Minister pleads for donations to police

Home Affairs deputy minister Obendingwa Mguni

HOME Affairs deputy minister Obedingwa Mguni has admitted that police in Jotsholo and Lupane were facing an acute shortage of transport as the truck which they shared was currently down.



Mguni made the disclosure in Parliament last week when he was quizzed by Insiza South MP, Malaki Nkomo (Zanu PF) to explain the disparity.

“It is our government policy that all police stations are allocated motor vehicles to enable police officers to carry out preventive patrols and respond to scenes of crime on time,” Mguni said.

“However, due to resource constraints, not all police stations currently have motor vehicles. For the record, Jotsholo Police Station has a defender motor vehicle ZRP 1648D, which is shared with Lupane Police Station.

Currently, the vehicle is undergoing a service in Bulawayo. You will be notified when the service is completed.”
He added: “The Honourable member should also note that police stations throughout the country are facing the same dilemma. The obvious reason is that all police projects are facing financial constraints. I wish to call upon the Honourable member and other well-wishers to put their resources together and give our police stations a proper facelift as they are a priority in constituency development,” Mguni said.

“Just to give a small advice, I built one police station in my constituency before I was even appointed deputy minister. I was just an Honourable member helping them, so I had to bring cement, fencing, toilets, ploughs, and everything and now it is working and the police officers are supporting me.”

Meanwhile, Umguza MP Obert Mpofu (Zanu PF) questioned Mguni as to what his ministry was doing to curb the leakages of gold deposits at Peace Mine in Silobela, where no single gold smuggler has been arrested.

Mguni said all mines were patrolled by detectives from the Minerals and Border Control Unit and other sections of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

“I urge people to report any issues of smuggling as and when it takes place. Also the incident of Peace Mine, the Mines ministry must investigate the production of gold through Fidelity and audit the present management to prove these smuggling claims so that the police can take action,” Mguni said.

“A team of various experts has been dispatched to conduct thorough investigations this week (last week). By now I think the report has been tabled in Cabinet and is coming out.”


  1. If they transferred some of the vehicles being used to attack innocent civilians and legitimate protestors than they would not have a transport problem. Or even better buy the Police vehicles instead of expensive cars for non-productive chefs.

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