt is tha trouble causer here remember they wanted to no whatsapp. it’s their plan. they don’t want people to be very punctual with what goes on around Zimbabwe. it’s a communication barrier that has to b set by them

  19. What a dumb and stupid move.What idiots, these Pot smoking imbeciles

    1. You mean North Korea

  20. This gvt is behaving like south korea. Its high time they go. Rest in pain ZANU. Mbavha

    1. How dare you compare Zim to South Korea? Do you mean North Korea?

  21. Ngwaru Mapundu

    The government is warning against what it call abuse of Social Network. People didn’t listen most probably becoz vajamuka/bajamukile for real. So Hurumende is trying to make use of Social media expensive hence Anti-government message wont spread easily as it will dig into your pocket.

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  22. this is called “ukuphelelwa sibili” Supa is increasing his cluelessnes, now they want to control our communications mainly the whatsapp and facebook, that will not stop us from protesting, they have failed the economy period. when the world is embracing technology some are hampering it thats utter nonsense

  23. what do you expect from dictators they did this people not to communicate on whatsapp and facebook as they are thinking that people they are using this social networks go against government

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  24. this is total madness

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