Tsvangirai a better devil – war vets

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association secretary-general Victor Matemadanda last week fired a salvo at the Zanu PF G40 faction, describing it as worse than opposition leader MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai.


Victor Matemadanda, War Vets secretary general

In an interview with a South Africa-based Africa News Network7 (ANN7), Matemadanda said Tsvangirai was a known enemy hence he was better than an enemy within Zanu PF whose motives were unpredictable.

Tsvangirai has since the formation of the MDC in 1999, caused sleepless nights to Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe due to his popularity especially during election time.

The Zanu PF leadership also accuses Tsvangirai of inviting Western countries to impose targeted sanctions on government officials, including Mugabe and his wife First Lady Grace Mugabe.

However, as Zanu PF factional fights take twists and turns, war veterans now believe that Tsvangirai was “a better rival” than those in the G40, who were allegedly sympathetic to Grace.

Other G40 proponents include Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo.

The war veterans belong to another Zanu PF faction Team Lacoste, which reportedly supports Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“G40 is the number one enemy. It is the front, the face of the imperialists that we have defeated. It is the one that is destroying Zimbabwe. We are not being accorded enough time to expose them, but I can assure you one day we will expose them. These are enemies within,” Matemadanda said.

“Tsvangirai can be a better enemy because a defined enemy is an enemy you know, but a pretender is much serious, dangerous and can destroy anyone. This is why you see everything is not moving in Zimbabwe. They have brought confusion in the party. They have brought confusion in government and in every other system.

“They have taken over the land around towns and they are leaders of land barons. They are heading every corrupt activity that you see.”

The combative war veteran described their arm together with war collaborators and ex-detainees as the foundation for Zanu PF. He described the organisations as the stumbling block to G40’s corrupt activities.

“They want to give an impression that war veterans have become the laughing stock of this society, but as long as that is not corrected Zimbabwe will continue to nose dive to where we don’t know,” he said.

Matemadanda also took a dig at Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s continued stay at the upmarket Rainbow Towers Hotel.

Since his appointment as VP in December 2014, Mphoko has been staying at the hotel, something that has invited ridicule for himself through numerous demonstrations.

“You don’t need a human rights activist telling you where you should go and sleep. Every child, African or European has a home. And you don’t expect a person of the age of Vice-
President Mphoko (to be) without a home. So people want him to go to his home,” he said.

He said it was wrong for Mphoko to equate himself with his predecessors who were humble.

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  1. Shayadzamugabe

    Morgan, despite his shortcomings is far better than this blood sucking vampire called Robert matibini

  2. there is nothing wrong with morgan. lets be humble enough and agree that he is a great man. and to me this guy whether we want it or not will rise to power to show all of us that he is not what we think he is. morgan is not like mugabe, and he is not a western puppert. we have gone to believe mugabes lies. We are liars, we are blaming someone for things he has not done. how can mugabe’s lies hold us so much to blame an innocent man. he has his weaknesses which however cannot cancel his goodness for zimbabwe.

    1. I beg to differ.

      Leadership just isnt his thing. His success in leadership evidenced by looking at what the original MDC was in the beginning vs the fractitious version we have today.

      He just can’t unite.

      Also, Tsvangirai is a bit of a cry baby. And one cannot pinpoint what he stands for.

  3. Personally, I don’t care what the war vets gang thinks any more. They were used like condoms and now have been discarded, somehow in their warped logic, the condom user still wants the used condoms…fat chance.

    You bet on a losing vampire!

  4. Out of a population of 13 million, why even talk about Tsvangirai as an alternative leader? Are war vets facing serious starvation?

  5. The Zimbabwean electrolate solely reserve the right to determine their political destiny, not a clique of people subjecting their choice with strings attached. The seemingly political changeover should not be a continuity of independence agreements. Let the people decide.

  6. Every man n woman in our party ,Zanu must ask themselves why zanu is way behind other liberation movements in sadc.why are we the laughing stock.Swapo is way ahead,into their 3rd leader,Anc ,Frelimo,ccm, all changed their party ideologies n embrased leadership renewal.What is it that Zanu is so stubborn on this issue.Why is this difficult to addres in zanu.Why is cde mugabe not dealing wth this issue.Why????It is not entirely the men surrounding him to blame,no.To me as woman of the struggle,it comes dwn to 2 major issues,Reluctance of cde mugabe and that the party has no men anymore.Its full of cowards who are shit scared to bring up this issue on the table.The cowards are hoping that povo strikes n uprisings will solve their problem.This is the time to call for a seriouse meeting in zanu to solve this leadership issue.This needs strong men,men of honour.Men who are prepared to bite the bullet,whatever threat.Because allowing the situation to dicintegrate worse and hoping to use soldiers,is stupid thinking as this will invite the UN and British n American soldiers .When this happens ,thats it,UN supervised ellections wth only one purpose,to kick out zanu.Our country cannot afford war.War will ,even a small war,is toomuch .The best thing commrades is to sortout this mess n re align our party wth citizens,and continue our good struggle to remove porverty from our pple.Again this needs straight men,men of honour .Not Cowards.

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  8. Tsvangirai or any opposition member for that matter is called a political ‘rival’ or ‘opponent’ not enemy. These guys should learn to use the correct english terms

    1. Truth, this indicates how much these so called war vets are educated. They cannot distinguish between opponent and enemy. What a shame. More so, whose war veterans are they? Whom did they fight for? What did they fight for? Simple, they don’t belong to anyone. They fought for themselves. They fought to be rewarded just like what mercenaries do. The country was very unfortunate to have such a bunch of gangsters during that era who were masquerading as freedom fighters. Whose freedom did they fight for when they hold the citizen hostage in their own country. This matemadanda guy is just politicking or trying to have sympathy from the people. After surviving their liberation struggle, because they are still blood thirsty, they have gone on a rampage killing innocent unarmed civilians at every election. Why? Because they want to protect their interest which we do not know but honestly not the civilians’ interest. They have labeled everyone who differs in opinion with them, a traitor and a puppet of the west. I watched with horror when these same guys descended at Nyika chopping innocent civilians’ fingers off just like what this guy’s name stands for. Does matemadanda think the people are dump and can easily be hood winked into believing whatever he says. No. What is happening in his party is their business and no one is interested at all. He must not involve the civilians, who are the same people they have maimed. He is now crying foul because he has been left out in the looting spree. The people have suffered and are still suffering under the hands of the same people are claiming that they fought for them. If people only knew that they will end up in this situation, surely they would have fought alongside the Smith regime because life then was far better than it is today. Today the country is riddled with a lot of burning issues and we seem to be clueless.
      1. Industry is not functional
      2. Unemployment is well above 80%
      3. Corruption is rampant and continues unabated
      4. Health Sector has collapsed
      5. Zimbabwe has a blotted Government with 41 Ministers and 20 Deputies
      6. Government expenditure is at 80% of revenue
      These are just to mention a few of the critical issues that have hit Zimbabwe. The worst thing is that the ministers are not accountable to anyone. They have become untouchable yet there are no meaning results or developments worth talking about in their ministries apart from corruption cases day in and day out. Just like in the book “Animal Farm”. Today we are witnessing oppression of black by black. People are burdened with cruelty and unjust impositions. Harsh exercise of authority and pure totalitarianism. While the farming and the manufacturing sectors have collapsed, people have resorted to importing basic commodities for survival and the Zimbabwean government has come hard and banned this. How do you expect the people to survive? The little basic commodities being manufactured by those few remaining industries are very expensive while they are being processed using imported raw materials. The authorities have lost touch with developments. They promised 2 million jobs yet the actual plan was to further shut the remaining industries so as to have 2 million jobless. People have been turned into street vendors while some live lavishly in multiple bedroomed houses and driving expensive cars. This is insane. We will do this… we will do that…. we will provide this….. we will build this….. we will give you this…. WHAT? WHEN? A bunch of liars. Not any more. No no no no no no.

  9. The war vets are too proud to say they were used and discarded. There never was any western puppets. It was a term used to hoodwinchbthe gullible vets. Now we hear everyday that vatengesi have all alonh been in zanu pf mai mujuru and ngwena being major culprits.

  10. I have a dream.(Martin Luther king)

  11. Kkkkkkkkk matambura navo sekuru Mugabe..

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