Mawarire set to hand himself in at Harare Central Police Station


ZIMBABWE People First (ZimFirst) spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire, is today expected to hand himself in at Harare Central Police Station’s law and order section after he was summoned for questioning over an undisclosed matter involving Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo.

Staff Reporter

“I have been called in by Police Law and Order for questioning in connection with minister Jonathan Moyo. Not sure what the charges are,” Mawarire said yesterday.

“Am now going to hand in myself tomorrow (today) in the company of my lawyer at 10am,” he said, jokingly saying he could be “the first to be charged of cyber terrorism”.


  1. Is this fellow not related to Evan?A family of traitors!Thats treason bro,dont joke with it.may his lazy sympathisres with nothing to do go again to his bail ruling in their thousands and show solidarity with him.kusvika mati sorry.

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