’Pay dates to be released Friday’

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira

PUBLIC Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira yesterday said dates for the payment of civil servants’ salaries for July would be released by Friday amid growing pressure for the government to pay its workers on time.

By Obey Manayiti

This came after Mupfumira’s meeting with the Apex Council where the minister sought to dispel speculative dates circulating on social media.

The cash-strapped government has been facing serious challenges in raising money to pay civil servants.

“We are waiting to get a date hopefully by the end of the week. At the moment we don’t have. I had a meeting with Apex this morning and they had their meeting too after the one I had with them,” Mupfumira said

“Our meeting was just to dispel rumours circulating on social media on the dates. My ministry and that of Finance don’t know about those dates on social media, but I hope by the end of the week we will have the dates.”


  1. its unfortunate that it takes the civil servants quite long to wake up from deep slumber, but this time around they shall smell the coffee by force

  2. I don’t think teachers will get theirs on time since schools are closing. What it means is that they have little or no leverage as they cannot go on strike whilst on holiday. The argument that was raised last month that they were incapacitated cannot hold water. Civil servants vakaratidza kuti havana kubatana last month because after teachers were paid they went back to work ndozvimwe neveku health ma pensioners nekuti cannot go on strike vakaramba vasina mari. I think you guys lost a big chance to press for a permanent solution this past month and its going to be very difficult to get another chance. What I know is that from now on its going to be ‘divide and confuse’ . The best thing last month would have been to press the government to bring forward all the paydays including those of pensioners.

  3. You know you’re a Shallow hashtag when you insult civil servants and still hope they will support your hashtag movement

    • The end result is havana mari full stop and they will never be paid on time and they have to live with that. And for your information most civil servants are not zanupf otherwise all Harare seats will for zanupf. You failed to rig hre because there is 100% opposition support.

  4. Things are hard for this ZANU PF. Surely people must be intelligent enough to know that there is no money. How can people who have governed this country for so long keep on postponing to release pay days at this minute. On Friday it will be another story. These people are buying time unnecessarily.

  5. Aya ndiwo matakanana (mahumbwe) arikuitwa nehurumende!!! Zvokwadi pamusha pagara panozivikanwa kuti panodliwa sadza manheru oga oga, asi ukaoma baba namai voti kuvana huyai tigare dare rekuti sadza tichakupai rinhi chizivai kuti musha wapindwa nerukonye. Iwo mapaydays akazombogarirwa dare kuti zvidiiko. This is a clear sign of failure on the part of government and it is folly on the part of Mupfumira when she stubbornly refuses to admit the obvious. Civil servants must just come to their senses and accept that wheels came off a long time ago.

  6. July 2016 salary payment dates yes, what about bonus for state universities and govt. grant aided institutions.

  7. please tanzwa kuno kuKariba nemapurisa eTraffic pahuwori apa. especially the one Zhuga?Shuga uyu anozozvinyanya zvekuti akasatambira in time hameno kuno kuti todii coz tobirwa tikazvirega

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  10. So they are announcing a date for announcing another date for announcing the pay dates? This is it!! Zim is finished

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